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Who's ready for some okuu?


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Ready? I was born ready.

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>Touhous in an onsen
>Not removed from Youtube
>includes Remilia and Flandre

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love okuu

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What is the video from?

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I wonder who's going to voice Okuu

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I'd like to hear her voiced by that chick that did Hina Ichigo from Rozen Maiden, unyu~.

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Won't is have to be fandubbed like the last one?

I'm assuming this is by the same doujin group who did the other 2hu anime.

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For some reason this bit really stood out for me.

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Holy shit.

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It stood out for me too. Can't wait.

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she....she isnt wearing nothing down there?

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Does she have a reason to?

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No...she is not...

Also I think I might be a faggot and make a "At first I was like" caption on this.

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I'm interested...

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Please don't

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Please don't ruin other people's anime screenshots.

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Found it already of Nicovideo!

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i don't remember the last one they did being so tits

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Wait... so this will be a whole episode sort of thing, like the PCB one?

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Yes, with more loli tits.

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Man the quality of this even tops the previous two, which already looked amazing. Warmly awaiting the whole thing.

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I didn't make

Someone did it for me I guess.

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I thought the roflbot would stand out more. People don't even lovingly craft macros anymore

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Holy shit, that animation. Too bad the finished product will just be the trailer with a few scenes tacked on.

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Even if that's true, it was you who planted the seeds of caption.
I'd be surprised if anybody cares. Then again, this is /jp/...

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I'm okay with this, if they extend the onsen scene.
Maybe even with no censorship...?

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More like the trailer will be shown hundreds of time before the release with a scene or two tacked on each time until the official release.

I will still watch it and enjoy it if it is anything like the first

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I hope people besides Okuu get more than 5 seconds of screen time this time.
The last one was downright ridiculous with how little attention everyone besides Yuyuko got. I don't even mean Youmu's wimpy 20 second fight, I mean stuff like the Prisimrivers.

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Letty may as well not been in the video

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Judging by the trailer; All of Chireiden will get a fair bit of screentime, especially Okuu and Orin. Yuugi will get some space too.

Yamame and Parsee will certainly be forgotten.

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Prisimrivers were worse. At least Letty got an implied fight; they just floated past like part of the background.
And yet we still had time for Aya, Sanae, and SDM library cameos. Hmmm.

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Yes obviously.

It feels dream-like to see the actual SA-badass Utsuho fight in OVA style quality.

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i don't remember bipolar parsee

fuck parsee

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I think it will actually have a small plot like the first one.
Then after the battle, half of the episode will be onsen.

I will wait forever if necessary.

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Look at her ZUN art portrait.

Everybody ignored that face and went for the angsty one.

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I'm okay with this.

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I can see Suika's nipples.

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It's about time Okuu finally got the spotlight in something of this scale. She deserves it.

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She DID get that badass 3D Fight.

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Alice is one damn tall mofo.

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That 3D is nothing compared to this, that was freaking MMD, and she kept losing in every move she did in that fight.

This one seems even which is perfect and both Reimu and Utsuho look awesome.

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It's supposed to be a DVD right? Maybe it'll be uncensored in the full release.

Also holy shit @ Yuugi's bosoms.

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With any luck it'll also have a Blu-Ray release...

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>Yuugi's bosoms
They're so big she has two sets of them?

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Was the first one DVD?
I thought it was just posted to NicoNicoDouga

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>the previous two

Did I miss something?

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sakuya large breasts

meh im not even that mad

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Consider this question seconded, to an extent. I already watched the one about PCB, but I didn't know there was another

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You do realize the actual episode will probably be about UFO, right?

The first episode had us all hyped over the 2 minutes of EoSD plot fight, but the actual episode was 12 minutes of grinning Marisa in PCB.

Okuu's spotlight ended with this awesome 2 minute episode OP.

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It's a still water, you silly person you.

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water is like acid for their skin
they can't just cross moving water

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Now we'll receive 12 minutes of Reimu lazying around the palanquin ship.

killer ripples.

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No, only crossing water damages them, i.e: showers and rivers.

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You do know her having large breasts is technically canon right?

Check Alphes art.

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They may have been bigger than flat but in the video they were exaggerated even when compared to Alphes art.
The breasts she has in Alphes art aren't big enough to even be called large breasts. They made them big for fan service.

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I think Alphes' are bigger, even.

Even the fact that it's backed by clothes worsens that aspect.

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>bigger than flat

You're saying that as if they're barely noticeable.

She's on the highest category in the alphes-made bust chart.

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that pic in there doesn't show the portrait that shows them in their biggest nature.

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moar Utsuho

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Looking at this picture...It suddenly strikes me.. is Utsuho's eye physically connected to her... or just part of her clothes.

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I've seen it both ways depending on the artist.

Personally, I think it's actually connected to her.

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You'll find it drawn both ways. No canon.

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Wouldn't the Alphes art be basically canon?
And it doesn't appear to be connected there, though I always assumed it was. Eh logic, gensokyo...

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First 3 lines are equal, also Yukari was flat in IaMP.

lol'd at Eirin and Yuugi.

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>Yukari was flat in IaMP.

No she wasn't. Look at her defeated portrait again.

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Sorry, I meant SWR

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How long are we going to be tortured with this before it finally releases:(

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come at me bro

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I hope we get a dub again. The last one was pretty good. It was all done by one girl too, right?

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This is actual animation with decent quality, and it's not the first time. Looks like ZUN is losing terrain against fan pressure.
I can already see it: Five or six years from now, touhou will have become a mainstream franchise with an official anime (dark and edgy plot and powerlevels everywhere, trying too hard to be DEEP and selling as much as madoka) and a fanbase consisting of 14 year olds who will react to the original games like "oh look at that gaem, such sparkles and bubbles and shitty art xD so funnay. Such a shitty game adaptation of the anime show"
And all true touhou fans will distance themselves from the mainstream currents while claiming "I liked touhou before it was popular", "the anime adaptation was shit", and so on.

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>trying too hard to be DEEP and selling as much as madoka
fuck you

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4/10 because you made me read the whole thing.

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Orin <3

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Did Cirno just die?

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This probally comes from her clone spellcard

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Too lewd.I wish this wouldn't happen but hot springs are part of the SA story and sadly you find naked people in hot springs....

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>Hot springs
>Sadly find naked


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I doubt it.
But that was funny.
She will probably percipitate back down, and in a few hours she will turn up unconcious lying in some bushes...

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I don't like sexualized touhous in a otherwise well done story/video
It sort of ruins the whole thing for me

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I concur with this. If something is well done, sexualizing touhou just for the sake of fanservice is a disservice to the story.

>> No.8326188

Surprisingly well done.

Well, all of their OVAs have been really nice.

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Why are you bothering with the fanservice? It's a miracle we actually got ANYTHING at all, as in, OVA-quality Touhou animation.

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Give it two or three years more and it will be like "If it exists, there is touhou of it".

>> No.8326297

No it wouldn't, otherwise it'd have happened a long time ago, remember ZUN's policy? He doesn't like Touhou going commercial or people doing anime-like works off it because he doesn't want people to learn Touhou through something that isn't the source.

Ironically the very derivative works that he allowed through are the ones that introduced the majority people to Touhou rather than the games .themselves.

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Personally, I'm happy Kanako and her possé is getting some screentime, even if it's probably just her giving Okuu the avian carcass and another small "We're plotting behind the scenes, fufufu" scene like Yukari&Co. got.

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As much as I understand how ultra-quality this OVA is, part of me wishes it was never made at all.

I'm too reluctant to even play the preview movie.

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What is the problem?
Madoka is actually good.
Also are you implying that Touhou isnt mainstream as fuck now? Just look at those fucked up western congoers and underage tards shouting cirno perfect math class in public?

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>Madoka is actually good.

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Why does it have to be so horribly sexualized, with boobs flopping all over the place?

It feels worse than your average fanservice anime.

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The heck is with Reimu and Utsuho having a fist fight?

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Because they're retelling what happened in the actual story.

Reimu making opening her newfound onsen a public attraction until Yukari comes in and tells her that something's funny.

The bit with Orin being there along with Okuu when Kanako appears is indeed off, but it doesn't matter much since Orin learns about her power anyway. But then it contradicts Orin not knowing which god gave Okuu her powers and therefore not being able to tell Reimu which god was the one that did it afterwards for the extra stage and-

OVA followance overruled.

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Ever played the fighting games?

They whack each other, though only Reimu and Meiling use an actual fight style instead of ''slap slap whack whack'' of the other Touhous.

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I don't like how Sanae's boobs were bouncing when she turned. I have no idea why since I usually love that kinda thing.

>> No.8329836

Yugi's tits are just too much, no, just no.

>> No.8329865

How is being naked in a goddamn bath sexualization?

Do you bathe fully clothed, or something?

>> No.8329882

It's actually normal in anime for the characters to have towels wrapped around them or be obscured somewhat. You have to admit it is a pretty lewd scene, especially Rumia's spread eagles posture.

>> No.8329883

Gotta love how small, worthless but cute Okuu's wings are pre-Yatagarasu.

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>As Seen On: /jp/ - Otaku Culture
>read the highest rated comments

Fucking youtube.

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This was nice. Maybe a bit too nice.

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That's something they made up, not like Okuu's wings changed in the real thing.