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The world's already dead. We're just what it shitted out before they buried the corpse.

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Gensokyo, here I come!

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Only to be reborn again. Do you people not know anything about Mayan mythology?

This is a good thing. It's a rare event, but it's like the turning of the millennium. Some people thing an arbitrary number will mean the death of us all, but for the rest, it's generally a celebration of something very rare (for humans).

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Noo i dont want to die!
I have never even had the chance to suck a cock, dude!

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There's still plenty of time left. We can worry about it when December comes around.

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>>>/a/ with your shitgate macro

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2012 borders of gensokyo fail and reimu starts working at a brothel in the real world

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>SOPA will pass
Those wise Mayans, how did they do it?

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Not him,
You're the one who's acting like an /a/non.

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Is GEnsokyo where the better part went. Or Balamb Garden?

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My friend GERI told me it was GEnsokyo.

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This year the Hakurei border will collapse, and Gensokyo will pop up in this world, wherever it was before being isolated. However, the conflict of two masses sharing the same space will fuck with all the physics we know and cause a time-space disruption that will swallow half of the Milky Way.

Fucking Mayans

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I'd like a boardgame like Jumanji that slowly summons various parts of Gensokyo according to the different dice rolls players get.

The pieces could be the playable characters I guess.

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This year is going to be shitty because I'm going to have to put up with even more people talking about that 2012 Mayan bullshit.

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Imagine of it as if... everytime you hear it you get a stomp on the balls.

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The odds of landing inside GEnsokyo after death are 9trilliion to one. Most of us are going to he'll. The Lilly hood of escaping he'll are 6billion to one. I think we need to come with a guide so we can all meet up in Gensokyo.

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I fail at posting.

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You can get to Gensokyo from hell too.

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Sorry posting from my iPhone.fucking spellcheck.

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You can? What are the odds of the Devil and minions invasion already happened?

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I mean a he'll survival guide and mapthere must be some touhou that made it.

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Time to rewatch Jumanji.

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I died 5 years ago when I became NEET-Hikikomori.

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I think you mean one to 9 trillion right? I don't want my ideal of heaven to be poluted by other humans. Unless I'm the lucky one to stay out of it, if that's the case.

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>/Jp/ 's last tea party
You can all die happily in cute dresses

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where's the meetup? it would be a messy event

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/jp/'s end of the world meet up
I'm in!

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