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I am eating...I am eating...curry. Om nom nom, fresh, straight from the cook. It's piping hot and the steam from it burns my eyes a little, the smell is strong, and the flavor intense. "Oh Ciel, please give me some more, i'm still hungry!". I don't think i've ever come across curry as rich as this before, the flavor takes over all my senses. I can't take it anymore, I want more of this spicy deliciousness. I find the place it's coming from, its a hole, and I notice Ciel is looking the other way. The whole isn't big enough for me to use the spoon, but around it is soft tissue. I pull it open and decide to just use my tongue to scoop out the curry. I notice another area near the curry hole, dripping with something, so I taste it. The flavor is that of salty milk and coins, I quickly return to the curry to remove the taste. While eating the curry, I hear a gurgling noise...suddenly a hot gust of air billows out of the hole and the curry begins flowing at an amazing pace. The smell, the taste, the heat, it all comes pouring out of the hole with such force...soon it's all over my face and the floor, I'm slathered in it, enjoying it, loving it. I begin lapping it off the floor. My hands are covered in it, i begin rubbing it into myself. The heat is so intense that it begins to make my penis erect...as the curry pours out, I get closer and closer to orgasm. In the background I can hear Ciel moaning in discomfort.

Making Curry must be hard work.

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suck my cock dude

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Scatology is a dumber fetish than bloodletting.

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I have almost every fetish in the book, but I just can't get into scat.

I've even gotten off to pissing before (although it's generally a lot less appealing when I'm not drunk) but something about shit is just gross, dude. I mean it's shit.

Basically, just suck my cock dude.