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Last time you bathed and your favorite touhou.

I imagine a small group of touhous will preside over the filthy, unwashed /jp/ers, and vice versa for the clean ones. Make your prediction.

Last bathed: Sunday 12/25
Favorite 2hu: Yukari Yakumo

Prediction: Cleanest like Flan, dirtiest like Ran.

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Last bathed: 28/12/2011
Favorite Touhou: Remilia
Prediction: Cleanest like Satori, dirtiest... yeah, gotta be Ran.
Yes, I'm that bored.

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Wednesday, going to bathe today.

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Vampires can bathe?

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Why is she so fat?

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16 hours ago, currently Tenshi.

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They have a swimming pool, anyway

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Bathe? B-but I live in the bathtub.

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Last time bathed: Yesterday at night.
Favorite touhou: Remilia

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Last bathed: 31/12/11
Favourite Touhou: Momiji

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Last bathed: Sunday 12/12
Favorite 2hu: remilia

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Yesterday night, scrubbed my face and shampood my hair.

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Showered this morning. Hina and Tenshi are fine too.

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Just about to pop into the shower, actually.
I bathe on a daily basis.

Because Yuuka won't have it any other way.

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The last time I shower was the 8th when I had to visit my sick father in the hospital. Holy fuck time passes by quickly.

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Seriously? Is this one samefag or am I just that lazy?
I can't even find the motivation to brush my teeth everyday, let alone bath.
I haven't bathed in over 2 months.

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What the fuck /jp/? What happened to you? I haven't bathed in 2 months, but that's nothing compared to other /jp/'ers I've seen before.

My favorite touhou is Eirin

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Haven't-bathed-in-2-months mind

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>What happened to you?
A very bad rash.

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3 days ago

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Because feeling clean is vastly superior to feeling dirty.

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It must be fate, but probably not. This place just attracts grimy fucks like you and I. I'm feeling kind of bad seeing all these people bathing, i feel left out - I might go shower right now.

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5 hours ago.


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Yesterday afternoon.

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No it's not.

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Can't remember, not in the last year, that's for sure.

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Don't worry all the real /jp/ers are asleep due to backward sleep scheduled. At this time of day it's packed with normalfags.

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4 hours ago, but it was the first time in two weeks.

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An hour ago.

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Just a few minutes ago

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Disgusting. Any Touhou would be disgusted by your hygiene.

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Last cumbath this morning. If you brush your hair right after it won't get sticky.

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Last bathed: About 20 hours ago, will go again in 2-4 hours
Favorite 2hu: Tenshi

Prediction: Cleanest like Satori, dirtiest like Kaguya

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Posting from the shower.

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Bathing right now. Last was on saturday. Every 2 days I wash hairs. Every day I wash hands, face, teeth.

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Bathe? Does showering count?
If so, i let everyone know that i love bathing and showering. So much that my skin is usually very coarse and itchy.

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I last took a shower on Tuesday, I think. But I'm gonna take one today in about fifteen minutes.

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the shower is my easy place

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Yesterday afternoon and in 10 minutes.

No touhou preference.

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I bathed this morning, my favourite touhou is Satori.

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I have no idea what day it was, but it has not been more than five days since I showered.

It does not feel so good being dirty, while having long hair.

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Just got out of the shower.

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I bathe every day, haven't yet today since it's about 12:30. Favorite touhou, no single touhou but I like everyone in the SDM.

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>daily bathing on /jp/

What the fuck is going on?

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4 Hours ago, Sanae-san~

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Last bathed: 20 minutes ago
Favorite Touhou: Reisen

I like to pretend I'm taking a shower with her

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20 hours ago. Hata-tan.

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4 days ago, Cirno.

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Around 28 hours ago

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10 minutes ago

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The time of bathing is a poor indication of cleanliness for me. I just happened to take one yesterday, but considering my living conditions, it can go upwards of a week before I get a real bath in.

Also Patchouli.

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Last night. Konpaku Youmu.

Someone better add up the results at the end.

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5 hours and 27 minutes ago, which was around 6 hours after I woke up. Yuuka.

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This morning

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About 10 hours ago, I shower twice a day, feel like shit if I don't. Yuukarin.

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Lewd picture. Reported.

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I shower every two days, just because I like being clean. Nobody will notice because I don't ever go outside, but I don't give a fuck about that. My favourite touhou is Satori.

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about 18 hours ago

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Like 14 hours ago.

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I'm going to take a bath now, last time yesterday.
Favourite toehoe: Patchouli ( i should bath less if i want to match but it can't be helped. )

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About 20 minutes ago. I bathe once a day and sometimes twice a day during summer.
Favourite touhou is Kaguya.

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Last bathed:Last night
Favorite 2hu:Koishi
Prediction:Cleanest like Satori, dirtiest like Erin

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Yesterday afternoon.

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ITT: Everyone is pretending to be clean for the sake of their waifu.

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Last night.

Generally do it every other night, otherwise my hair gets too dry and doesn't look nice.

Favorite Touhou is Sanae.

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24th Dec. That said, I'll have a shower tonight. Parsee is my favourite Touhou.

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I just got out of the shower and I have fresh clean clothes on. Feels great.

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Just today. Maybe I'll take another one.

Mah favorite 2hu is Kanako.

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you must be a stinky motherfucker, OP

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Yesterday, 6 PM

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all of this

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Wiping the cum off your chest != bathing, gtfo.

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How mature

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last week


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10 minutes ago, and once a day. I would bathe twice (or more) a day if I could get away with it.

It's a toss-up between Utsuho and Nitori. Can't choose.

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Today 11:32 am, though i bath every 2 days.

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Agreed with this guy, last bath says little. I took one a couple hours ago, but I usually only do it each 3 or 4 days.

Anyway, Yuuka.

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I bathed yesterday and my favorite is Yukari.

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4 AM today. Sometimes I bathe twice a day if I need to look presentable.

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This morning.
Changes all the time, but currently Reiuji.

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11:30 am. Although, I bathe at least once a day if not twice.

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I think it was about two weeks ago.

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16 hours ago this morning.


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Yesterday evening, Ran.

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good boy

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Five minutes ago.

Is there supposed to be some sort of correlation between touhous and smelly nerds?