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Oh wow, after that great Denpa thread we had, one of you fags went ahead and reported rapethelolis channel, and now its all gone.

Way to go /jp/. Now where do I get my denpa?

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You can try the rapethelolis channel

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Check the last thread.

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>You can try the rapethelolis channel

10/10 so funny XD

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10/10 so funny XD

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Oh god, who ever you are you are a true hero.

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10/10 so funny XD

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This is why /jp/ is so awesome. Were else would you ever find these obscure links nobody knows exists.

inb4 it's deleted

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fanfuckingtastic! i would totally suck your cock, dude.

if you could distill music into pure crack cocaine form, this would be it. i can't get enough.

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I don't know if anyone reported it, they were copyright problems if anything.

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That's what he said.

I'm also a bit disappointed that the OP is talking to the rest of us denpa fans like that as well as posting that picture. Maybe regular denpa threads aren't a good idea if that's the kind of person they attract.