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Why is next season so shitty?

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It looks pretty great. Stop being such a Sion.

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>cross out the anime that are guaranteed to be good, Milky Holmes and Kill me Baby
>leave generic harem
It's almost as if you're Sio-
Nevermind, carry on

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Milky homos, kill me baby, and another all look pretty good.

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actually I know its going to be sion fodder but I'm hoping highschool dxd is good because the title reminded me of DxD and that was awesome shounen series that never got an anime.

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>Not watching kuroshitsuji with loli

Who am I quoting?

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Wait, they are doing ANOTHER season of ZnT?

What in the actual fuck

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Fixed that for you

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More Rie is always good

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More Natsume is always good.

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>Highschool DxD
Highschool DxD novel is pretty nice though, but I bet the adapation will be a fanservice anime, so nope.

>Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
Best anime since Princess Princess(?)

>Senhime Zesshou Symphogear
From the thumbnail I thought it was a female remake of STAR DRIVER.

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Take your shitty forced meme back to /a/.

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I made none of these posts.

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Why Sion and Jones so tsundere for each other?
Why Sion always stalk zun!bar?
Why Jones pretend he's not a shit-poster?

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It seems symphogear MC dies in the first episode,

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Because OP is a faggot.

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That one by the Onegai Teacher author seems interesting but has FORCED DRAMA written all over it.

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Who are you quoting, goyim?

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With Natsume and Milky I'll be set anyway

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Do you have no sympathy for 6 million of my people?

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This is worse than the holocaust! Reported to jidf! We'll find out who you're quoting the hard way, goyim. You don't mess with G*ds chosen people.

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You still don't see many Jews in Germany these day.......

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Wasn't there going to be a new Hidamari Sketch?

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Why would you want that?
It was so dull.

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I happen to enjoy 日常 anime

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>Kill me Baby
Just no, manga is boring as fuck

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thasts vomitchan u friggin nerd

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i wish i could predict what anime will be like just by looking at promo art

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Have exceptionally high standards. Congratulations everything is now shit.

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Oh, wait, fuck Symphogear, looks like it's some madoka inspired cheap edgy crap.

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Where are you getting that from? It's not like it's an uncommon setup.

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Someone post an unedited version.

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Episode 1 spoiler >>8303796

I'm overreacting
I still think it's a legitimate concern

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fuk u

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so is the minami kuribayashi character in this gokujyo show related the real minami kuribayashi?

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Misaki is mai waifu.