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Are any of you homo's drunk?

I want you to know, /jp/, that you're a pretty cool bunch of fuckers, so let's talk about Chen and Yakumo family for a bit.

If you're drunk, tell us about it, and how you feel about the Yakumo gang.

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I was supposed to go drinking with friends tonight but they forgot to pick me up. Such is life and being unable to drive.

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Sure is thinly veiled /soc/ thread.

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Hush, baby.

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Nah, but I will be on New Year's.

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This basicly. You should do this again on new years eve!

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>mfw tokiko is a stand alone complex that has emerged from the context of a community

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I'm not a homo, but I have a really high alcohol tolerence so its not worth it to spend so much money on booze.

I am loving this bottle of codeine I got for this cough though. It didn't seem to make me as dizzy tonight as it has the last couple of nights.

If Yukari was my dad things would be different around here.

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Homosexuality and alcohol tolerance are...somehow related? I know Im weak as hell to alcohol.

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>my music when

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I wish my alcohol tolerance were lower; my SSRIs make it pretty low, but it takes me a while, and my stomach gets upset easily from booze.

Drinking beer and gin and tonics; out of beer, though. Mom got me some tanqueray for christmas, fuck yeah.

So, who's /jp/'s favorite Yakumo member? Mine's Yukari, though Chen is cute, Yukari is just so, so sexy-so mature and gorgeous, in-control and strong...I want to be her bitch.

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Me too.

When I got drunk on New Year's I hit on some guy that was twice my age on IRC. Well, not so much as "hit on" as told him that I'd like to do lewd things with him.

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Christmas, agh, I'm tired.

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>Are any of you homo's drunk?
Is what I meant.

Also that must be nice, usually on holidays or random months my D&D group buys a bunch of alcohol and we'll watch bad movies all night instead of playing. Usually I don't drink so I can drive to get food, the plus side is they usually buy me stuff too. Sometimes they all pool in to try and buy as much as possible to get me drunk. Last time I took half a bottle of pineapple rum before I had to stop because I literally could not drink anything more.