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touhous figure thread

figma anyone???

<- also my current collection

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>Touhou figure collection

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no one???

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Which Touhou would you cover in PVC with so that they suffocate and die?

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Sakuya >all.

Sell the other 2 figs and buy 2 additional Sakuyas.

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Oh my. I have those as well...
and more

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Mah Sakuya... mah waifu <3

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seems like touhou dolls would be a lot better
does anyone here own a touhou doll?

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Moko & Patchouli

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U sir are AWESOME

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Rinnosuke and all the other human males. Then i search for a way to reach gensokyo and let myself being raped by countless youkai.

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reimu, marisa and sakuya...
could you get any more boring

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Yes, with Sanae and Youmu.

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Everybody loevs the PCB cast

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Sanae, Byakuren and Miko.

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Challenge accepted.

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u jelly, op?

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Not the biggest collection, but still somewhat substantial. I'll get more statues eventually now that there's starting to be a variety of mass-produced models from different makers.

I'm regretting not getting a Sakuya nendoroid to have a complete GSC/MF touhou collection; I thought the figma was going to be better (didn't like the purple hair). I'd pick up the figutto Sakuya if I could be assed to go find one. Or maybe I should just get the Sakuya nendo anyway.

I wish GSC made more Touhou nendoroids. There's a good ten+ more they could do that would easily sell like hotcakes.

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Go order one right now.

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I'm way ahead of you. Sorry for the shitty phone pic, it's the only one I can manage at such quick notice.

Nice. I only have Suika for figma, myself. Got a late start into the whole 2hu shenanigans.
Is Sanae worth it? She's the only Touhou nendoroid I don't have (apart from Cirno, but the Cirno one looks like ass), and she seems pretty cute...

Also does anyone have the Touhou figutto? I'm considering getting it, but I haven't heard a whole lot of good thing (or even anything) about it.

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The only one I have right now...I have a remillia nendo,phat yukari and a nendo petit set in my parents' house though...

Saw a Yuyuko nendo once in my local shop, is it rare?

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I don't know if it is rare, but it is good. I have like 20 nendoroid or so, and Yuyuko is probably my favorite one. It's just so awesome.

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I want this so bad. Just can;t find one.
Anyone know a place that still has a few?
Even a Japanese only site?

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Oh really? It looked quite boring from the box imo
if it wasn't for the absurd price tag It would be beside Aya right now...

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OP, why don't you have Aya and Suika to complete your touhou figmas?

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Yeah it's rare. All the Touhou nendoroids and figma were Japan-exclusives. Any one you see in a shop outside Japan has changed hands several times to wind up there, and hence gets continually marked up for each time. If someone wanted to make even $5 more than they paid for a touhou nendo, when you factor in shipping (average probably $10), just two transactions will make it an $80-90 minimum at some specialty store. You'd be more likely to see them maybe 2x as much as that or more, since ebay markups seem to dictate aftermarket price + apparently a surprising amount of people don't know about the time lords.

Also I like Yuyuko since she doesn't feel like one of those shoe-in nendoroids with no perks. Her stand lets you float her up a couple cm off the ground (makes her seem bigger) plus she comes with a bunch of special effects parts to make her seem yet bigger. Also the little ghosts she comes with (two of them) glow in the dark. Pretty cool.

On the other hand I don't have a clue why Youmu's myon doesn't glow; that could have been pretty impressive. I guess giant sperm clouds don't glow after all.

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Damn now I regret not buying her...She was $120 though

Anyone have problems with their Yukari by phat? her base snapped off when I took it out of the box
it made me cry a little

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Hahaha, no. It's majestic, something you don't see everyday with nendoroids.

Exactly this. She uses that new stand and mold thing rather than the old nendo mold (like the rest of the Touhou nendo), which allows the floatation thing, and also keeps her more balanced (the stand hook is a peg instead of a clip).

When you display her with the ghosts and butterflies, she truly looks amazing. On the other hand, she can also look cute like your usual nendo, which makes her really great.

Plus Yuyuko is very nice to the eyes, what with her design and colours.

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does bkub know about this? or does figs being made without the consent of the original artist is common

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Not the biggest collection, as soon as I got the 2P version of Patchy, the normal one was available from my seller... damn. Also expecting www.griffon.co.jp/toho/products/1_7_flandre.html to arrive next week

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Disgusting 3DPD get out.
Take your non virgin ass with you.

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>>8375343 does anyone here own a touhou doll?
I have all of the released VOLKS Touhou Dollfies. Including Sakuya not pictured.

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touhou shelf

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Its a shame the clothes That come with them look pretty dull and stiff. A nice outfit would look really good on them, though I think their faces are a bit funny

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ugh those types of dolls creep me the fuck out

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I am literally oozing with Jelly.

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I have a Patchy and a Hatate. I'm waiting for someone to make a Kasen or a Seiga or a Mamizou.

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I have some of those. I also have the griffon satori and orin

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I have a Patchy and a Hatate. I'm waiting for someone to make a Kasen or a Seiga or a Mamizou.

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But do you have the limited edition yuno marisa yukkuri?

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A couple of griffons

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At least I'm not a sexless virgin and a social outcast like the rest of you~chuchu

Sorry I couldn't be a 2D waifu.

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OP here, I hate Aya...

Hataters gonna hatate

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best aya fig

My griffon Okuu is coming tomorrow, Can't wait.

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My collection... Trying to get all 5th stage bosses here as you could see

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>At least I'm not a sexless virgin and a social outcast like the rest of you~chuchu

Then why are you here?

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weren't you the bitch that deleted all her accounts because her boyfriend brokeup with her? XD
lulz fat cunt with shit art

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Most of my collection.

Anything new announced at Comiket?

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>bootleg figures
Out, now! >>>/b/ Your kind don't deserve to live.

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what's wrong with bootleg figures? stop being an elitist prick about your plastic toys. not everyone has the same income or it some spoiled middle class faggot leeching off their parents.

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>what's wrong with bootleg figures

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something like this:


that and lower quality, WAY lower quality

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See the bootleg in my pic? Do you know what it is saying, it's saying "kill me already".

There's a difference between being cheap and being a faggot who knowingly buys bootlegs. Just because it's a bootleg doesn't mean its cheaper either, there are lots of bootleg figs that are for sale on sites that cost the same as a genuine one.

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>>bootleg figures?

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dealxtreme sell figures?

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> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up863eQKGUI
Knowing some of those game "desingers" and "senior" programers by myself that video makes me want more to pirate.

I want. Where did you buy it?

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* 2012
* Not pirating figures and printing them yourself.

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supprisingly, yes. All bootleg of course, they have two sets of touhou figs (see pic), I know an anon here bought them and posted about them in a fig thread. They looked better than that but not good, not good at all. They have BRS and some figures from series that aren't good like one piece. DX will sell almost anything they legally can (or isn't blocked by paypal) .

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if i was a fig woudl you buy me

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Currently the Sakuya figma cost between $60 to $120 bucks..


I recommend the high rated sellers in order to get a original one

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or manadarake


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Almost done building mine. Im the anon was talking about the possibility of printing (and selling of course) parts for nendos and figmas, like a giant strap-on and such. Can't really think of anything else that would be good to print at the moment relating figures...

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yes and i would hot glue you too.

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A sukusuku Keine? Absolutely. Plush form would be most fitting for it though.

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It's funny because I remember when those first came out, there were way too many of them. Not only was it not that liked in Japan, but Otacute raised the price on the preorder for theirs right before it released, which led to a lot of cancellations and hence extra Sakuyas shelfwarming there at $40 for what, half a year? Maybe longer than that actually.

I got mine when it came out simply because I committed to getting all the Touhou figma, I've now concluded though, that most people just suck at posing their Sakuyas; she's actually not bad, just needed a floating knife effect part for better action poses. Also I still would have preferred her to have red eyes too. For eye changes, blue-eyed Youmu is better, but I always liked red-eyed Sakuya better (not to mention yellow-eyed Alice, although that's generally the norm anyway).

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What a coincidence, I just ordered one from melonbooks.
They have Sukusuku Hakutaku plushes of Keine, Ex Keine, and Mokou from C81.

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I don't have any Bootleg figures? They're all Pink Company or GSC... I had to repaint some of them but that shouldn't be obvious from the shitty photo.

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>Currently the Sakuya figma cost between $60 to $120 bucks..
Scalper business sure seems profitable off of desperate figfags.
I bought both my Sakuya and Aya figma for 14 USD each from Play-Asia when it was discounted.

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What's the cheapest Remilia fig on the market?

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Are these originals??????

looks you have the chinese bootleg ones... like that $14 dollars haruhi...

>> No.8379924 [DELETED] 

Also, not all Bootlegs are awful quality, though it's hit and miss. Some of the Figma ones are pretty good. Some are awful. If you really want a particular Touhou Figma and can't afford crazy eBay prices, it might not be a bad idea to ask on /toy/ and see what experiences they've had on the site, they've had threads on bootlegs before.

>> No.8380065

Thanks for the info.

I haven't buy any figma yet, but the little I have researched, they usually costs above the 80 dollars. And they don't see to be so crazy prices like those I have see mentioned in dollfies threads

>> No.8380099

Well, the Touhou figma cost that much because of aftermarket + rarity outside of Japan.

I got my Reimu for like $35 when it came out. I wouldn't pay more than like $70 for it today though if I was looking for one, since I generally don't think of figma as being worth more than a statue. Reimu is a really good figma though. Then again all the Touhou figma are above-average, except for Sakuya. And maybe Marisa for not having the buttons on her blouse (great aside from that).

>> No.8380160

Most are a one time run. Basically, if you see one for preorder you want, if you don't pre-order it or buy it RIGHT when it comes out you will either never get it or pay 3x the price for it (thus the $80 price at some places, when they are released they only cost no more than 2,600 yen on average, or about $34) . Mandrake is a good store for buying older figures (you have to use japanese words not english words). Amiami is the preferred site for new figs although there are others like HLJ, amiami usually has the lowest prices.

So by buying ones that are already out, you usually have to pay a fair bit more than what it cost when it came out. Thats why most of us keep a keen eye on what is up for preorders every night on amiami, and always preorder figures we want, otherwise you might have to pay many times the original price.

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I need dat CHEN!!!

Also, I need a Cirno too, any suggestions?

>> No.8380556

Totally slipped my mind to search with 東方. There goes a little bit more of my money into Mandarake's coffers.

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Team Lexus makes all sorts of Touhou doujin things and is reputable.

Look, she even has her own credit card.

>> No.8380597

Are those one(rather 3) 3D cards for the 3DS?

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i want Fran ver2 by griffon.

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Hai guys... I need ur help, anyone knows where i can buy this?

I need this for my girlfriend (yes, the real one)
Thanks in advance

also, how I can buy something from amiami or quesQ shops? These sites says "For sale in Japan only." ;_;

>> No.8380672

I shouldn't help you at all, but I will because I am feeling in a good mood tonight. And I hope to anger spoonfeed anon.

Ignore Amiami when it says Japan Only, they will ship abroad anyway because they don't give a fuck.
There are different kinds of the Sanae frog emblem thing, like one is a pin and another is a hairclip, make sure you get the right one. I thing the pin is still in stock on Amiami.
Try checking Mandarake too.

But what I would do is buy it from the site you listed, but use a proxy service. I recommend Yokatta since it's simple to use. Just send them an email with the link to the item you want. They will file your order and ask for payment. Then you send them the money for the item and commission (you will also have to send them money a second time for international shipping), they order it in Japan and then ship it to you.

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>I need this for my girlfriend (yes, the real one)

Are you trying to imply that my waifu isn't real?

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I have a waifu too... and I loev her so much

thanks a lot bro

>> No.8380941

The first version wasn't really that bad, but this one combines some of the flame effects (without seeming too cheesy by going overboard) with a slightly more interesting pose. Griffons tend to look better when their mouths are open since then that fucking sculptor they love to use (Akiyama) can't make those ugly puckering lips.

Speaking of which the mouth on this one is open wider than on the first one, which is good because the first one seemed a tad small for such an expression, plus it seems that the eyes have some of their Griffon sparkle-contrast toned down to not look so 90s. Hair color seems a bit better (lighter/more vibrant) but I can't really say much about the coloration until it's out.

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Top quality touhou fig by character
Reimu = Tick Tock Rabbit
Marisa = Marisa Lamp
Cirno = Perfect Math by QuesQ
Alice = QuesQ
Sanae = Toranoana
Yakumo = Phat
Ran = Phat
Chen = Griffon
Sakuya = Griffon
Rest? Griffon, is there even other company making 2hus??

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>> No.8381641

is it your real collection or you're reposting?
looks zamechatelno

>> No.8381646

It`s real.

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Got my Griffon Okuu today, not very pleased at all. The sculpt is decent I suppose, a few problems here and there, mainly with edges of parts such as the white part at the top of her sock on her right leg. The painting isn't very well done cape and wings are nice but again, edges are a problem.

Also there's a fair amount of dust on her and some caked on dust it seems. A bit hard to see on the photo. Griffon really should step up their game, I mean come on. Electrons are moved up for better view of what appears to be caked on dust.

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at least it came off with a wet q-tip. pic is before cleaning.

You can't see it in the picture but my god those electrons are horribly made, I mean, there's little marks all over them, marks and scratches it appears to be. You can clearly see the parts for the electrons where it was molded from, not even an attempt to hide it. Might just cut it off since it's not actually attached to her and it looks really poorly made.

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Actual product's foot vs prototype's foot.

also as you can see in my first pic, there's some sort of white mark behind the seethrough plastic at the bottom of her third eye that isn't supposed to be there.

I might just be nitpicking but at the cost of Griffon's figures, the quality should be way better, not low-subpar.

>> No.8383817

OP where did you get those figures? I've been looking for the Reimu and Marisa ones all over the internet but couldn't find any place that wasn't sold out.

>> No.8383825

He probably got them when it came out,you see....

Most are a one time run meaning after they sell out, you have to pay whatever scalpers are asking or otherwise you are out of luck. Basically, if you see one for preorder you want, if you don't pre-order it or buy it RIGHT when it comes out you will either never get it or pay 3x the price for it. Mandrake is a good store for buying older figures (you have to use japanese words not english words). Amiami is the preferred site for new figs although there are others like HLJ, amiami usually has the lowest prices.

So by buying ones that are already out, you usually have to pay a fair bit more than what it cost when it came out. Thats why most of us keep a keen eye on what is up for preorders every night on amiami, and always preorder figures we want, otherwise you might have to pay many times the original price.

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If it didn't cost so much I would have regretted not getting this

>> No.8383952

Got my OKuu from griffon today as-well.

She has some scratches on her dress, a small razortip sized nick in her right cheek , the metal plac that is on the stand looks like it was keyed to death and it has some smudges on the right arm. I will be able to ignore most of it...but damn I payed all that just to get semi disapointed. Griffon needs to get their shit together.

>> No.8383984


miku is shit

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Currently from eBay, Marisa, Reimu, Sakuya and the others are currently available from $ 50 to $ 250 bucks

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I just have these.

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you gonna get broom'd...

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Give me you Marisa or I will take her by force.

>> No.8386644

one of the very few good miku figures, unfortunately it cost quite a lot for a figma, can't remember the exact price but due to the original release price being high, the scalpers are probably looking to get a ridiculously high amount for a figma. There were multiple sets, each coming with a few things, starting with the prices as follow: 7,000¥,
10,000¥, 30,000¥ and 50,000¥. The only places that have it in stock really anymore, since it is fairly recent are western stores (expect to pay $150+) or scalpers ($crazyamount)

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Can you tell me the model number/name or factory name?

>> No.8390758


Mandarake maybe

>> No.8390759
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If it aint Cirno It Aint worth a damn!

>> No.8390915
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just got this yesterday

sorry for shitty cell-phone pic, i will try to take a new one tomorrow

>> No.8391731
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<-I'll wait for this

>> No.8391760

Why her? She's pretty much the most boring fate/zero character. And she's not even particularly hot.

>> No.8391771

figma Racing Miku 2011: First Win ver.

>> No.8391781

She's big Ilya.

>> No.8391787

Nope. Different hair and different (shitty) personality.

>> No.8391795
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because, She is mah WAIFU!!!

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