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happy birthday

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fuck off sparky

you should kill yourself faggot

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You're still a hopeless fat loser.
Enjoy spending your birthday alone in your bedroom.
Enjoy being a 27 year old virgin.
No wonder you're so depressed, I would be too if I were as much of a loser as you.

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So Sudo will become a wizard in 3 years?

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Any other day, this would be okay

But not today. Not on Sudo's Birthday.

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Suck a dick.

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>You're still a hopeless fat loser.
Sudo isn't fat.
>Enjoy spending your birthday alone in your bedroom.
My dream day.
>Enjoy being a 27 year old virgin.
Sounds like you're jealous of his soon-to-be-wizardry.
>No wonder you're so depressed, I would be too if I were as much of a loser as you.
And how close are you to being a wizard? Don't take it out on Sudo because you already tainted yourself.

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Chill out this whole thread is just sudo replying to himself.
That Faggot does this all the time, no need to tell him shit he already knows.

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oink oink

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how DARE you bully sudo on this day????

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suck my cock dude

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suck his cock,dude.

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frig off
<< me running away from you

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> Sudo !Tohsaka8ks

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oink oink

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Holy molly 50 cent-chan! There's a crazy looking guy on your backseat!

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eye fuggen love bigs >:D

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who BIRTHDAY here

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Where are you Coal? my dick is hard

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hes probably in. the pigpen

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i love pig

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Interesting this happen today, since it actually is my birthday.
Meh, back to dark souls and fapping.

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Are you Sudo? Or my mother? Or JRR Tolkien, or any of the other people born on January 3

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