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Can Keko be the part of Homunity too?

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My PSU is fucked so now I'm stuck on a laptop without any homu pics to reply to this thread with.

Can my life get any worse?

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Post the hell yeah motherfucker with homu

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Never go full Homu

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homus are homo

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What if you had the same problem but lived in a third world country?

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I'd be used to having a shitty life so it wouldn't be as bad.

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Fuck off with your "homunity", you damn spergs. You're making actual fans of Akemi Homura like myself look bad.

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Secondary detected

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dont argue with them, its not going to change anything
clearly being a retarded majority ruining everything is much more fun

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I read it like
>You're making casual fans of Akemi Homura like myself look bad.

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Who the fuck is homu?

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If I told you, I'd have to homuhomu...

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Fuckin jp

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