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Guys, has there ever been a Komeiji thread that wasn't a Satori thread in disguise? Why isn't she more popular, shes beautiful! I really love green hair.

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I think you mean Koishi OP.

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Because almost everybody on /jp/ sucks and can't even unlock SA Extra, much less clear it.

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I dont know anything about her.

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Bad generalization. There are good Touhou players on here. I have 1CC'd Normal and Extra but I'm woefully out of practice now.

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You only like her based on her looks?
Shame on you OP.
There is much more about her to like.
I love her backstory her, her personality, the way she dresses absolutely everything about her.
And her ability is really mysterious and fascinates me.
The subconscious is something we humans can hardly get a grasp on so I often wonder alot how her ability works.
I also like how she "ran away" from the hardships of being a satori.
People often claim that she was weak for not enduring the hate of people like her big sister Satori.
But what's wrong about changing your life if you are feeling terrible?I like that she did it, even though she knew that she would bring shame to her name.
Personally I prefer pictures where she is cheerful,carefree and happy since I just love this attitude of her

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But doesnt that mean if Komeiji was your lover and she fell out of love with you, she could make you fall out of love with her? I guess she could be the best person to fail in a relationship with.

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forgot my picture.

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I don't feel the urge to be her lover.It just isn't very desireable to me

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I dont know about that. She could make a good wife. You would always be in a good mood!

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I don't think so.
She doesn't seems like a person who would take responsibilty for something and in my opinion that's good the way it is.
Relationships are pretty troublesome.
The love between a pet and its owner is so much better

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I was referring to her ability.

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I know.
But that still doesn't changes the nature of a real relationship.
And it's unclear whether her ability really works like this

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Certainly couldnt hurt. She looks like a loli and a old hag. I find her very interesting.

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To each their own.
I prefer my fantasy without a relationship because lovers usually have sex and sexualizing her makes me want to kill myself

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I am not like that. I rather see my self as the little girl having a Yuri relationship with her. I think I would like to have her as a husband.

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Something by my favourite artist.
That feel when after using safebooru all the time checking out danbooru for softtranslations just to figure out that he also draws porn ;_;

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Why are the Komeiji sisters the best Touhou characters?

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Off course that special night would have to happen. I dont see why you wouldnt want to have a yuri relationship with her?

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Because I want to kill someone in a very painful way everytime I see her sexualized

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I dont get it. You dont find her attractive? What about just in your own head? Obviously if she was your husband, only you would get to sexualize he.

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But that happens to everyone who loves a character. Just avoid her doujins.

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I'm trying to.
But this is /jp/ so it's pretty difficult sometimes.
A week ago I accidently downloaded a doujin with her without realizing it.
I felt like dying for the rest of the day

No I don't find her attractive.Sex often means pain and abuse and I seeing her suffering is just terrible

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>Sex often means pain and abuse and I seeing her suffering is just terrible

Thats a rather poor outlook on sex. Sex with someone you love means pleasure and bonding.

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>Sex often means pain and abuse

No it doesn't, unless you are actively trying to.

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For me the person is the most important when loving someone.
Sex is not neccesary.

This is the lewdest image in my Koishi folder.
I felt very conflicted when saving it but it's so well drawn I just couldn't help it

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I love Koishi too, good taste bro.

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Bah you're weak.

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Best taste.

How do you feel about grimdark?

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I find the idea that she is crazy pretty damn silly and it annoys me alot.

But I like this picture because it shows personified versions of Koishis ID and Super ego which is a reference to her spellcards, which are references to psychology.
I like to think that her ID and Super ego combined define her carefree personality, a constant struggle between "good" and "evil".
Then again one can't call these things good and evil per se.
They are just 2 sides of the same coin.

Here is one of my favourite songs

It transfers the feeling of this struggle and the resulting harmony very well in my opinion.
Then again, maybe I'm thinking too much into it.

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I can actually relate to this. Seeing some Touhous sexualized makes me feel ill. Different reasons for different Touhous, and I don't feel like explaining in detail, but this is just how it is for me.

It's really hard sometimes, since I get anxious visiting Danbooru or Pixiv because you don't know when a lewd image will pop out.

Pic somewhat related

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It doesn't bother me. I can see Koishi being either way because of what she has been through, and they're both good.

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Like I said, to each their own.
But I fucking hate these assholes who make posts in german while posting screenshots from that one Koishi video series.
Fucking germans, almost as bad as BRs on the internet

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Relevant video to Koishi sisters thread.

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It's weird how I didn't like Last Remote at first, but I've grown to like it.
Probally due to playing the stage over and over again

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I love Koishi.

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So much...

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I love her too.
Wanna fight about who loves her more?

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>Bad generalization. There are good Touhou players on here.
Don't tell me it's an inaccurate generalization. I said almost everybody, not everybody. I'm aware there are some good players here. I'm one of them.

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Now Koishi is a great touhou but you know what's even better checking out mah doubs.

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I love her more, because I want to have sex with her.

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Ah it's nice to see that you are still here on /jp/ too.
How have you been?

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How did I achieved Satori?

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I've never really liked the Komeiji sisters, don't know why.
I'm pretty cool with Satori's fanon laid back personality. Koishi doesn't really seem to offer much for me personality wise, but she is cute.

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Every day without fail. Only once it is completed will you be able to achieve satori.

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Koishi is a beautiful girl.

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Satori, Koishi, it doesn't matter, I WILL KILL THEM ALL.

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Subterranean Rose is such a nice name, tells a lot about her.

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Also what the fuck, these hands are gigantic and I just remembered Satori arms, are all the Komeiji born with some malformation in their limbs?

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I am of the opinion that its the result of people taking Zuns failure to literally.

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Who would ever want to hurt such a cutie?

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The hat is too small.

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Koishi has many hats.

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she cant take it easy like this!

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Come to think of it, why is Koishi the only one with a hat in their household?

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You remember this, don't you?

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Shes a traveler. The rest of them sit around getting fat all day.

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Does that haunting "la la la la, la la, lalalalala" tune have a name?

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That's mean, Koishi. You should not be mean.