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Touhous are like a pantheon.
I wish there still were religions with cool pantheons, but even the concept has been reduced to a silly facet of mythology.

Maybe I can worship Touhous?

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if you are a giant autistic shithead then yeah you can worship them

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That's a really old chart you are using there.

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why are you using the beta version OP?

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I don't see why not if you look at what other people worship.
We tried that once but couldn't decide wheter our religion should follow canon or fanon.
There is lots of potential for faith wars.
Game x vs Game y
Moriya vs Hakurei
Marisa vs Reimu
Faceless men vs yuri
and so on

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I just grabbed the first non-Kanako picture I could find in my cluttered image folder.

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The biggest issue I have with organized religion is that none of it makes a lick of sense.
And not even in the "invisible man in the sky" way, but just being full of self-contradictory and obviously bullshit stuff.
One day I'm going to start my own religion that's going to be logically cohesive, generic enough to apply despite the passage of time, and unobtrusive in the daily life, and take over the world.
Just not today.

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I already worship touhous. You should do the same, just don't let any normalfags know.

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We still need to build up a religious philosophy behind Touhou if we're going to be serious. What are the aims of the movement? To open the path to Gensokyo by attaining spiritual enlightenment? What kinds of rituals do we have? Prayer? Do we have chants? What are some ground rules?

You should check out Joseph Campbell's stuff, it's neat. He's into Jungian philosophy though so you might not like it. Most religions say that we need to live a type of lifestyle that makes life better for us and for others; prayer in Christianity is for concentrating on what's most good (God) and how to treat others, and it also says we need to be charitable and forgiving and all that. Most religions don't believe in invisible sky kings but actually see God as being a higher plane of reality. God is metaphorically placed in the sky because He is above our level of consciousness. Or in Buddhism, we meditate to cease suffering or whatever and live in accordance with others, right? I dunno, I think religion's interesting to study. There's a lot of stuff going on in it.

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To achieve enlightenment, you must be able to clear all touhou games, lunatic and extra, no deaths and no bombs, with a minimum amount of points and grazes set for each game. You must be able to clear all of them on the same day without resting and without failing a single time. You must also read all the canon material and know all the music by heart.

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how autistic one must be to put time into making chart like this

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peronsaly i worship milky holmes

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>wish there still were religions with cool pantheons
There's still Catholicism.

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It's the best religion.

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On the topic of crossing over to Gensokyo, I think of the fact that Gensokyo is a refuge for the forgotten, the things that no longer exist in the eyes of others. Both in the sense of the obsolete, the fantastical and in the Platon-esque sense of the universalities, that never existed in the first place.

Therefore, I argue that death will eventually lead to you crossing over into Gensokyo. This would be an entirely natural thing, unlike the accidental phasing through the border often spoken of, which is usually an incredibly dangerous idea.

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Where's new chart?

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By that logic wouldn't there be many more people in Gensokyo? And don't dead things just turn into ghosts and are judged bei Shiki or somethin?

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Nah, while I do admit there's a lot of great fluff, it gets very little attention, most of it is focused on Yahweh.

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Yes, it will, but in the form of a ghost that will be redirected to either the Netherworld or the judgement of the Yama. You'll need something else if you want to get to Gensokyo itself.

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Maybe you need to manage to be completely forgotten by the whole world while still being alive. As in, kill everyone who ever knew you, delete all data about you, fuck off into some forest for a while and eat mice for breakfrast.

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I wonder if there's some cycle of reincarnation?
Platon suggested a cycle between the world of universalities and particularities, maybe the period spent after death in both worlds, either as a ghost or in the process of being forgotten acts as a sort of limbo between reincarnations?

I really don't know, there's no basis in canon for me to stand on.

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i worship god of magic spark

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Various religions and other cults believe in tulpas and thoughtforms. Just worship Touhous as a /jp/ collective and together we can make them real!

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The followers of the Touhou cult dedicate their lives to big deeds, either on a grand level or a personal one. They do so in order to become immortal or unique figures in history whose doings or very existence goes against the general understanding of their time.

Thus, they become legends, and they shall be reborn in the last paradise on earth as the ultimate existence.

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That would be a matter of opinion, I'd think. Personally, I'm of the opinion that dying here would not mean your ghost would get transported there. More like, ceasing to exist here means beginning to exist there, a sort of rebirth, maybe?

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Becoming a historical character is the last thing someone willing to get to Gensokyo should do. Gensokyo is for the forgotten and for those who are dismissed as fantasies and legends.

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i worship god of doll things

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I don't think it's possible to be a legend in this day and age. Too easy to document everything reliably.

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Wait, right. Vampires exist in Gensokyo not becuase we forgot about them, but because we don't believe they exist. So to get to Gensokyo, you'd need to be a person people actively disbelieve in. Like "something like that' can't exist".

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I'm pretty sure the man who built that armored death bulldozer and went into a rampage with it is in Gensokyo right now.

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>and for those who are dismissed as fantasies and legends

This was what I was getting at but okay. The key to enter Gensokyo is disbelief. If you are a youkai or a magician you can enter Gensoukyou easily because the wast majority doesn't believe you exist. Even if you yourself aren't a legend, your kind and their abilities are.

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i worship god of night

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I'd say that the Gameboy example shows that there are other ways. Being forgotten is like a passive disbelief, I guess?

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So, if we learn magic, we'll eventually find the path to Gensokyo?

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If we assume that some /x/philes can actually use magic and summon succubi, why aren't they in Gensokyo then? I guess we would need to find the Hakurei Shrine in Japan too, hang around there, and then 'slip' through it.

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Yeah. But becoming some great historical figure wouldn't be the way to go about it, I think. Obscure enough to not have a Wikipedia page as fuckhuge as Hitler, but still incredible enough to make people go "Seriously?" when they hear about you as some tidbit they found online.

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i worship god of fertility

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But the ones that did know magic are already in Gensokyo. Thus their are no magicians in /x/

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Let's say you learned how to use magic. People wouldn't believe you were a magician, but I guess their belief that you still exist as a delusional aspie would keep you anchored?

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How do we learn about magic then if there's no one to teach us? How did the magicians in Gensokyo learn about magic befor coming to Gensokyo?

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From books, of course.

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Wouldn't these books be in Gensokyo too if they're about magic and magic doesn't exist?

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In 2000 years+ people might start to have disbelief in Hitlers deeds.

And not matter what you say, many Touhou characters have a strong relation to historical personalities, not just obvious ones like Miko. Yuyuko, Byakuren, Suwako and Kanako too are all based on or around different famous people/gods. Kaguya especially is a good example because while her story is since long believed to be a fairy-tale, according to Touhou canon she was a real person, who existed.

But, if you are aiming to not be a last boss, maybe it's for the better to go about it in an easier way.

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Yeah, I guess you're r-


Does that mean that Hitler would become a Touhou in 2000+ years?

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Maybe we should make a thread on /x/ and ask them for recommendations.

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Maybe. How long does it take for that to happen?

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Theoretically, maybe.

I've also realized at a good way of trying to become a Touhou is not trying to achieve a final-boss-tier status by becoming a big historical figure that people will eventually disbelieve in yourself. Instead find a person that seems to be a suitable candidate, stick to them and support them. If you're lucky, you'll be a support character, a 4th or 3rd stage boss.

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True that, but I think being the right-hand man of a last-tier boss wouldn't be an easy task either.

Personally, I'd be content with Rinnosuke-tier

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This map bothers me. And shouldn't Youkai Mountain be in the middle?

I'd like to see an updated Gensokyo map with more details...

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I still want to be final boss tier. Or at least be a spinoff boss like the Three Fairies.

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I guess just making it would be more than enough for most, but I personally find it thrilling to imagine I'd actually get to have a part in the Gensokyo upper-crust. I also like the idea of supporting someone else's resolve and being a part of a household.

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Guys, the important part isn't getting into Gensokyo as a last boss, it's getting there at all. After we are there, we can improve and gain more power and eventually be able to cause our own incident.

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It's simple, really. You just need to volunteer for Kanako's quest for SCIENCE

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It'll be called "The Great /jp/ Incident", or "The Autism Outbreak incident".

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I'd rather make a grand entrance, that way I can take it easy with my lower stage friends after getting beaten up by Reimu instead of working years to finally get initiated.

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As what, a test subject?

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We need to search for the Hakurei Shrine on this side, and then raise our spiritual power until we stumble in. It's not that hard.

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We've already got one mook who turned last-boss tier because Kanako thought electricity was a swell idea.

Maybe she'll feed you the corpse of Alhazen to bring the scientific method to Gensokyo. You go mad with power, and bang, Touhou 14 ~ Middle Eastern Dream

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This actually isn't a bad idea at all.
Just leave it to the Moriyas to cause the next incident, as usual!

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We can bring the power of the neutrinos now.

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Where is portal anon when you need him?

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In Gensokyo.

Everything we need to go to Gensokyo is in Gensokyo, ironically.

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Wheres the updated chart

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Most of its material is copped from pagans and rehashed Judaism.

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