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You are browsing /jp/ in your room when suddenly your computer shuts down, you can't boot it up.

What do you do?

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make a shitpost on /jp/ asap

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I woke up to this a few days ago. Now I'm stuck on this old piece of shit without my vast image collection.

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Get on the laptop and ask >>>/g/.

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cry. probably draw for a couple minutes then get bored and masturbate but find that i have no lcd screen displaying nude 2hus and thus i cant get off and quit in frustration. fantasize about suicide then decide "i'm gonna go on a walk!" in a triumphant "i dont need computers anyway!" kind of manner but after i put my shoes on i get an anxiety attack and realize that im just being drunk and stupid and outside is bad. then i just lay in bed for a couple hours remembering every dumb thing ive ever said in social situations until i fall asleep.

please don't die, computer...<3

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This thread was just on /v/.

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I'll use my laptop.
Are there people here who only have 1 computer?

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I have other computers

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Pull out my other computer.

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use my other laptop or PS3

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Run a few tests to work out what's wrong, then fire up my laptop and buy replacement parts.

I back my shit up. Don't you?

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yeah, I'd use my laptop.

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In all honesty, I'd probably just go to bed.

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I would have a fit of rage, masturbate furiously and cum on the walls, smash my cpu, go to the neighboor's house, smash his face, rape his daughter, smash his daughter face, rape her again, set fire on his house, run to the woods, wallow in the dirty, eat live bugs, climb a tree, run back to the city, find somewhere high, climb it, and then jump to my death

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