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Gentlemen, why don't we mourn the death of /a/ by discussing quality shows?

What do you think of the Nichijou re-airing?

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Mawaru Penguindrum was great. Go watch that.

Get out of /jp/.

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>Death of /a/

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reruns keep the station alive.

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I hate Nichijou after Sudo got to it.

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There's only really three or four good anime released a year and there's not really much to say about them. I don't get why anime gets an entire board devoted to it.

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Stop bumping your thread, OP.

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also this

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/a/ died years ago, what's left to mourn now?

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What the hell happened to /a/?

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Err I guess it's the whole loli banning bullshit going on right now.

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No seriously get out OP. Stop trying to force drama. Reported for spam.

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That mod needs to come here.

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Go fucking read global rule number 8. It doesn't look like you did.

Off yourself.

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Retarded namefags don't even know about nokosage anymore

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Basically a nigger from /soc/ is now a mod, and is busy banning all anime and borderline ecchi threads while allowing things like normalfaggotry and the accelerator spammer to thrive.

/a/ has gone the way of /v/.

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What's the problem? You can't deny that the loli shit has got a bit out of hand on /jp/.

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They actually banned Poplar?

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Making threads over and over again doesn't mean that shit's out of hand. A lot of ADTRW old-timers come here. A lot of /a/ shitposters don't.

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Is Tokiko having an autistic meltdown?

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>ADTRW old-timers
All of them awful, minus MrVacBob-sama-kun.

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suck my balls

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What would you even come to /jp/ for if you don't like lolis?

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Last Exile threads on /a/ are pretty good. Only reason I ever go.

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The old hags and all of the in-betweeners?

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>accel spam
>one fascist mod

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posting like an ass is alot of fun.

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Nichijou sucks, kill yourself.

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It seems like we may get new /jp/ AKA /a/ sister board

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Bring back /l/

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Moot doesn't like Loli so I dun think that will happen

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>What do you think of the Nichijou re-airing?
I want a season two instead.

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Did you really just bump this?

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People are free to bump whatever they please, Hitler.

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Sudo always bumps off-topic threads with an anime reaction image and greentext though.

Why he loves to make such low quality posts is beyond me.

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I just woke up, so it's new to me.

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Ah, fuck you Sudo.

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The new mod is a female from /soc/ that sucked moot off for a mod position. She deleted a Yotusba thread and banned the OP for posting an image of a loli. She banned a poster for posting poplar stating she is underage therefore loli. She deleted a Ikamusume thread stating it was loli therefore it belonged in /b/.

There, all cleared up.

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Sudo died in Afghanistan.

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My cock died in your ass, dude.

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And then here he starts up with the spam. Reported.

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I wish Sudo wasn't such a jerk.

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You can go ahead and tire yourself out. I'll be here for the next 20 hours.

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I'm logging on SWTOR shortly, so I'll be stopping then.

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Sudo, can you please oink for me? Just once? My kids love all of your movies, and it would make their day.

My youngest son even said yesterday, "When I grow up, I wanna' be just like Sudo!"

Me and my family thank you for being such a great role model!

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Nobody asked. Nobody gives a shit.

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I wish I could leech off the government as good as sudo...

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I care. I even subscribed to Sudo's twitter.

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lol @ /a/ nerds getting buttowned 4 lyfe by the mod

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When Sudo eventually commits Sudoku, I know you'll vry too ;___;

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wryyyy xD

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Epic doobs

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i loled so hard EPIC

*high fives*

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>my mfw face when /a/ users

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Sup Mitch, what are you and the boys doing tonight?

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Eh, Sudo isn't all that bad. I wish you'd attract your hate to Tokiko.

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>mfw azoonyan

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Uh, her name is Azumeow

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sucking cock

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3DS and sucking cock


pic related

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>Azu Cat

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3 bowls of butthurt for /a/ users

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About time they cleaned up that board, pedophilia is wrong.

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The new mod is called Julian hahahaha

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It's true, pedophilia just being a mental illness is misleading. It should be a crime carrying the death penalty be default, the innocence of a child is much more sacred than the life of a worthless lolicon.

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To Love-ru is now banned from /a/, it's good that it's a /jp/ approved franchise.

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I wish there was a way I could campaign against lolicons more effectively, it's already illegal to view 2D loli (which is a gateway drug for underage rape) in sane countries. Why can't rhe USA do the same?

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Great, that means more anime fans will come over here!

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>Im 15
>In bible camp
>Girl in a wheelchair, who is actually fucking hot as fuck, is sitting in her chair next to the the sports field
>I go up to her and ask if she's ok
>She says yeah, but obviously she's a bit bored to being able to play
>I get a tennis ball and we throw it back and forth
>Later on she texts me from her lodgings (girls and boys in separate areas) asking if I wanna meet at sunset
>Meet the chick, she's folded her chair and is sitting on a blanket so she doesnt seem broken
>2 hours later we're kissing, I tear her clothes off and undress, and fuck her
>It's really hard to control her legs while im on my knees thrusting, as they are flopping about in my one free hand
>Camp leaders come close, I say "Fuck, run" and run away
>I later realize she was disabled and she was lying there naked when the bible leaders came round

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ITT: Why Azusa is being left out of the third series of keion

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All reported.

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>reporting ura-on

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stfu fag

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>mfw buttowned f/a/ggots can't masturbate over little girls anymore

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So /jp/, I've been thinking about this show most of you like, I have some things to say, consider the following:

First, robots. I know they call it a near future but piloted humanoid machines and sync rates just won't be around that soon. Also one of the pilots (that dumb loli with messed up personality) ended up being somehow the main character's mother? The fuck? Then the MC is an undeniable faggot. He keeps a close relationship with this other faggot friend of his even knowing they might kill each other eventually. Yaoi homolust fanservice. Do we really need 22 minutes of emo cry for every person close to him that he unintentionally harms?

I can't blame him for being so disturbed, but even being orphan of mother and away from father since childhood, one can't be this stubborn. His dad is one of the villains, even when all he seeks is to unify humanity and shit.

He's not the only bad character of this series. The girl-in-red pilot is just a generic tsundere that even studies in the same class as the main character. I'm not even citing the blonde robot builder scientist or the woman that lives with the main character and have fucking unhealthy food habits.

So what's the deal with all of this? Epic show my ass. You guys overrate every single bit of it. Even the opening soundtrack is idolized. Stop screaming Jibun Wo and accept that Code Geass isn't that great as you think.

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Ura-On is a great example of why the Japanese cannot do standalone comedy.

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Whats the difference between a joke and three dicks at once?

You're typical /a/ browser can't take a joke.

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You're a great example of homosexuality.

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What? Don't you mean Neon Genesis Evangelion/Cruel Angel Thesis?

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Just knocked
the fuck out. >>8303781 go write about it on Fagbook you homo.

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>Christmas eve dinner with extended family
>forced to sit at the grown up table so I can't talk with 13 yr old male cousin about vidya, even if it's about call of dooty
>hot cousin that I guiltily fantasize having sex with sits across from me
>never talk to any girls or leave the house unless its for fast food
>being feeling nervous which also triggers me to get gas frequently
>constantly avoiding eye contact with her and mainly stare at my plate
>"Anon" she asks, "could you pass the parmesan please?"
>penis instantly begins swelling, gas is almost reaching capacity in my rectum
>"..h-hai ____! "
>while sitting, I reach for the parmesan in a dramatic fashion and at the same time tuck my boner between my thighs with the other hand. A little trick like a magician would do
>as I stand up to lean over and hand over parmesan she remarks "haha Anon you're too quirky"
>boner instantly goes from soft wood to raging hard
>boner springs up and smacks my uncle's hand as he was passing the spaghetti bowl underneath my arms
>tray goes flying and hits the floor, tossing spaghetti everywhere
>all small talk at the table ceases and all eyes are on me and my raging chubby
>before I say anything a loud fart rubs between my asscheeks and sounded something like PFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFTTTTFPFTPF
>run outside in treats and take the bus home
>forget I didn't bring my house key
>freeze for hours until parents finally get home
>notice they didn't bring back any gifts my relatives wanted to give me
>they went to bed without saying a word to me