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so how many of you are actually NEETs, and why?

I am a NEET because I got kicked out of university. I have no friends and pretty much just leave my room and house only for food.

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we NEET here

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true NEET here xD

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I am a NEET because I failed university. I have no friends and pretty much just leave my room and house only for food and energy drinks.

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Was only NEET for a couple of years after dropping out of high school

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>/jp/ - trueNEETdom xD
...oh wait

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I NEET until today. Re-enrolled in tech school.

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I "failed" university too.
Which means I just stopped coming in and told my parents I flunked the exams.
It's been a few years.
I'm either going to find a job I can do or kill myself this year, can't keep like that forever.

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Dropped out, I now live off autism bucks.

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Where do you live? How difficult is it to obtain autism $?

I was diagnosed with assburgers as a kid, it would be cool if I could get cash for it. Can you still get money if you're not a NEET?

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> Which means I just stopped coming in and told my parents I flunked the exams.
Me too.
The odd thing is I was doing pretty well. I wrote a fucking awesome paper but never even handed it in and I'm not sure why.
I had much more fun walking about the university grounds by myself and going to the library than I did attending classes.

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>I wrote a fucking awesome paper but never even handed it in and I'm not sure why.
Because it was shitty and you knew they won't accept it.

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Nope. Gonna be an engineer

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You are not welcome here.

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Not a NEET.
Going to school, working at walmart, going to the gym
I'm a motherfucking social butterfly.

I'm too boring to be left alone with just myself.

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Suck my cock, dude.

Being enrolled in a post secondary institution functionally means little more than five fewer hours spent aimlessly on the internet. I go there, do math and stuff and return to my home to drown myself in escapist media. Rest assured, I don't actually speak to other people.

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Rude people are the least welcome here.

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/jp/ is fucked

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That was worth a chuckle.

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your mom is fucked
by my penis faget

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It was actually really good. It's one of the few things I'm pleased about in my life, even if nobody but me and a few acquaintances saw it.

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Several years, but my parents are going to kick me out soon even though I had plans to go to uni. I've been looking for people looking for a roommate, I hope I don't have to suck any cocks, dude.

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If I were to NEET, I would starve to death or lose my apartment. Whichever comes first. I already have to live on 2 meals per day, and even then I barely have enough to pay the bills. I don't want to starve because it's too painful. If there was a less painful way die, I would gladly welcome it. You don't have to be a NEET to be depressed, after all. Although if my parents accepted me, I would love to be a NEET. Too bad life isn't so nice. ;_;

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Your situation saddens me. Why don't you move back home while still working at your job?

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Finished school and then just did nothing. I work part time for a few weeks every few months to keep my parents off my back.

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I'm not welcome there. They thought I would grow up to be a successful person that would bring home grandchildren and money. They don't really want to see a pathetic 21 year old ``rotting" in their basement. At least they were kind enough for waiting for me to get a job before forcing me out.

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Not that guy but I'm basically in the same situation, sometimes the benefits outweigh the bad things

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When I'm not at highschoool I totes never go out I just browse 4chan and watch anime xD

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I want to go to find some work or to do shitty studying once again. B-but.. I think I can't. My body is piece of shit.

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True NEET here, no friends, no money, no food, peeing in bottles, fapping at least 3 times a day, spending 8 hours a day on imageboars, sleeping over 12 hours.

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I'd miss a class because I slept in and then I'd miss the rest of the classes that day because I felt bad and was afraid the teacher would see me. Then I'd sleep in again or be afraid the teacher would ask why I was missing class. So I'd eventually stop going altogether. A vicious cycle.

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Why are you still here? You should be back at world2ch and /lounge/!

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You needn't bump this thread just to show us that picture.

It's very funny by the way, peed my pants laughing.

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I dropped out of college and became a drug addict for over a year and then isolated for another for a total of over two years of NEETdom!

Alas, I'm afraid I shall be taking a class in the near future and thus, I will have to relinquish that title. It makes me feel sad.

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What do you mean, "back?"

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I stopped going to my classes in university. Guess they kicked me out by now, but not really sure.

My parents are dead so I guess I don't have to worry about them being disappointed in me. Have enough cash to live as a NEET for a while.

Not sure if I'm a real NEET though since I go to the gym everyday.

Probably will just join the military or get a job as an EMT eventually.

Silly thing was that I only had another semester of school left till I got my (worthless) degree.

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Reported for ban evasion.

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What? No, I don't want him there.

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Look at this shitposter! He's creating and deleting posts to create a drama! What a shitposter.

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I am.
>and why?
Because I don't want to work, and the government gives me enough money to buy whatever I want, so there's no reason for me to get a job.

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My room doesn't look like that, I can't stand leaving empty containers and such all over the place.

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Silly me, i do it all the time.

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I'm a NEET because I'm honestly just lazy as fuck. Simple as that.

I'm thinking that once I hit the 3 year mark I might do something with my life, just because if I don't then it could be annoying later down the road.

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Awesome animation cells on the wall

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This, except I never plan on doing anything with my life.

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My dad's codependant, that probably has a lot to do with it. He used to expect me to do something amazing with my art, but that's because he doesn't know how hopeless that actually is. My family is all behind me on the art thing, they tell me how creative and good I am, but I haven't shown them anything in years so it's like this huge lie they tell me. They keep saying it /jp/. They keep telling me how good I am and what I should do and it's crushing me. I've tried being normal, but it keeps coming back to guilt over my familys expectations on my art, if not that then it'd been some kind of sabotage to get me to stay here stuck in my room. My art isn't even that good, hell I'm probably not even mediocre.
Their expectations are crushing me though, I can barely stand to leave my room because it feels like everything they say is just an extention of these expectations that I can never meet. If I actually was successful I'd feel the same way, that I'd never do enough or be enough to satisfy their expectations so I don't know why I'd try. Part of me knows I shouldn't care what they think, but then they're the ones who are housing me and I can't function in society. Disappointing them is terrifying so I answer things as vague as I can, if I ever told them the truth of how unproductive I am I think they'd just kick me out and I'd have nowhere to stay.

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