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Does Eirin have to follow the Hippocratic oath? It would make me feel alot better if she did.

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I don't think the Lunarians even follow the Geneva convention.

No wonder sex appeal bunny was so terrified.

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Do rabbits apply to that rule? As much as I love Reisen, Eirin might have legal grounds to do whatever she pleases to the rabbits.

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What are you talking about?

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Technically... NO.
They have their own rules I suppose, and probably they don't have the same concept of ethics as the human race.

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Little Shrimp - The Touhou Virtuoso

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>It would make me feel alot better if she did.

If she would follow the Hyppocratic oath she never will love you, Anonymous. This oath doesn't allow any love relations between doctor and patient. If you know what I mean.

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What I am asking is if anybody gets any protection from abuse. Since Reisen gets abused all the time, does Eirin follow any code of ethics or is she just doing whatever she wants?

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If I had to guess, she follow a code of ethics, but Reisen isn't protected by them.

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Those things are goddamn delicious.
If only they weren't so tough.

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Hey zun, isn't that copyright?

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I know what you are saying, but if I was at her mercy, I don't want to end up a medical experiment for her.

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Considering Kaguya is immortal, either she does follow the oath or she just hasn't read Mai-Chan and discovered all the wonderful pontential it offers.

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And Hippocratic oath says nothing about experiments on humans.
What about Reisen.. she is immortal lunar bunny.

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Reisen is the name of the character created by ZUN.
Riesen is the name of chocolates made by Storck.
Big difference.

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Oh my bad. durr, I didn't see the different.

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Well that's just it, she is a rabbit and not entitled to the same rights as others apparently.

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You'd think with all the animal testing she does, Eirin would've developed some cosmetics that stopped her looking like such a hag.

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That's a low blow man.

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Back in high/middleschool Riesen had a big marketing push when they were expanding in my country. There was a huge dispenser where you could take free Riesen at a gas station near the school, But if you took too much the workers stopped you.

Me and a few friends with Jewish mindsets used to go in there and take a few handfuls. Afterwards we'd go out and switch to different clothes and put on a hat, and then go in for more.

I only ate chocolate for lunch for a month.

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> Eirin
> Hag

Eirin is gorgeous.

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If you wouldn't fuck the shit out of Eirin, her age is not the problem...

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Oh Eirin, don't worry. Having your small intestine worked by cock won't be too bad. Experimenting is the only way to find out.

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So if I have hemorrhoids Eirin is duty-bound to check them out?