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Stay out of Kuroko threads Jones

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I want to murder Jones in his sleep.

AoC will follow.

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reported to the /jp/ police

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t-that's not me, dude

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AoC actually does think that I want him to die. He said that to me in IRC, calmly explaining that he had me on "manual ignore", whatever the fuck that is.

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Get a trip already, Tokiko.

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Wait no it was "barf"

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How is #fart

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A trip with a -secure- code.

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Why should he use #secure ?

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It can't #behacked

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i'm going to test this

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true tokiko does not use a tripcode

do not listen to false tokiko

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Every Tokiko is fake.

The real Tokiko died 2 months ago in a freak accident with a TriMet MAX train.

I was there, and I saw the body, or at least what was LEFT of it. There was no way Tokiko could've survived that crash. His torso was in one place, and his ass was in another about half a block away.

So I don't know who these guys are, but they aren't Tokiko.

Unless his restless and vengeful spirit is haunting /jp/.

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Enjoying creating rumors about yourself Tokiko?

You are the worst cancer that has plagued /jp/, worse than Bawson, /bun/ and KoG.

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I'm not tokiko I'm just a shitposter that likes to make horrible shitstories

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Tokiko doesn't live in Oregon, not even close.

Try looking for a man in Alaska, assumed name Jacob Seth Kern.

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Only one Kuroko releated post...a new low. ;_;

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All of the other Kuroko guys left /jp/ because it's so awful.