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Would someone mind telling me what Tenshi has been up to? I cant figure out if shes a hobo or she returned to heaven. The wiki has no information about what Touhous are currently up to or where they all live.

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Touhous really need twitter feeds so we can find out what they are doing at any given moment.

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Could be because they're not real people and they don't actually do anything when they're not appearing in a game or manga.

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Tenshi is a fallen angel. I guess she hangs around Hakurei shrine now, like Suika does.

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That's not funny.

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Yuyuko has one, she rarely updates.

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she lives under the hakurei shrine

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You can't know anything, you have to wait for the mangas and ZUN interviews.

Only the main characters get a status update, main characters of the mangas that is, and Eientei got like 3 mangas of their own.

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tanshi entered a fashion contest and won every award

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wtf, no, thats not funny.

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But it is.

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But where shes she sleep?

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I hate myself for doing this but Sauce?

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Took over Gensokyo with Porky and the Starmen.

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You are a bad person, you made Tenshi cry.

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you mean porky and the pig army or pokey and the starmen

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That would make sense, given that Yukari hibernates at this time of the year.

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Is that canon?

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Shut up.

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No, this is from one of the Miko Miko Suika doujinshis

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Guh heh heh, good thing youkai don't get hurt by physical damage and can regenerate.

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So there is no actual information about where she is currently living?

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Why do people think Tenshi is some kind of momoe tragic girl like they do with Reisen?

She's the opposite of that, of course, people will apply the silly innocent girl stereotype and/or tragic character so they can be DEEP.

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Most likely heaven. But I can imagine her hanging out elsewhere.

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She is tragic but she doesn't know it.

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Dude, she's just some character out of the other 150, you only get her appearances as info, you're not gonna get a blog just because your character preferences.

She's living in heaven, and she always has.

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But Suika doesnt live there she just shows up. I always figured she just lives in Oni Subspace.

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Who said Tenshi is tragic? Do you mean >>8339723 ?

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I have to know, If I should ever make it to Gensokyo, I will need to know where she lives if I am going to court and marry her.

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She moved in with Reimu at the end of IaMP.

In SWR she beats up Tenshi for a stay in heaven but gets bored of it afterwards.

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Her latest thread that happened a few days ago.

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No, Why do YOU keep trying to make her some momoe tragic girl? I have seen nothing tragic in Tenshi lore or fandom. Go fuck your self.

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Why should she marry you? Or even look at you? You're just some ugly human, she has high pride of her status as celestial you know.

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The one recognizing her as the best Touhou ever? OMG so fucking tragic.

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>Why do YOU keep trying to make her some momoe tragic girl?

Woah, re-directing something at someone who claims that she shouldn't be shown like that by others, nice going there, genius.

Anger makes people so irrational. And yes, you people make her look like a personality-less moemoe girl, especially in that last Tenshi thread, removing all of her status and replacing it with ''oh she's so cuute and innocent, why is she so perfect?'' etc.

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Shit dog, by the time I get to Gensokyo and become the greatest Alchemist in the realm and the little girl, ill be fighting off Tenshis. But there is only one Tenshi for me. I WILL eat her peaches.

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Tenshi is currently on an extended holiday with her onee-sama Yukari. They're on a journey across the United States.
They're enjoying the sights and scenes of American life, admiring architecture, stopping gang violence, eating corn dogs, and deeply bonding through complete trust and playful S&M sex in rundown motels.

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Because you are the only person talking about her being tragic, so its some sort of reverse physiology, /a/ would call that gorespammer.

Anyways, shouldnt you be fucking your self?

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>Best Touhou ever

I nearly puked. She talks in one game and doesn't do shit other than annoy everyone, the best Touhou should be a morally good girl, like Sanae.

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>We can be best together! Now stop crying!

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I never called her tragic you illiterate cunt, you guys did, all over her thread, while naming her the best touhou like elitists. That's sad.

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This thread is pretty autistic.
I bet Tenshi would look at this thread, not understand what any of you faggots are going on about, and just post more porn of herself.

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I'm sorry, but if you actually got to Gensokyo, no touhou would want anything to do with you.

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But we love every part of Tenshi, even (or especially) her flaws such as her bratty attitude.

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speak for yourself, dude

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Stop implying shes tragic. Shes one of the most powerful Touhous and shes kind enough to disregard her celestial pride and lose to mortals, just for the sake of fun. Theres really nothing tragic about her, shes just a cute girl out doing cute things.

Why wont you fuck off? No one is going to buy your garbage.

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That's not loving her, what you people did was remove all of her status as a bratty, spoiled kid and replaced it with the one the people at Reisen's thread did, except less ''her life is so tragic!''. Take >>8339856 for example, that's kind of the thing that happened in that thread.

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You seam to be a very angry and butt frustrated person. Reported for trolling.

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Dont project your own insecurities on to be, kid.

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Dumbshit, I said she was the OPPOSITE of tragic, I'm saying you people kept making her look the same way people in the Reisen threads make Reisen look, a generic personality-less moemoe girl who is ''misunderstood'' and other crap.

It sickens me to see a Touhou's personality get wrecked by Gaia-like posts and attitudes.

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Go back to /a/ gorespammer.

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What are you faggots all on about? Post more Tenshi!

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should tanshi be a playful masochist or a depressed butterfly?

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Tenshi... had a hard youth.

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Neither. Tenshi is a slightly bratty ojou.

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I guess since we dont really know whats shes doing, Ill have to treat it as a quest. To win the Tenshi ill have to travel far and wide until I find her.

Some huge faggot trying to gorespam Tenshi in to being a tragic character. Hes also suffering from severe buttpain, I feel a little sorry for him, sounds like his existence is tragic. I think he should visit a hospitable rather han hanging around here.

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too bad nobody cares about most of the canon personalities because they are shallow and unlikable :(

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Why do you say that?

Why do you make things up?

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Holy shit, two threads in a row?

Why are you people milking her so much? This is almost as bad as Keine threads.

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I don't think them of either swallow or unlikable. While, for the purposes of writing a doujin you could extend the canon personality traits to be able to fit them to the material you're writing, you don't have to deviate from them.

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>Some huge faggot trying to gorespam Tenshi in to being a tragic character.

Why are you lying?

Why are you so horribly angry?

I'm trying to ask something to make some justic and you people can't face the fact that Tenshi has a personality instead of being a tragic moemoe character like you people think she is.

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If you go by the canon, you dont get to meet anyone until they are up to no good and you never see them again soon as they are stopped. The fandom has to make mountains out of hills with the scraps Zun gives them. I think they do a pretty good job.

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Reported, again, go back to /a/ gorespammer.

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After a life of pampering, she has been cast from the heavens, and has to find herself anew on this earthly world, where whenever tragedy befalls her, there is nobody to place their hand on her shoulder.

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Dude, you should know that you can't argue with these kind of fans, let them live their own vision, as wrong as it may be.

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I'd rather they place it on her behind.

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Reported for trolling.

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>>The fandom has to make mountains out of hills with the scraps Zun gives them. I think they do a pretty good job.

This. Touhou is blessed with the best, most creative fanbase of any fictional franchise. Any creator would LOVE to have touhou's fans.

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Double reported.

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You still here? I guess there are no mods online.

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I see you have one convert already, you two should go suck each other off.

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but they're always up to no good

that's why they're bad

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If Tenshi were a tragic character, this would be why.

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But her flat chest is one of her biggest selling points.

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Triple reported.

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You think she cares about that? She wants to be what she wants to be, not what a bunch of horny humans that aren't fit to lick the dirt from her boots want her to be.

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Or, if you know that Reimu makes parties and invites every Touhou she's beaten up, sometimes it's also a festival like in OSP.

Tenshi was in the latter I think.

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Something about this image greatly disturbes me

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You, like, always seem to be talking something related to Touhous' breasts.

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Glad to see you have stopped gorespamming.

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Quadruple reported.

I'm about to reach the limit.

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Your asspain over your failure is sweet.

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I find them more interesting to discuss than most everything else fanon produces.

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No idea.

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Quintuple reported.

I'm about to...reach the limit...!

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Reported for nsfw

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Why is tickled Tenshi so fucking awesome?

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Because you wish you had Yukaris hands all over your body.

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Oh, no, I'm not like that.

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Got it?

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Oh my.

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Her flatness is a great nightmare.

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Don't give ZUN ideas.
That is something he might actually do.

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Na. That would destroy the open to interpretation thing he's got going.

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Actually, ZUN could make a touhou that uses twitter just for this purpose.

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The original of this makes no sense. Sakuya's knives cannot scratch Tenshi's skin.

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Perhaps thats why she switched to corndogs?

>> No.8340576

No, he could just have Yukari get twitter. Or have her make an account for Hieda no Akyu.

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If magic daggers can't pierce her skin, I doubt brittle pieces of wood can do any better.
I imagine it's a nightmare. Though unlike when she woke up screaming from the knife dream, this time she'll just wake up very confused and decide to cut back on the corn dogs.

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Corndogs are her Kryptonite.

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That's silly. I like my idea better.

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All supreme beings need a weakness. How can I catch a Tenshi if shes infallible?

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Disgusting anon. You need divine retribution.

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Uh oh. Are you one of THOSE people?

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I think all you have to do is pay attention to her

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No, I think you do, posting such a disgusting lewd picture of a Goddess. You will send the rest of your existence in hell being fucking in the ass by pitchforks.

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Punish me in their place.

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Tenshi is probably living in heaven and visits Gensokyo from time to time.
Last image, near bottom right should be Tenshi.

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She reminds me of Mary Poppins in that picture.... OHH shit now I see were Zun got his Tenshi inspiration from! The hat, the hair, the cane replaced with a sword, the dress, it all makes sense now. Plus Mary Poppins was perfect from head to toe.

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Don't insult her like that, scum.

>> No.8340736

this picture is real life

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But Im not a scribe. I plan to defeat Tenshi using my Alchemy and good looks, not with poetry. So gay.

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I chuckled.

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if you say so

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This has already been done, but ultra faggot secondaries.


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>by ultra faggot secondaries.
I can't type today.
Also, I forgot to post Tenshi. Perfect, glorious Tenshi.

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I like mamo