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>It's time to start your new nice and exciting life

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You're right. I should do another playthrough of Harvest Moon 64.

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2012 is when I'll become a better person.

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>not becoming gaben

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2012: I give up daily masturbation or caffeine

I just can't decide
which yet.

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It's not 2012 until I see the Raditz thread.

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2012 is when I'm finally going to start getting autism bux.

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Dammit Anon, now *I* have to play!

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>2012 is when I'll become a better person.


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>2012: I give up daily masturbation

Good idea. I think I'll try switching from daily to every other day

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This year i will beat all the two hoos .
Enjoy more VN's.
And lose weight.

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>Good idea.

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When I was like 15 and I met this really cute girl at an airport while I was flying home from visiting my aunt. She actually initiated the conversation, believe it or not. We hit it off and ended up talking about 2012 doomsday theories while waiting for our planes. I remember her saying "Well, at least we'll have time to prepare, thats not for another seven years!" and I laughed and thought about how I was going to be a totally different person by then.

Well, I was right. Happy preemptive new year, /jp/.

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Wait -- doesn't the world end in 2012?

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It ended years ago for you.