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>tfw you play Persona 4 because it makes you feel as if you have friends

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I ignored my friends to fold cranes in my room all day.

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Isn't that why we play all the stupid shit we play?

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No, that's what I play VNs for.

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I don't need software to pretend.

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Persona 4 is like a pseudo-VN anyway

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Fuck off back to >>>/v/ and >>>/a/

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take it easy, nerd

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Fuck you

Don't tell me how to feel

You're not my therapist or my mother

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Is it worse to have "friends" that don't really know with you don't feel close to or being totally alone and having imaginary friends/VN friends?

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OH GOD I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.Though I am still getting through the game I love it. I spent 4 fucking hours in the first dungeon or even more time there.

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It's best to have friends who also play VNs about having friends. You can talk to them about ANYTHING.

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I find it too awkward. I always cry when I finish VNs I like and I just couldn't stand to talk about it with people face to face.

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why would you want friends? friends are not good to have.

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Having friends is a good way to keep mental illnesses away.

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Who are you quoting?
Who is the guy in the picture quoting?

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I just want friends to play games online with.
I don't want to play with random Russian kids anymore.

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Could be worse. I only have friends that only want to play games I don't like, such as Lineage 2 or sf4/mahvel. Not even friends make grinding through 1000 bear butts in a 20 year old game bearable.