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So I heard somebody jizzed on Enako in public and they closed cosplay for the day.

Is that true?

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I was the one who jizzed on her.

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Pretty sure they didn't close anything.

Also >>8313335

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Why did she ran way? Isn't that what she wants? for males to fantasize about her?

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Jesus, she's painfully ugly. And I'm not saying that just because she's 3d, she's just ugly, I'd have problems boning that.

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I would fuck her single handedly!

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Doubtful. You hear 2ch rumors like that every year.

Mite be cool though.

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So, we finally found a way to stop them.
Get your dicks ready

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/jp/ violently assaults /cgl/ with semen? I don't think that'd work out as well as you hope.

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If there were a /jp/ meetup, who do you think would be jizzed on? Me, personally, I could jizz on Labarador with absolutely no regrets.

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This is false. She just made a tweet to clear up the situation. Her right contact irritated her eye, that's why she ran crying.

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We would fill you up with cum until it's coming out of your ears and your tears are made of semen

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So I heard that /jp/ has more than one page.

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Am I supposed to give a half-living fuck about this skank? Sometimes you disappoint me, /jp/.

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>not always

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Didn't this happen to Pygma's friend at a con once?

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Don't be silly.

I went to /cgl/ to see if I could find a thread about this and a shitstorm maybe, saw this thread, and left.


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Fuck /cgl/ is an atrocious place.

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I'm still waiting for moot to merge /jp/ and /cgl/ into one board.

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/cgl/ makes my soul hurt. I need to remember not to ever look in there ever. Please stop me if I ever think to again, /jp/.

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all of my bitches and whores images aren't enough

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Why?Mind explaining to me what's wrong?

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God damn it why did I read any of that thread.

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/jp/ would become the worst board of 4chan after /b/.

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So are Japanese female cosplayers as slutty as western ones?

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She looks far to energetic to be Patchy.

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But, it..no fuck it.

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Why is she making a hugging expression. I wonder what would happen if someone came up and hugged her while she was making that expression.

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There's something weird going on with her face. It looks like someone added too much recovery in LR.

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sometimes /cgl/ is sugoi

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I'm pretty sure that making yourself appear more desirable and lowering your standards would make it easier to find somebody regardless of your gender.

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lol obvious femanon detected.

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She would let you hug her.

She's a really friendly person. As is Lenfried and many other well known cosplayers.

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I'm not saying I wouldn't fuck her if given a chance, but she's just ugly, can't you see it? There are far more prettier whores out here to fantasize about and yet this one is chosen.

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What's the difference between a cosplayer and a pig?

The pig won't complain when you put your dick inside its ass.

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More like I'm just being real.

It's like, I'm sure any /jp/er that put forth the effort could pick up some fat girl with a shitty personality, but you'd rather be alone, right? Having standards goes both ways.

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The girl on the OP pic, ugly?
I can't see that, no.

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We should make a male guide.

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It really is a horrible place. I used to frequent it when it was more on topic before... But now it's just even more horrible, if you could even believe that's possible.

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The slut shaming over there even made me cringe.

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better /jp/?

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You just butchered the only good part about the original, the armpit.

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Not really.... I just don't see what's so "bitches and whores" about this thread.
Sure if you see /cgl/ as /jp/s female counterpart then the persue of 3dpd is pretty disgusting, but for that reason I don't see them related to /jp/ in any way.
So it's just a few women talking about their preferences, something which happens here on /jp/ sometimes too.
I don't get what's so wrong about this

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Now it looks overexposed.

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Because they are hilarious.

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Still too fat.

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My younger sister who is 16 since a few days is going for months out with this guy, he is 23 years old.

So yesterday it was the first time I ever saw him.
I didn't know he came and I saw a guy sitting on the chair who was atleast 300 pounds.
I wouldn't call my sister ugly because she has good proportions (incest in real life is disgusting).I just dislike her.

I really don't get this world.
He is atleast 300 lbs and he can get a girlfriend while I am skinny and my face isn't actually low tier either.
And I don't even have the confidence to go to the barber.

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>4chan power level rank

1. /jp/
2. /a/
3. /g/
90000000000000000000000000001. /cgl/

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This is what /a/ really believes.

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How about /sp/, /fa/, or /fit/?

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>What kind of woman are you currently dating? I am a forever alone thinking of finding a girlfriend but don't know whether it is a good idea to date a nerdy gal or a normal gal.

>Is it easy to convince a normal gal to play VNs/Touhou and dress up dolls with you? Any experience with this? Or do you pretty much have to date a gal from /a/ for that to happen?

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I can fap to this. You should make more.

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>4chan power level rank
1. /jp/
2. /a/
3. /g/
4. /u/
5. /c/
6. /e/
7. /h/
9000000000 /cm/
900000000000000000000 /y/
90000000000000000000000000001. /cgl/

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bawwww i so ronery i dont have girlfriend bawwww

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>4chan power level rank
1. /u/
2. /r/
3. /a/
4. /fa/
5. /g/
6. /e/
7. /t/
8. /jp/

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Remove her nose.
Noses are pig disgusting.

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get the fuck out

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Women's standards are way higher than men's though. Most men are ok with cute average looking girls, but we expect things like virginity and purity.

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suck my cock dude

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Yup, this topic has been definetly discussed here before

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Thank you, I've lost my hope for humanity.

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While I think purity and virginity is just /jp/ and /a/ things. I won't deny that no one wants to date a slut or a whore. Emotional or physical.

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>Don't fap for a week
>Constantly dream about the same girl
Does /jp/ know anything about this not fapping sure does strange things to me.

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Why did you go thtere?

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It's like you really didn't know prostitutes existed before today.

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Alright all you underage newfags, listen up.

Day after day I keep seeing you mongoloid virgins in here asking questions like 'What does a pussy feel like?' or 'What does a pussy taste like' and I am fucking well sick of your shit.

A VAGINA is like a new running shoe, OK? At first, it looks good, smells ok and fits rather snugly. As time goes by, it stops being all of those things though, especially after being used repeatedly. It starts to look beat up, smells worse and worse, and things get kinda sloppy. A VAGINA is basically a tepid reservoir of bacterial filth, with new bacteria and viruses being added every time a new strange cock goes in (which is usually fairly often, because all women are whores. Even Mom.). It tastes like it smells too, sour with a peculiar strongness. They all smell and taste like that. All of them. Wanna know why? It is also a drain for bodily refuse like dead cells, dead bacteria, and dead spermatozoa. It smells the way it does, because it is full of decaying things all closed up in a moist, heated pocket.

So go ahead, stick your face in it and lick up that stinking, rotting slime.

This PSA brought to you by a concerned /jp/edo.

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>slut shaming

You've gotta be fucking shitting me. Go back to jizzabel or femifisting or whatever feminist shithole you crawled out of.

>> No.8313972

>but we expect things like virginity and purity.
Are you serious?

Normal men can't stand virgins.

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/cgl/ sometimes has cute things in it.

Just ignore the garbage, it's not stinking up your own board anyway.

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sup women
get the fuck out of our board

>> No.8313982

who knows

>> No.8313986


I think by 'we' he meant /jp/, although I'd like to believe most of /jp/ isn't that dumb and are aware that virgins are shitty to deal with. I don't know what you want with a 'pure' girl anyways.

>> No.8313987

He's right, any non-/jp/er or non-/a/non doesn't care about virginity or purity, that's the world we live in.

>> No.8313988

Shit man, just go to behoimi if you need that.

>> No.8313989

>thinking normal men wanna deal with virgins
Are you retarded?

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Wait. I thought girls who like cosplay and stuff are shy.

They are our female equivalents.

>> No.8313993

>incest in real life is disgusting


>> No.8313996


We do not want shitty 3D whores, and therefore we have an idealized concept of purity.

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>> No.8314001


But it is.

His statement should have been "Anything in real life is disgusting"

>> No.8314002

We don't have female equivalents. Never believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

>> No.8314003

girls who like cosplay are intrinsically attention whores.

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And I'm aware that I could find these things a million places that aren't /cgl/, but oh well.

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No. They are sluts who whore themselves to gullible nerds to convince themselves they are worth something to someone.

>> No.8314006

Have you ever had a sister?
I hate her personality.

My older sisters who are nearing 30 (one is a lesbian, other got pregnant at 15) are much better.
The lesbian is very kind, and the mother is kind too and not even a bad mother.
But they are older so that's a no-no.

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/cgl/ is filled with attention whores of some kind. While at a convention you'll spot many a genuine fan of anime/manga/video games cosplaying their fave characters... Then you'll see /cgl/ cosplayers; competitive, self righteous, and judgmental.

>> No.8314019

>what you want with a 'pure' girl
I just want to play games, and drink tea, and cuddle, and hold hands, and kiss on the lips and cheeks with no tongue involved. Anything more is too lewd.

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If somehow they made the nuclear eye work this one would have been really impressive, but I guess short of having a lava lamp strapped to your chest it's impossible.

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Nerd girls are all sluts, I know one from college who has a fling with some black guy who's always talking about his dick, it's kinda funny actually.

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Me too.

About the too lewd thing, I seriously feel this way. I'm worried it has reached a point of no return.

>> No.8314035

this looks CLAMPy now

>> No.8314037

>Lolitas are known for making money through [...] dominatrix shit
This sounds intriguing. Any more details on this?

N-not that I would be interested in actually doing it!

>> No.8314038

>muh dick

>> No.8314039

They race mix too?

Who is worse, girls who are primarily gurl gamers, or girls who are primarily animu watchers.

>> No.8314040

She looks like that one 2ch made based off the flatwoods monster

>> No.8314043

What does /jp/ think about french kissing?

It was a fetish of mine when I was 14.
But I've forgotten about it because I am a permavirgin it seems.

>> No.8314046

Both are bad. Yaoi girls are the fucking worst of all though.

>> No.8314048

It was my fetish at that age too. Now I find the thought too frightening. If I did it wrong or accidentally bit them or something I'd probably vomit in horror so I'll just avoid it.

Not that it will ever happen anyway.

>> No.8314049


This basically sounds like what you want is a child.

>> No.8314050

>girls who are primarily gurl gamers
This. Nothing will ever make me angrier than hearing girls go on about how they love Final Fantasy 7 and Sephiroth and all they've played is Kingdom Hearts and Dissadia, and maybe watched AC.

Animu fans are annoying in general but gamer gurls, who probably play on easiest settings, dislike any sort of challenge, get offended when you treat them the same as a male (consider it picking on them) are the worst.

>> No.8314051

Holy fuckballs even athens showed up. This thread needs a nuke now.

>> No.8314054

when I was at that age, I was all flustered about black and asian girls.

Old shame.

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Don't forget; you're on /jp/edo

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I wish I had cute clothes.

>> No.8314058

Only one way to find out.

You can vomit in my mouth if you are frightened.
I will take it.

>> No.8314059

Of course they do.
I believe the worst are the lolitas, those clown dresses can be very expensive so they sell their bodies quite often.
It's kinda funny that the women who are supposed to be the most "pure" are actually the biggest sluts.

Yaoi fangirls are the most obnoxious ones but I dunno if they're the most promiscuous, mainly because they're usually too ugly to get someone to fuck them.

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>yfw it's a dude

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>Yaoi girls are the fucking worst of all though.

Kind ironic coming from /jp/, and yet I cannot deny most fujoshis are annoying as fuck.

>> No.8314064

Far too lewd.

>> No.8314073

Yeah, lolita is basically a sexually fetish more or less, from what I've heard.

Cosplay is just basically a way for femanons to meet guys or something.

>> No.8314076

Well, shit.

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You're starting to understand the /jp/ mindset.

>> No.8314082

This reminds me of the aya chocolate vomit copypasta.
Also the greentext stores that ended with Then you throw up

>> No.8314092

I don't believe that the number of girls who are into cosplay or gothic lolita because they want to look cute is zero.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1124x783, almosthere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I decided to give it a try.
Any resemblance to Soul Eater characters might not be a coincidence at all.

>> No.8314094

>2. /a/
>4. /u/
Holy shit, NOPE.
>900000000000000000000 /u/
>9000000000000000000001 /a/
This, ftfy. Seriously, /u/? #4? Fucking feminazi shit.

>> No.8314098

/y/ should be 2
/cm/ should be 3

/a/ and /u/ should be a '''few'' plases lower

>> No.8314100

>Yeah, lolita is basically a sexually fetish more or less, from what I've heard.
Not really. Is it attention whoring, yes. Is it attractive to guys? Not really. Is it attractive to girls? Yes. You should see the lesbian and bisexual threads they've had in the past... They're kind of bad and really kinky.

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/jp/ is getting to be a strong contender.

I just love it in general. Especially when they stop and stare lovingly at each other.

>> No.8314103

I'm actually scared now.

>> No.8314106

The most obnoxious ones are Yuri fangirls, trust me.

>> No.8314109

They ruined Nanoha.

>> No.8314110

All with in the same hour. Sounds legit

>> No.8314111

We dun nid boyz xD

>> No.8314113

Come to think of it I haven't seen /jp/'s resident anti-yuri crusader for a while now. I wonder if he left.

>> No.8314117

without purity what is there

the onl y absolute in this world is depravity

>> No.8314119

The reason I hate /u/.
Women always ruined everything.

>> No.8314122

If I cosplay as Abe will you let me fuck you in the toilet?

>> No.8314125

Girlz powah :3

>> No.8314129

Probably portaled. I'd love to see his face when he realizes that all Touhous are gay.

>> No.8314131


How was Nanoha ever ruined?

Only thing that got close to ruining it is Force.

>> No.8314135

/jp/ I am so sorry
I linked this thread to /cgl/ to see if they knew anything about it
I'm so sorry
I caused this shitstorm

>> No.8314138


>> No.8314140

link to link please

>> No.8314141

Smart thinking champ.

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>>that pic combined with that text

Holy HELL Anon your posts are so moe.

Anyways I'm still reading through that /cgl/ thread, but so far it mostly feels like the usual "younger people trying to get their lives in order" type stuff. I'm not seeing much in the way of bitches and whores really. Most people in that thread were either in a committed relationship already or really wanted to be in one.

Then again I'm a nearly 28 year old virgin, so what do I know about relationships. Still though I'm happy to be alive every day and I hope other people also get what they want out of life.

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File: 65 KB, 850x850, 1307842300452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel terrible...
I'm so sorry, /jp/...

>> No.8314146

Meanwhile, in /cgl/, nobody actually cares.

>> No.8314148


>> No.8314150

As a male yurifag, I can say the same. Just take a look at /u/ or /a/ tripfags. Shin and Cirno?

>> No.8314153
File: 60 KB, 600x399, zunbar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do you feel the need to say the word fag over and over again? Are you in the closet or somethin'?

>> No.8314157

>Anyways I'm still reading through that /cgl/ thread, but so far it mostly feels like the usual "younger people trying to get their lives in order" type stuff. I'm not seeing much in the way of bitches and whores really. Most people in that thread were either in a committed relationship already or really wanted to be in one.

Ya I see it the same way.
It's not like are saying stuff like
"Haha I love nerdy guys because cheating on them is much easier and I love seeing how pathetic they are when I break up with them xD"

>> No.8314165

Every time I get a whiff of /cgl/ it makes me remember girls I knew that cosplayed and realize just how sick they all were. I didn't pick up on it at the time, but going back I know they were truly monsters.

>> No.8314171

Oops, I don't mean to offend you

>> No.8314232
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I'm just really frustrated with cosplay and lolita as a whole. I don't understand why it's now such a popularity contest, and why people need to be so mean to each other... And it crosses over into real life.
It's just so frustrating, saddening, and upsetting. I just don't know how to explain myself.

>> No.8314250

What are you expecting from attention whores?
This is because every decent place of the internet hates them.

>> No.8314316


You got it, and you reached that conclusion yourself. Welcome to /jp/

>> No.8314385

Girls who watch anime are garbage tier women.

>> No.8314410

>>I don't understand why it's now such a popularity contest, and why people need to be so mean to each other...

Me neither. I don't know much about lolita, but I always saw cosplay as just another way to express how you're a fan of something. Sorta like drawing fanart or making music.

People just turn it into something more than that because they're just sad people I guess. But not all cosplayers are like that of course. Also 4chan/anonymity tends to bring out the worst in people who can't handle it (like I remember seeing in /cgl/ how they constantly stalked some fat cosplayer) so it's just best to stay away from there anyways.

>> No.8314430

Don't a lot of these 'cons' have so called after parties where everyone meets up and 'raves' to that techno music? Sounds really fucking autistic to be honest. And apparently the girls at these afterparties have a lot of sex with a lot of guys.

>> No.8314441

It's no more autistic than any nightclub, and no, the sex doesn't happen nearly as much as you think.

>> No.8314443

>People just turn it into something more than that because they're just sad people I guess

Now you are being a bit too hard on them I think.
Every person has to cope with loneliness and the hardships of life, some people deal with it by seeking attention on cons or on /jp/ by using a tripcode

>> No.8314451

Are you serious? That's very untrue. Where are you getting this from, doujinshi?

>> No.8314454

>where everyone meets up
I've been at afterparties, the people there were visual-kei junkies. There wasn't a single decent female around. My friend was overjoyed because of all the underage girls though, that's a real pedo for you.

>> No.8314468

Nah despite the popular opinion surrounding trips I really don't like attention. Which is why I probably wouldn't be any good at cosplaying.

Would probably hyperventilate and pass out from people asking for a picture and such.

>> No.8314479

I do realize that not all tripfags are attentionwhores and that some of them are basicly legit posters who pretty much only have a trip to find friends.
Not like I mind that, I had a trip for that reason once too.

But why would you have a trip if you want to avoid attention?

>> No.8314503

You say you really don't like attention, yet here you are posting with a trip and people are replying to you.
You are getting attention.
So stop the act and just be the tripfag you always dream about.

>> No.8314554

I'm not so sure about that. Don't girls in general find it really hard to go without sex? That would explain why there's so much female promiscuity at these conventions.

From what I've heard, girls go kind of "crazy" without regular sex. For us guys, fapping is more of a release, but for girls they go sort of mad without it, even if they schlick and stuff.

That's why women's whole lives revolve around sex, talking about it, buying sex toys, reading books about it etc.

>> No.8314574
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don't you have a token yuri thread that gets 4 replies to make? even /v/ copy&paste gets more serious replies than yuri threads, dipshit. keep trolling yourself into tears.

>> No.8314588


Yeah, apparently females get hysteria when they go without sex for too long.

>> No.8314601

>all the underage girls
Tell me more.

>> No.8314603

There's honestly no easier 3D girl when it comes to sex than underage weeaboos at cons.

Really. None. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. They all have daddy issues too.

>> No.8314620

>easiest girls in the world
I still wouldn't have the courage to say anything. I would watch her go off with some guy in a Naruto outfit, and I would ;_;.

>> No.8314624

Yuri is sort of... pure though.

>> No.8314628

>I'm not so sure about that. Don't girls in general find it really hard to go without sex? That would explain why there's so much female promiscuity at these conventions.
I think the promiscuity is more about weeaboo girls with little confidence wanting confirmation through it, and some attention whores who get money for it in one way or another.

>From what I've heard, girls go kind of "crazy" without regular sex. For us guys, fapping is more of a release, but for girls they go sort of mad without it, even if they schlick and stuff.
Females and males are more alike in this way than you think. Girls get release from schlicking as much as you do from fapping, the ones that know how to do it anyway; quite a lot of women don't know how to masturbate though, and in these cases sex may be their only way to get orgasms. A lot of women are the opposite and can't come during sex, only during masturbation.

>That's why women's whole lives revolve around sex, talking about it, buying sex toys, reading books about it etc.
I think it's more of a cultural thing where many women (and some men, just think of all that penis enlargement spam and stuff, this isn't limited to women) base their self-worth on the success of their sex life, see the insecure weeaboo girls I mentioned above for an example. This also varies between countries, I think, where I live it's actually kind of taboo for women to talk about sex that much, it's seen as a men's subject that is too dirty for women or something.

Anyway, women just have the same organs with a different setup. Female sexuality isn't as mysterious as it is made out to be.

>> No.8314629

What I (>>8314454) wanted to mean was that I've only seen junkies going to afterparties here. Those kinds of people whom you just wonder what the hell are they doing at a con. J-music fans, gothic and lolita fans, low-powerlevel girls with their normalfag boyfriends and all kinds of scum. The vast majority of girls who cosplay anime or /v/ characters or just simply watched a decent amount of anime don't go to these parties.
However you can find "normal" girls after the major events ended, wandering around or just spending time together after sunset, not wanting to leave the convention grounds. That being said, I was unable to capitalize on this, because people tend to be in groups and stuff.

>> No.8314636

I thought you were a Tory, athens.

>> No.8314638

>Girls get release from schlicking as much as you do from fapping

No they don't. Schlicking and getting and orgasm that way doesn't give females the same feeling of release as it does for us. Unless they get sex it kind of builds up inside, male sex drive is like a hair trigger, female sex drive is like a freight train, it just builds up more and more momentum.

>> No.8314649

>I think the promiscuity is more about weeaboo girls with little confidence wanting confirmation through it

Have you ever known any of these girls?

Do you think their transgressions should be forgiven?

>quite a lot of women don't know how to masturbate though, and in these cases sex may be their only way to get orgasms.

Do they just go out and find random men then?

>I think, where I live it's actually kind of taboo for women to talk about sex that much

Where do you live?

>> No.8314659

This is what men actually believe.

>> No.8314673

My understanding was always that there's a big overlap between ravefags, lolitas and weeaboo chicks in general.

It's almost like some girls just flit between subcultures as a way of giving themselves a sense of group identity.

I suppose I could be described as a Tory circa 18th century.

Obvious femanons. Gtfo.

>> No.8314698

geez, you're so gay. yuri is drawings of two girls you mongoloid. there is nothing pure about drawings. why do all you omega losers have such a fixation on purity?

you losers probably haven't even talked with a woman. women are catty liars. since when is being deceptive and manipulative pure? fucking stupid betas. you guys are the worst.

>> No.8314702

>Have you ever known any of these girls?
Yes, I've known girls like this.

>Do you think their transgressions should be forgiven?
Hard to say... a lot of these girls have problems, but everyone is responsible for their actions, and a lot of girls with problems don't go on to do stuff like that. I think it's a stupid and irresponsible thing to do, but wouldn't judge them for it openly, since they have enough problems as is.

>Do they just go out and find random men then?
Some might, but in general, no, since it isn't a very effective tactic for getting what they're going after to begin with, as a random partner probably can't make them come. Many don't want to risk STDs or pregnancy from random sex either, so what they go after is a relationship, even if they might not care that much for the man other than the sex. This results in some pretty crappy relationships, especially if the man is actually in love with her while she's in it because she can't bother to buy a vibrator or something.

>Where do you live?
Northern Europe. I don't think that kind of a culture is a good thing, though, the women end up really fake/pretending when they can't talk about stuff with the real words.

>> No.8314704

>Me: Hey, there's going to be an afterparty. I've never been in one and I'm kind of curious what it'd be like.
>My friend: lolu, shitty jap music and disco scum, fuck off
Next year
>Me: I'm going to check out the afterparty.
It was a situation worthy of a thousand facepalms. Anyway, from what I've seen most girls had somebody they came with or quickly got somebody to go home with. 13-14-15 year olds, smelling and drunk in revealing outfits. You really need to lower your standards if you want to catch one of them though. I was unable to do so.
I once met a girl, albeit a little fat one, with powerlevel comparable to mine, but I blew my chances.
Just don't tell her your phone number and stuff. I imagine it'd horrible babysitting them after the con.

>> No.8314708

Go back to your PUA nonsense. Not all women are like that.

>> No.8314712

I wish I was autistic or religious enough to give a shit about women being sluts. You faggots have fun whining about your waifus not being pure and shit, while everyone else is getting laid.

>> No.8314722

It can't be true, it's not on Sankaku Complex!¹

¹ Note to people lacking a sense of humour: this is a joke.

>> No.8314723

I've always wondered. 13 year olds going to cons and having sex with guys, is that because fatherrs are too lethargic and liberal or is it because the authority of the father just doesn't exist anymore?

Seems like most girls don't really respect their fathers these days, which is a shame.

>> No.8314734

I'm from the UK, and really it works in reverse too. Here girls are very open about sex, and kind of... "loutish" about it too? When you look at American pop culture too, you've got young teen girls and even preteens singing songs containing very obvious euphemisms about giving head and stuff like that. Seems like we're too open about it to me.

>> No.8314736

pua? what the hell are you talking about, beta. you never had a girlfriend, you don't have a sister, and your mother doesn't have a sister or female friends.

some people aren't liars? my goodness. you're such a genius athens the mongoloid. that rule applies to people in general of both genders, but women are generally a lot more catty and manipulative. saying "yuri" is pure is a signal you're a clueless autistic mongoloid with zero social awareness. back to watching anime and revel in your delusions.

>> No.8314753

If I was a mongoloid the chances are I'd have a much higher IQ than the average caucasoid and a much higher IQ than the average negroid.

Mongoloids are the smartest. Even Mongolians have an average IQ of 100.

Something tells me you're butthurt about reasons besides yuri being considered pure though.

>> No.8314759

Damn, cons are about kiddy-cartoons. The parents don't know jackshit.

>> No.8314765

Well, parents should know that cons are basically places where their daughters go to meet men.

>> No.8314770

another excellent show of your mental prowess and experience in general. you're pathetic. enjoy your life.

>> No.8314776

Yeah, it's kind of messed up everywhere, isn't it? The whole western world seems to have a really unhealthy relationship with sex. Our culture tells our children that they should party, get intoxicated and then have sex with a random person, and that this is how they'll be respected/popular/wanted, and meanwhile adults panic about having any contraception education for children. It's just crazy, all of it.

>> No.8314783

>you've got young teen girls and even preteens singing songs containing very obvious euphemisms about giving head and stuff like that.

That's why I laugh at people who say Japan is fucked up.

America and the West is way, way more fucked up. By many orders of magnitude.

>> No.8314803
File: 162 KB, 533x799, 5904bd1c0d112a261e93ba5547a02584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She dresses like a whore, most Comiket cosplays are whorish cosplays that appeal to the crowd with an almost blatant prostitution strategy. How is she surprised?

>> No.8314823

Girls who watch anime are whores. What do you expect?

>> No.8314844

So supposedly /cgl/ did some ranking of the males they'd most like to date on 4chan per board, and /jp/ came in last whereas /fit/, /fa/ and /mu/ came in top.

>> No.8314847

That works out well, then, since /cgl/ is at the bottom of our rankings as well.

>> No.8314851

We have rankings?

I mean, all girls on 4chan are sluts. /soc/ are even worse than /cgl/, and /cgl/ already have an average of 7 sexual partners.

>> No.8314858

Because /cgl/ is an accumulation of whores with a fable for hipstershit.

>> No.8314868

Women are shallow whores who only care about looks? Color me surprised.

>> No.8314886

Average looking girls like /cgl/ are only allowed to place such a great emphasis on looks because guys can be so desperate and sex obsessed though, let's be honest here. The reason those frumpy nerd chicks in /cgl/ can afford to go for guys much better looking than them is because those guys will quite happily fuck anything above a 5, even if they're a 7 or an 8. And this gives femanons a false impression that they're more attractive than they actually are, hence why they look down on boards like /jp/ and /a/. It's also why they continually moan about being cheated on, because, let's face it, if a girl who is average is dating an objectively good looking guy (as many cosplayers are), then that guy is going to get female attention from other quarters and eventually find other girls he wants to fuck too.

>> No.8314888

Jeez, women act like cum is lava.

>> No.8314891

The one con I've been to had a rave, yes. (Or at least some sort of thing approximating one, I've never actually been to one so I can't really say if it was an official rave rave.) Can't speak for the afterparties though since I didn't stay for them.

>> No.8314905

Laboratorist here.

I have to handle assorted fluids from many different people a day. If anything my job has taught me, is that you do not want to touch other people or their secretions/waste unless you are 100% sure they are not diseased.

I have seen too many horrors to keep this paranoia away.

>> No.8314942

To all the nerds saying she overreacted - how would you feel if some fat asian dude ran up and threw his jizz in your face?

>> No.8314953

suck his cock, dude

>> No.8314960
File: 31 KB, 334x338, Boner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8314962
File: 106 KB, 600x600, 1304353288151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Did you forget where you are?

>> No.8314965

Like ejaculated into his hand and then threw it?

>> No.8314984
File: 15 KB, 147x150, 1324350366074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8314996

No, combat ejaculation. These guys can shoot loads of cum at short intervals, for maximum spread and reach. Think faceless men in Touhou doujins level.

>> No.8315008
File: 111 KB, 453x599, 1304594135329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just give me a sec to put this pretty dress on.

>> No.8315039
File: 1.11 MB, 1124x783, improved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, this thread is still here?
So I shall post an improved version of the picture that i was working on earlier.
Is she closer to 2D now?

>> No.8315053

Fucking whores.

>> No.8315063
File: 11 KB, 344x135, 1322982284737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh Christ how horrifying.

>> No.8315069
File: 1.11 MB, 1124x783, improved2.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to change the eye color.
But it did not work very well because i'm too lazy to adjust the parameters correctly.

>> No.8315084
File: 238 KB, 800x600, c22df146e5b449a3852c7714d646adcf03e33cce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oh, /jp/, you always know how to turn me on.

>> No.8315088

It's not like they're virgins that never had an asian guy cum on them before.

>> No.8315100

You're more than a little soft in the head if you think that makes it OK.

>> No.8315116

I just don't see why you have to make a big deal out of something these sluts have done dozens of times before.

>> No.8315137

>I masturbate
>Therefore it is OK when someone strokes my dick

Disregarding the fact that you are a retarded misogynist and that semen can damage clothes or transmit disease, your logic is flawless.

>> No.8315139
File: 1.11 MB, 1124x783, uguu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uguu version.

>> No.8315147

I wish I'd saved those distorted Hina faces for this moment.

>> No.8315157

From wikipedia

Psychological aspects

A recent study has suggested that semen acts as an antidepressant in women, so that women physically exposed to semen are less likely to suffer from depression. It is thought that the psychological effects of semen are a result of its complex chemical make-up including several mood-altering hormones (testosterone, oestrogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin and several different prostaglandins). In a scientific survey of 293 college women it was also found that those who did not use condoms were most likely to initiate sex and to seek out new partners as soon as a relationship ended, suggesting that the chemical dependency to semen creates a "rebound effect". The effect of semen on a male sexual partner (as the receiver of semen) is not known.[25][26][27]

See, he was just trying to cheer her up.

>> No.8315161

>semen can damage clothes
A lot of stuff can ruin clothes, I don't see why you should freak out about it.

>transmit disease
Highly unlikely, unless she ate it or rubbed it in an open wound or something.

It's not like the guy raped her, he probably didn't even touch her.
This is just some whore overreacting for sympathy.

>> No.8315162

Women love swallowing the stuff that comes out of our dicks...

>> No.8315174

Why are you getting mad over something that didn't happen?

>> No.8315178

Just as a curiosity. From the same article:

In some cultures, semen is attributed with special properties of masculinity. Several tribes of Papua New Guinea, including the Sambia and the Etoro, believe that semen provides sexual maturation among the younger men of their tribe. To them, sperm possesses the manly nature of the tribal elders, and in order to pass down their authority and powers, younger men of their next generation must fellate their elders and ingest their semen. This custom commences among prepubescent males and postpubescents.[50] This act may also be attributed to the culturally active homosexuality throughout these and other tribes.[51]

>> No.8315181

Did it really happened?
I was there from noon till about 3.
I couldnt have missed such a hilarious event.
If it did happened, that guy is a hero every /jp/ers should follow.

>> No.8315188

He was trying to fend of the beast but forgot his sword at home, so he used his penis.
What a noble knight

>> No.8315198

>it's OK that some random fuckhead damaged her clothes because it could've happened in another way
>it's OK because transmitting disease is unlikely
>bullshit bullshit bullshit
Your post in a nutshell, I'm done with you.

>> No.8315277
File: 79 KB, 396x584, 84497e8dbd65e5c98b17164947f358f6705a4841-700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She obviously wanted it

>> No.8315366

You know, that anon never said it was okay.
He merely said everyone is overreacting over something stupid like this.

>> No.8315406

And now you know why.

>> No.8315456


ahhh sugoi desu ne?

>> No.8315511
File: 109 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lr06u2uXur1qg9hca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8315530


great game, really

>> No.8315611

Then why do I like to see girls in frilly dresses?

>> No.8315669

>bad and really kinky.
i want to know more

>> No.8315674

>Is it attractive to guys? Not really.
What the fuck am I reading?

>> No.8315683

>Is it attractive to guys? Not really.

>> No.8315689

I for one love the lolita style.

It's so frilly and delicate looking~ So kawaii~

>> No.8315702

Lolita is indeed cute. But it's still something of a sexual fetish more or less.

>> No.8315720
File: 87 KB, 500x667, 1325068504725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It can be fetish material but then anything could be.

>> No.8315766

Yeah but the girls themselves are usually fetishists with daddy issues. That's what I mean.

>> No.8315782
File: 313 KB, 452x559, 1315728092393.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

B-broken girls are the best though!

>> No.8315793

From what I've heard broken moe translates into 3D like a total trainwreck, even more so than everything else.

>> No.8315873

Who's talking about 3D?

This is /jp/.

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