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Continued from: >>8372322

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TWO Toho threads!?

Enough is enough!

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Remiria is cute and she is a good girl!

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There is never enough Touhou.

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this thread needs more Remilia

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You'll never help her to dress up.


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You ruined my dreams!

Whelp, off to kill myself.

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This looked better on the thumbnail.

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is this R07 Fanart?

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It's Iamp sprite.

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Currently appreciating Remi. Manually.

If you know what I mean.

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Frankly, I find pictures of Remilia with soppy expressions like this revolting. I would imagine the artist knew nothing about her character when the faggot drew it.

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I wish I could serve Remilia even if I had to be the lowest servant in the mansion. I would gladly become her personal slave.

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But Auntie Remilia, aren't vampires destroyed by sunlight?

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Why do you keep making threads? All you do is dump pictures and not only ignore any attempts to discuss Remilia but you keep dumping and discourage at attempts.

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>All you do is dump pictures
Welcome to an imageboard. Please lurk around for a couple of months before posting so you can get a feel for what goes on around here.

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I think you missed the part about discouraging discussion.

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The 2 threads were not made by the same person and we actually had a bit of discussion about her in the last thread.

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>>>/tablecat's lounge/

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Saten-san here, just dropping by to say that Fukune hates you.

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Is it known how long Remilia lives in Gensokyo by now?
Did she just move to Gensokyo shortly before she started the EoSD incident or is she already living there for a long time, maybe hundreds of years?

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I actually was not the OP of the last thread, I just made the new one, if you want discussion about Remi refer to the other thread, all discussion that we can hold about her was there.

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According to Perfect Memento and some ZUN words, it's highly possible that the vampires that signed the contract was Remi and her party.