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Can I still become a traditional wizard if I had a blood transfusion from a Jew, or should I study Jew magic instead?

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ask jewnes

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Qabalah a shit

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Tell me of your Jew magic.

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The Jew blood will interfere with your Christian qi, you're going to have to get baptized again before you can release your full power.

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You have another person's blood inside you? That's like having someone else's semen inside you.

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What a fuck? He could be a muslim too.

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You should learn Jew-Jitsu instead.

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Jew magic is good, but not practical.
It's like having only the ancient magics in runescape.

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Jew blood acts as a power-up for wizards. It'll allow you to make gold out of thin air, and summon golems to kill your enemies.

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You don't need magic to lie, cheat, and steal.