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Time for some law.

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I hate Shikieki and i hope Komachi takes the day off as i kick the Yama to the Sanzu river

And i got nothing to contribute to this thread, i had that ''I AM THE LAW'' picture of Eiki but i can't find it and now i'm shitposting and that makes me sad.

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Here you go.

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what is yuuka doing with that stuff

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She makes a fine woman.

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Yuuka-nyan is NOT lewd.

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Why is she so cute?

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because of those delicious legs

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Legs are sexy, not cute.

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Wriggle thread

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Because you can imagine her reactions to your compliments, especially about her appearance.
>My legs are... what? Cute? Idiot! Don't be such a pervert or I'll punish you!
>(What is this feeling...?)

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>Legs are sexy, not cute.

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That's more like it.

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My heart!

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I may or may not have lost the ability to differentiate

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it's the hat

it's always the hat

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I used to be a boob man. Thanks to Eiki and Wriggle I've also become a legs, thighs, and ass man.
Combine them all and premature ejaculation.

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Don't let her hear you say that. She'd be crushed to know she inspired someone to more sinful.

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Is it a sin to adore a beautiful woman? Because she is indeed beautiful. If adoration of beauty is a sin, then I'd go to hell for adoring her.

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That's so corny even I want to slap you.

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There's nothing wrong with a corny line every now and then. It can be romantic at times, don't you think?

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...she'll let you off with a warning this time. But don't do it again!

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Lewd Shiki?

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I can't promise that. How can I make a promise not to admire her when she's so stunning?

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I hope there's a special hell for your kind

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I will gladly go there for her if that's what she wishes.

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Eiki is my #2 Touhou I'd want to catch me jerking off

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Now I want to read a doujin where she catches the guy trying to relieve his pressure in secret and feels horrible for it while she realizes it's a natural need and lets him know it's okay to feel like that.

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is number one youmu?

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This is my fetish. Too bad I don't know what the fetish is called though.

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why would it not be okay? Almost sounds like it's from a mothers point of view

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Not from a mother's point of view, but from a woman who realizes that maybe sex isn't bad or sinful when even those with great morals still have to have release.

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No, see pic. Youmu is the one I most want to catch masturbating.

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The law can be pretty lewd at times.

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Sounds like a motherly person, maybe a big sister type. You'd only find that feitsh in shota however.

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She makes a good moralfag too.

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Why is it so arousing to think of a moralfag character catching you and then helping you out just so you can still work effectively, okay?!

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What about holding hands, Is that too lewd as well?

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The only thing I can come up with is that you like secretly kinky goody-two-shoes characters.

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Well, I don't like slutty characters, so maybe not kinky types.

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A goody-two-shoes character can be kinky secretly but still a moralfag at the same time you know.

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Well I can't think of another reason why they'd willingly do something they actually don't like. Any better ideas?

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I want Shiki to catch me masturbating, and punish me for doing such perverted things.

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Thinking it's the only way to help the person is to help them release, then realizing it's not so bad after all.

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If the palms are sweaty, yes.

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It's called "Lawful Neutral".

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I think it's the tension there, and also with a sexy character who is opposed to sex, and cracking that. Also, conflict is exciting, so you don't want it to jump right to sex, you want that first part where they yell at you and slap your penis.

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What ever happened to romance? It doesn't have to be begrudging or unwilling...
does it?

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Now I need to go find some Eiki doujins, thanks.

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Funny, I always imagined Eiki as some fat annoying bitch. Probably because I can't beat her no matter what.

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What about petting?

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Hope you're ready for a lot of rape

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That would be a closet kink.

This is a fair thing to expect.

Hell no that is the best kind.

I will return later.

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Isn't kinky just another word for slutty?

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Nope you can be kinky and slut or both, but there different thing in of them self

also post more lewd.

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Do you really think Eiki, queen of moralfags, would be a closet kink?

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How lewd do you want the images to be?

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you'd be surprised. As long as it is between lovers and not to cause serious harm, there would be nothing wrong with it. Of course, there IS the matter of going too far...

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Why is there no making sweet love doujin for Eiki? She needs at least one

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Disrespect the law, and you disrespect me.

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Zecchou Saiban.

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the slutty adventures of minazuki noumu's faceless male. I feel better about the whole thing if I treat him as many people rather than one person

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Link for that?

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The lazy should be punished.

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Lewd but classy!!!

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why'd they cut out the half with the tentacles?

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Wings of Yuri doesn't do tentacles. Good thing too, I have them on a blacklist so I would have missed this one.

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But... as lewdness increases classiness decreases.

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Not if she's only intimate in private places with the one she fell for.

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would you look at that, consensual and everything. Komachi's down for a good time

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Like this?

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English Title: If You had the Power to Wander into Gensokyo
JP Title: もし貴方が幻想郷に迷い込む程度の能力だったら

Artist:Minazuki Noumu

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But Eiki isn't.
That doujin is weird. Komachi lets Eiki get raped? Weird, weird, weird.

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Too loli. Needs to be taller and mature, not much about her chest, but showing off her legs and thighs.

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Oh wow. Oh wow.

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Is something wrong?

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Tall, mature Eiki is a lot better, but sadly there isn't a lot of lewd images with her like that.

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Don't care much for tall, but maturity is nice. I don't like an Eiki that's constantly upset at her chest size, for example.

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No, really, is something wrong?

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I would like her to have a somewhat flat chest, nice legs and tall height, and be proud about it.

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This is when it gets too lewd.

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Her legs are by far the best part.

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I l-l-l-l...

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I dunno, she seems pretty happy with who she's loving.

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Tall Eiki is dumb. Short Eiki is far more versatile.

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Don't be so sure...

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Don't be so sure...

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This kind of Eiki is where i think she's a beauty

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Isn't it embarrassing when you forget to wear your panties to work.

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Even if she's a judge, she's still a woman.

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I'm not sure what you're implying...

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If she didn't wear such a short skirt, she'd have much less of a problem with this.
What kind of judge uniform is so revealing anyway?

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Aaaahhhhh! Stop it, this is too lewd!

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Something lewd probably.

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She should just not wear a uniform at all, that would solve the problem of it being too revealing.

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Even as a judge, you're still a person with dreams, desires, wants, needs. One need most people have is affection.

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Oooh, ok. Thought you were someone else.

...you're probably right.

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This is the lewd thing that i don't mind. bare back is beautiful

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The rest of her isn't beautiful?

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To be fair, she wouldn't even need to wear pants while at work.
Not that I'm suggesting you should think about that for a surprising amount of time.

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She is. But there are some ways that make her even more and that is one of it

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But sharing is a virtue, you'll be punished if you don't share.

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She'll share plenty. But not this.

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What's going on here?

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Looks like they are having some tea after a dip in the hotsprings.

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So thats how the Yama make butter. I was wondering since they dont have goats or hows in the netherworld. I wonder how much they would sell it for?

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So thats how the Yama make butter. I was wondering since they dont have goats or cows in the netherworld. I wonder how much they would sell it for?

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To cute! TO CUTE!!

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Oh, god. What was I thinking with that filename?

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You wouldnt eat Yama butter, hand churned? Or are you ewwing at the thought of goat butter. I do that my self.

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I don't have any more sexy Yama. But that's ok.

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No, I would not.

>> No.8312851

Yama butter makes me think of Eiki chained up in some dark, dank stall, hooked up to a milking machine and stuffed full of vibrators and stuff.

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Here you go then.

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this thread frightens and confuses me

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She looked like she was having fun. I dont know why you would think that. Perhaps you were mistreated as a child?

>> No.8312872

tits are way to big.

>> No.8312878

I mean just from the phrase. I don't even know what picture you mean.

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Perhaps this will be more to your liking then?

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/jp/ at their local yama

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>N-n-n-n-now see here. Today is a day where one makes and gives chocolate to a male that has been of service, so... Well, that is... umm... Oh, r-right! Komachi! I heard about this from Komachi! I, I thought that it would be rude of me to not show some appreciation for someone who has been helping me so I threw something together hastily. H-h-h-h-hurry up and take it already. Since it was done at the last minute, the shape might be kind of strange. It was most definitely not because I spent the last few days learning like crazy how to make it or anything, understand!? The shape seems unsightly because I didn't have enough time! O-o-o-of course, the actual shape itself has no special meaning to it whatsoever, OK!? The book I consulted on how to make this happened to suggest that this was how it is usually done. U-Umm, well, I'm going to repeat my intention to confirm that there's no misunderstanding, all right!? I'm doing this purely out of appreciation only and going along with the custom like everyone else by giving this to you! ...Eh? Giving Valentine's Day chocolate indicates that a male and female have affection for each other and acts as a symbol of confession? I-I-I-I at least know that much! ...Ah! ...Err, no, I mean... god! If you're a man, then stop nitpicking all the little details, shut up, and accept this already! ...Umm, you want to hear me say it? ...Argh, FINE! I like you!

>> No.8312897

>exhausted after a hard butter churning session.

Its so cute how she puts all her effort in to her work.

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I like a socially awkward eiki as much as the next guy but I prefer her a little more gruff and quiet

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Too cute not to keep.