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Mod is back and deleting/banning all loli from /a/, show your appreciation by dumping loli on /a/. I dont even know what I was banned for.

Its not like most of you have any use for /a/. But if you let this happen to /a/, Touhous will be next. 90% of touhous are loli.

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reported for frog loli.

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But you seem to be somewhat misguided, this is /jp/, not /a/. We don't have to care for underage problems like those here, we barely even have moderation.

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go to hell /a/nimals

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I would just do it to piss off mods but I can't post pics.

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/a/ barely had moderation until yesterday.

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Don't like it? Go somewhere else.

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You can so and stroke the fire. Just find anything loli related and say you are reporting it. It seams to be working and pissing off the mod.

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I wish /jp/ was moderated so shit like this would get deleted and banned.

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Not only would anyone ever touch /jp/ (since it's supposed to be a dump of the bad stuff that was in /a/, like loli), but technically there's only 1 confirmed loli in Touhou (Akyuu) and like hell is anyone posting pics of her at any given time.

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Go post your loli in /c/.

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No one is going to kill touhou, moot knows this.

Also /jp/ doesn't even like loli or 2D girls exclusively, we like 3D women that are aged appropriately that are secure with themselves and are empowered.

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Loli? Is that what /a/ calls religion?

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>New Text Document.jpg

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I haven't posted on /a/ since /jp/ was created and I'm not going to start just so I can get banned. Fuck off with this shit.

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Nobody ever touch /jp/, since it's supposed to be a dump of the ''bad'' stuff that was in /a/, like loli and Touhou, attacking it would release its content in other areas.

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Doesnt appear that mod has the ability to ban anyone from anything but /a/, you should be safe.

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Since when?

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Fucking fag kicked me for 3 days, such a cunt. We only wanted him to deal with the accelspam

Oh well, going to the beachhouse with family for 2 days, so no internet anyway. Fucking candyass

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I don't give a shit. I'm not doing anything for you guys, especially if all you're going to do is spam this place forever.

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Since always, /jp/ is not full of shameless pedophiles that like 2D little girls. We aren't horrible people like the misogynists on /a/.

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I honestly want to know, what is the appeal of /jp/? What keeps you guys here rather than in /a/?

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Contray to popular belief, there aren't more lolicons on /jp/ than on /a/.

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The longer it continues the more /a/ overflow is going to end up on /jp/ and the more likely that Moot will send a mod over to ban all touhous for being loli. Suit your self.

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I already said that I don't give a shit.

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/jp/ prefers huge tits

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Not like you have anything better to do than to aggravate a wonderful shitstorm.

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/c/ is full of preteen girls who regularly have Naruto dumps and spam worksafe loli threads.

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Making excuses aren't you?

Moot made this board to REMOVE the Touhou stuff from /a/.

Removing that would cause the undesired thing to spread to other boards.

There's more loli in /v/ than here, even.

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Just pruning some of their low hanging fruit for New Year's

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Moot would rather have us not exist than give us a mod. The overflow is painful though, I fucking hate /a/ and I wish ever person who posts on /a/ would be perma banned from /jp/.

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You are talking for yourself.

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I have better things to do than to get involved with some stupid drama.

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Mod bans more sfw loli than he does accelerator posts.

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I wonder what /jp/ (or even 4chan) would be like if people who posted on /a/b/v/ were forbidden from posting on other boards for a certain amount of time.

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Illegal immigrants, go back to your own country. Stop shitting up ours.

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The only thing spamming the board does is hurting the board. The retarded mod already flip flopped. It's enough. Idiot mods are a dime a dozen.

No need to act like European Muslims and burn down your own neighborhood in protest.

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Good thing Yuugi is a grown ass oni.

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/g/, /jp/, /tv/, and /m/ would be so much better. Hell, even /sp/ wouldn't be so shitty.

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I just took a look at /a/ looks like it's being raided by /v/ or something trying to undermine the mod in some underage imagespam fashion.

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Time to abandon /jp/!!! Let us all go and post on /bun/.

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Its the only other way to get anything done, you can only email moot so many times.

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Or /a/ could go there. They could easily overpower the two users and make the site their own to post whatever they want on.

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/jp/ does often talk about hags instead of lolis as well.

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I think the only person who would ever be swayed by that post is someone from /a/.

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Many jpers actually think that this board is better than /a/.

But the OC and Comiket make up for the trash posted here.

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/jp/ would be /jp/ - Just /Prog/

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Mod is banning all comiket threads to.

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That's kinda of like your problem

Won't happen to /jp/ either and even if it did,
we'd just leave to better places

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That's why we originally came to 4chan, unfortunately it's as bad as everywhere else now.

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Reported. Shut the fuck up and stop being a bunch of pussy girl scouts.

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If they're posting NSFW doujin covers the mod is in the right.

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Actually they arnt. Any mention of c81 gets banned.

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Somehow I feel as if a small amount of people are blowing this out of proportion.

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I don't want to discuss anime. I don't want to see greentext. I don't want to see dumb memes. I don't want to see reaction images. I don't want to browse a board where that the average user of is either some cynical fat guy who is depressed that he is not "normal" and wants a girlfriend.

I want a place to discuss my interests with people like me. /jp/ seems to do that perfectly.

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There's like 2 or 3 C81 threads right now.

>> No.8307208

That's a shame, then. At least Comiket discussion is welcomed here.

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Ask me if I give a shit.

>> No.8307217

Do you give a shit?

>> No.8307215

And I give a fuck? We have our sources and discussion for C81 stuff.

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Deep down in their hearts I suspect a lot of /jp/ is just the kind of person you mentioned, although they'd never admit it. Aside from the legitimately autistic folks.

>> No.8307225

>I don't want to see greentext. I don't want to see dumb memes. I don't want to see reaction images.

Are we browsing the same /jp/?

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Looks like jaypee is finished. Can't say I'm devastated or anything tbh.

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Not even close,.

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At least we have our homu threads

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Isn't /a/ for anime and manga? I can't see a problem with banning off-topic discussions, so there. Heck, I've given up on discussing those two because of retards like you. It's better to just watch/read your things in your silent peace. Now kindly go back and delete this thread on your way out.

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>Oh /jp/ we always shit all over your board, but we, like, totally need a favor.

You reap what you so buttfaces, you made a board for normals, now deal with rules made for normals.

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So why can't you keep it in /b/? All /a/ is nowadays is an anime-themed /b/. It shouldn't be that hard for you.

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No. Not a SINGLE FUCKIN' shit.

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It learned its lesson. You can stop your "revolution" now.

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As I understand it, it seems the mod is deleting discussion of anime with loli themes as well, not just imagedumps. Anime discussion is well within the realm of /a/.

>> No.8307247


It's totally getting blown out of proportion. The mod said NSFW loli threads on /a/ were banned, I don't see what is so hard to understand. The people getting banned for spamming Yotsuba were banned for being jackasses.

>> No.8307244

Then I suppose you better learn to live with it.

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We hate lolis with passion in this board, we don't want pedophile perverts from /a/ , so please tell everyone at /a/ they aren't not welcome here and if they come here all their posts will be reported.

>> No.8307258

>loli is still loli, swf or not

Say that again? Kinda hard to to defend the mod when the mod is deleting and banning anything loli related, sfw or not.

>> No.8307261

>We hate lolis with passion in this board
Fuck off, asslick.

>> No.8307262 [DELETED] 

This mod isn't new, he banned me for allegedly "posting loli outside of /b/" a couple months ago for twenty fucking days. The picture wasn't NSFW nor did it have any sexual connotations. I actually thought the ban was a mistake, but then they rejected my appeal as if I was a shitposter moron.

At almost the same time, an actual shitposting friend of mine got a one-week ban for "posting off-topic." If that wasn't bullshit enough, the ban reason even stated it was his 29th offense. I also saw a recent twenty-day ban screenshot where the ban reason stated that he had broken like ten global rules including "don't post loli/shota outside of /b/." So I guess this means nine of those don't count?

You know you can't go in the IRC to complain, because they'll just tell you to "enjoy your ban, sick inane trolling pedo scum!" and kick you. E-mailing moot goes without saying since he obviously hasn't given a fuck about this site in years.

>> No.8307274

DFC ftw, loli is leejun xD, etc

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touhou doesnt get posted on /a/

if you want to post loli go to 7chan /cake/

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I wish that mod would come over here and delete this shitty thread.

>> No.8307285

Perhaps he will, along with your vn threads, touhou threads and figure threads.

>> No.8307286

>shitposting friend of mine

Why are you even friends with someone like this? I am being 100% serious. Why? Surely he isn't learning anything from you.

>> No.8307291


Who elected you fucking Representative of /jp/?

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Reported at the speed of light

>> No.8307294


The retards from /a/ who come to this board, post touhou on /a/, there's an autist posting flanfly at 2:00am.

>> No.8307296

I sincerely doubt that a mod would delete threads that /jp/ was literally created to be a home for.

Don't try to play the same card with loli on /a/. /a/ was not created for loli.

>> No.8307299

>I don't want to see greentext. I don't want to see dumb memes. I don't want to see reaction images. I don't want to browse a board where that the average user of is either some cynical fat guy who is depressed that he is not "normal" and wants a girlfriend.
Then why use /j/?

>> No.8307300

It's silly how the mods won't do shit about nsfw for a long period of time but every once in a while they'll start cracking down for a bit before going back to not giving a fuck for another year.

Damn it, do your job all the time or don't do it at all. 4chan's mods are a joke.

>> No.8307302

You have thousands of members on /a/, idiot. Just shitpost in unison on /a/ and then see what happens.

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One wouldn't think that Yotsuba threads would get deleted and banned, or Usagi drop threads.

This picture is banned on site.

>> No.8307306

Prove it.

>> No.8307309

ohh I will but I am banned for an hour.

>> No.8307310

Where's that idiot that spams shitty rap songs when you need him?

>> No.8307311 [DELETED] 

I've know him for years.

I'm also deleting my posts to escape the inevitable threadban.

>> No.8307318


Perhaps he worded it wrong. He said later that loli fap threads were not allowed, threads about loli anime characters were ok. As I said the people getting banned now were for spamming loli threads. 35 Yotsuba are not necessary.

>> No.8307319

>Yotsuba is sacred. Mods do not delete Yotauba thread. If a Yotsuba thread without any other rules violations gets deleted, it was the thread's OP. Posting Yotsuba porn is a way to get banned for a long time though. Now quit whining.

All the mod said is that sexualising lolis, which has been bannable outside of /b/, is bannable. That's it. Cry more you faggots.

>> No.8307324

Go back to bed kid, you are not fooling anyone:


>> No.8307333


>35 Yotsuba threads

I need to stop drinking.

>> No.8307336

Thats not what the 600 sfw loli threads that were banned last night say.

>> No.8307337

If only moot hadn't betrayed us for his shitty jewish overlords we wouldn't be having this thread right now.

>> No.8307340

see >>8307324

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Nigga, my gun go off!!
You see tha barrell turnin'
You feel tha hollows burnin'
Nigga, now you learnin'

Nigga, my gun go off!!
Call it attempted murder
Nigga I'm trynna merk ya
When I come back, bussin'

Nigga, my gun go off!!
Don't trynna say I'm trippin'
When I get to flippin'
Then I smack tha clip in

>> No.8307360

Actions speak loader than words. The metathreads didnt start until after he started banning sfw loli threads. During that time he also banned completely innocent threads.

>> No.8307367

Its nothing new or unexpected for a nsfw loli thread to get deleted and banned. Its been happening for years yet you dont see shitstorms about it. Doesnt take a genius to see that the mod abused his power.

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I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
They don't stop
I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
They don't stop
I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
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I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
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I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
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I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
They don't stop
I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
They don't stop
I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinnas
I'm rollin'

>> No.8307375


I'm sure you would have done the same if you were in his place. Now, to find a decent refugee board...

>> No.8307377

mod sure is a dick

>> No.8307383

Ive been looking for an alternative for 4chan for years, there is nothing worthwhile. The only good alternative was not4chan.org but since that died when it went away fro the first time and never recovered.

>> No.8307384

Hardly, unlike moot I at least have a sense of honor and loyalty.

>> No.8307385

Yes and? What do you want? A public sudoku?

Time to stop shitposting kid, get over your butthurt.

>> No.8307386

If I land dubs /jp/ will help you.

>> No.8307390

I like 99chan for it's Gentleman's Club board but it's pretty barren.

>> No.8307393


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>> No.8307398

Shitty meta whiner's prayer was absorbed by the darkness.

>> No.8307402


also all this mod drama shows how much a shitplace /a/ has become

>> No.8307406

>implying /jp/ doesnt do the same thing.

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>this thread

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jp can just take over iichan. It's the best fit in my humble opinion. The rest have a fatal flaw of one kind or another that I don't feel like getting into. iichan's only flaw is a lack of users, which can be overcome rather easily.

>> No.8307427


/a/ does not like change. Anyways, I thought that happened anytime a mod shows up. Back when MD Geist said he would save /a/ by banning K-ONs, the storm lasted a while.

>> No.8307434 [DELETED] 

dubs if mods ar

>> No.8307435

The mod is even enforcing Global Rule #8 right now. NO ONE enforces that.

>> No.8307442

czech em'

>> No.8307450

Funny, I've forgotten what the rules are (aside from the underage b& one) because no one has really ever given a shit. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

>> No.8307451

Are you kidding me? Seriously, was that supposed to be some kind of joke? Staff enforces that rule all of the time.

>> No.8307452

Don't get cocky, everytime the 4chan board interacts with the /jp/ community the shitstorm doesn't end after 2 weeks.

>> No.8307461

Kids are still off for winter break so two retards have been whining about the mod banning bannable material. Did you have to shit up /jp/ with this too though?

>> No.8307467

Every board has had its own crazy mods, stop shitting up other boards and handle it yourself.

>> No.8307468

Normally, I don't care about what goes on in baka baka /a/.

But since it's causing people to stumble over here and crying "doushio, onee-chan", I'm beginning to get frustrated.

>> No.8307477

Stress is bad for your hair you know.

>> No.8307481


It's the rule where you get banned if you discuss moderation or board policies. Apparently you can be banned for mentioning mods, like I was.


I've made dozens of threads whining about moot and his inability to run the website before, but I've never been banned until today.

>> No.8307485

>but I've never been banned until today.
Maybe you're just getting better at bitching.

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You can go back to bed now buttmad onii-chan.

>> No.8307541

>enforced consistently
Who the fuck am I quoting?

>> No.8307552

Sounds good. As for more consistently, I doubt mods will start deleting loli porn dumps before the dump is over after the shitstorm is settled.