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You fight Reisen on Easy regardless of difficulty setting.

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elementary kids detected

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I barely managed to clear every game in normal but I deeply despise any easy mode player.

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That feel when /jp/ is jelly they don't have any dedicated drawfags to make their posting alittle less boring.

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I get more enjoyment from losing 10 times in a row on stage 1 on Lunatic, than 1cc:ing an entire game on easymode.
But perhaps that's just me.

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Only kids play for survival!! Kyahahahahahaha!!

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It's not just you. Everyone with autism feels that way.

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"jealousy is the reason people don't suck my cock"
sounds like a mediocre artist's post alright

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Easy modo!?

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Mfw I'm not even an artist I just know the joy of boards with dedicated drawslaves.

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Whose Tumblr is this?

You need to practice more then. Get a gamepad too. The Logitech "DualAction" gamepad is cheap and works well with most games.

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Boards that deal in CYOAs are good places for that.

Futaba's Touhou board also has constant draw roulette threads.

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We should have those here.

Isn't that what a visual novel is?

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We did, but they were moved somewhere else. A prize for you if you can find where they went.

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/tg/ quest threads were there own spawning nothing relating to /jp/

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I wasn't talking about /tg/.

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"Playing chess on the ceiling like it's 1886"

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It's funny.

CYOAs were first just a /jp/ thing, but then they got banished from /jp/ by mods. Then they popped up on /tg/ and became extremely prevalent there and nowadays you even see them on /a/ and /v/.

I wonder if people started doing CYOAs here again, would the mods still care?

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>I wonder if people started doing CYOAs here again, would the mods still care?
Let's not test it out, shall we?

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i'm here

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There is an ask tumblr of almost ever video game and anime character now.

Why aren't you asking your waifu questions on tumblr, /jp/?

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...I'm afraid of r-rejection!

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They will probably pervert my waifu somehow

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Because these aren't even trying to be the characters themselves, they are pretentious teenagers roleplaying and, as such, they all have the same personality.

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Because roleplay faggotry is still faggotry even if supported by nice drawings

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Because it's not actually my waifu talking, just some cool teenager that tries to be funny with these things and changing the character's personality. They probably imagined a Touhou character's personality from all the doujins they've read and IOSYS MVs they've seen. You can't really see much of a Touhou's attitude and whatnot from the games and most of the official works though.

On the plus side, the drawings are somewhat cute. It helps them improve drawing their BL fanart I suppose.

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Why? Just look at OP's picture.
>there is no shame in playing on easy
Fuck off. That's not Reisen.

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I don't buy it. If you were a genius at everything you did, you'd be doctoring or lawyering or Renaissance-Man-ing your way in the world. You certainly wouldn't be dicking around on /jp/.

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>/jp/ calling someone else pretentious

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How utterly QUEER.

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>Playing Ikaruga for first time
>Suicide bullets on NORMAL

Fuck that, time for easy modo

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I actually agree. If I create a game I want as many people as possible to play it, and an easier mode is a good back door to avoiding frustrating game mechanics I may have been unable to fix from being too frustrating.

Not everyone should have to have Skills to enjoy a game, I think. It gets a bit pretentious otherwise.

The good thing about Touhou is that at least you can keep playing and find yourself getting better, and memorising more patterns. It's a little frustrating but it has a real skill curve, unlike most "difficult" games. Though some titles(Shoot the Bullet) break this too.

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Gotta control that rank !

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you can find yourself getting better in any difficult game the more you play it. the skill gains in touhou are more noticeable because they're relatively easy, so you make more progress faster.

maybe "difficult" games with fake skill curves are just too hard for you.

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Not really, I tend to hit a wall where I get too frustrated to go on.

With the Touhou games I just ended up getting too busy with college and lost the mental energy.

A lot of games are only difficult because of bad controls or game mechanics so those who are "skilled" at them are just those who have the most tolerance for them.

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ZUN himself agrees that EASY MODO is for babies and casuals through his descriptions on difficulty settings. It all comes down to whether you feel okay with actually being called a baby or a casual.

Also, playing on Easy doesn't help you improve. Just like doing easy stuff while exercising doesn't help you shred up.

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that's not really true. It still helps you remember some of the bullet patterns and get a feel for the game in general.

You probably won't improve as fast, but for people that get stressed out easy it's a good stopping off point.

ZUN wouldn't put in Easy Modo if he didn't think it was necessary.

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I haven't played on easy since I was like 12 or something, it just seems like you don't get to enjoy the game at it's fullest :V

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If you play on Easy, you remember patterns the wrong way and end up getting killed on higher difficulties by following your standard "Easy" movement. Essentially, you have to learn each stage all over from scratch.

Easy is "for Sunday shooters" and that's its only necessity. You play it only if you don't really feel like improving.

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>not wanting to be called a baby

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HEY! I may want to be called a little girl, but I sure as hell don't want to be called a baby!

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Also easy mode will obly give you bad ends.
Only playing easy mode is like saying that you are a secondary who doesn't gives a shit about anything canon

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I'm actually a primary :/ I first downloaded Touhou after my bigger laptop was in for repairs and I needed something fun that'd run on an EEEPC.

I still say Easy can help you give a feel for how the game works. I think introducing it to someone who's new to the series, it makes sense to start them off on that. When they can clear one game on easy, then they can step up to Normal on the rest.

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ITT: Casual players looking down on casual players

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First time I played Megaman X8 was on hardest mode.
I almost deleted the game from HD if not had retried it at normal mode. (I knew in easy mode Ultimate Armor and Sigma Blade would not be unlocked.)

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I play my Touhous on easy because memorization as the most important part of the skill challenge is bad and gameplay design at its most superificial.

I'm not saying it can't be enjoyable, but I just feel stupid having to 'learn' a game in that way.

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>First time I played Megaman X8 was on hardest mode.

Ohh god jetboard stage flashback....

"remember the masochistic bike run from NES battletoads? Let's put that in a megaman game to punish our fans!"

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I play on Normal but I've never 1CCed any game.
I've been playing Touhou for a while, like five years?

What does this make me?

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But... that was the best part!

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I wonder what kind of games the easy mode players do enjoy.

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As long as you are at least trying I don't see what's wrong about this.
Playing on easy mode is like not trying at all though.
If you don't move from easy to normal after your first day of touhou you should probally get out of /jp/

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>I'm not saying it can't be enjoyable, but I just feel stupid having to 'learn' a game in that way.

You are right. You are paying to have a fun, not an obligation. I have almost no time to play a game due to obligations so why have to get more obligation like "play only at hardest mode."

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Jellyfish one was harder even on normal because the shit was 9001 times faster tham me....I didn't know how many times X head melted down by rage...

I had to lost DAYS for upgrade X, Zero and Axl....

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Of course you play to have fun, but don't you find a game more fun if it is actually challenging?

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If i play it for the seriousness, i play Normal or more. If i want to just cruise around and relax, i play Easy

What now?

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Not when you have to spend more time than you have to clear one stage.

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Then maybe you shouldn't play it at all and just hang out in /v/?

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There is a reason why the western Touhou fanbase is so shit, and it's not because of the ``secondaries.''

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Don't know about you guys, but the second I started playing Touhou I played on Hard just because I had more fun this way

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And this is why I hate Touhou fanbase.

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They only shoot suicide bullets if you're the same color as them. It's actually a good thing.

>memorization as the most important part of the skill challenge is bad
I don't see what this has to do with playing Touhou games for survival.

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Most tumblr ask blogs are generally retarded, and the good ones only last a week or so.

And the ones that are active, have decent art, and are actually good at mimicking the character's personality would never accept my pleas of love because they've either got a female love interest or are straight.

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>I don't see what this has to do with playing Touhou games for survival.


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If you're having to memorize spellcards (especially on Normal), you're either going about playing the game incorrectly, or are trying to capture Phantom of the Grand Guignol. Having a general feel for how the spellcard works combined with perception, anticipation, and reaction are far better than memorizing when to move where.

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I guess that's valid.

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Considering a lot of the shit flying around is completely random I don't really see how memorization will help you out.

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I disagree

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Whenever I play a touhou game, I always just hop straight into the highest difficulty. After all, arcade games don't really have difficulty options. Some do, but they hardly make a difference most of the time unless it's something like Gradius. DOJ on very hard also made a big difference, but who plays on anything but the default settings in arcade shmups?

And I'm sorry, but if you seriously can't clear Normal after a week of playing, you probably shouldn't be playing these types of games. Stick to just watching superplays or something, kids.

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I can 1cc hard now but i think i had gone too far. Any more playing won't improve my skill any further and the danmaku is really intense now. So i get back to Normal most of the time, playing as 75 or 90 FPS is more fun.

The only thing i keep trying now is STB and some hardest DS cards remaining.

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this is obviously a lie; higher challenge can never be fun. or at least that's what /jp/ tells me