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Why is spring so godlike?

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All it needs is Franken Fran now.

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Holy shit an MC with a fatagonist

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Take it to /a/. Reported.

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you crossed out Uppotte? you have no soul...

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Crossing out Azazel?
You better be trolling, boy.

And Medaka Box is fucking awful.

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>Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Actually worth watching.

>Medaka Box

Only worth watching once they reach the Minus Arc.


What? No.

>Accel World



You know what, just kill yourself.

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I'm not sure about Saki with all those normal looking girls and no Nodotits.

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>Accel World
I think I just forgot to cross it out somehow

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No Dog Days 2? When is that going to air? Well at least there's more Fans&Zombies

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That's not everything. Still a few months away after all.

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was it really announced?

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/a/'s been banning everyone, we have to come here

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A few months back

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Already thinking about spring ? I still don't know what I'll watch this winter...

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The world will have ended by the time the blu-ray comes out.

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Dog Days 2 has been confirmed for some time, I thought before it was supposed to be spring, but looking at the official site I can't find any specifics after all.

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Still no news of the new Hidamari Sketch season

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>not going to watch new Saki
I seriously hope you guys aren't going to do this.

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No Nodotits no watch. And it's a spinoff so there's no Mikotits too

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The only possible reason to leave Medaka Box not crossed out is for tits. I have faith that this is your only reason.

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I don't give a shit about any of this anime but I'm DEFINITELY going to watch the new Saki, spinoff or not. So thanks, /a/, for making me aware of that.

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But Saki was below average.

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I thought it was a pretty good sports animu

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Oh boy.
More sluten wannabe.

Homunity will purge all these sluten.

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