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Have you hugged your pillows today?

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I JUST fapped to that a few minutes ago.
Get out of my head.

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I want to import a new dakimakura from nippon, but i'm afraid that they send me a radiating pillow case. ;_;

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[x] Touch fluffy tail

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the doujin was already tl'd

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Hug one for each day of the week save weekends which allow you the privilege of 2 per day.

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>>I want to import a new dakimakura from nippon

It wouldn't happen to be this one would it?

It's really cute. I wonder how many he is going to sell though. It's my favorite Ran pillow.

I don't think you have to worry about radiation at all.

What if Ran was born with her fluffy tails, instead of growing them as she aged?

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Are you sure you don't want my special thin fried tofu? or the Poseidon's Bell?

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Fluffy tail. ;__; GAME OVER

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That Alice ate my fried tofu.

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Totally worth it.

Can't wait for RT to reach the scene with her.

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If I pick Poseidon's Bell I'd go on to fight the ugly girl on the boat, and that battle is a tremendous bitch. If I pick the tofu the snake lady eats it herself.

I'd really like the tofu, too, but it's not a practical option.

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That snake lady took it?

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Seriously, fuck the snake lady and her "oh so oujo/tsundere" bullshit. She's not half as interesting as her four subbosses, least of all Tamano.

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Snake Lady destroyed my only outlet for my favorite hobby of cooking, something that brings me a small amount of true happiness in this cruel, cruel world ;_;

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I want to hug Ran's fluffy tails

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Actually i did hug my pillow last night and i thought about cuddling with a cute /jp/er

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I want to wipe my cumstained hands in Ran's fluffy tails.

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Just wait until you get to the part where you beat up a poor defenseless Tamamo after she exhausts herself. That scene was great, too bad right after it is the fight with that asshole Elbetty. Seriously, suicide bombing the entire monster castle just because you don't want to lose? And then when the chimerae start attacking, she's the only one who escapes to report instead of duking it out like a man. What the fuck, slime lord.

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