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Pic related.

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um no

Accelerator is a SHITTY BIRD

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At least there's no feather coming out of his head due to inbreeding.

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Since this is a shit thread anyhow, what did you get for christmas Tokiko?

I need know.

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Hey now. Tokiko's head wing is very important. For one thing, it helps give her balance.

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I got a Nook touch, money, and clothing. That's all I really wanted and I had fun seeing family, so I guess it was a good Christmas. How about you, Anon? Get anything good?

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Don't talk shit about head wings.

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I hate you now. I wish I had a happy Christmas. I got a panic attack and a bunch of drunken rednecks running around my house for Christmas.

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She's a CRESTED Ibis. That's her crest.
It doesn't work as well on a bird youkai then it would on a regular ibis, but hey.

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Had to google nook touch but it looks pretty neat.

I just got some money for food/utilities and what not because I'm running low on cash.

Got some of those ferrero rocher's too which are pretty good.

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Panic attacks are awful, I'm sorry to hear that. Did you get to drink anything, at least? I had a bunch of some peppermint vodka on Christmas Eve and had a good time with that. I don't like drinking often but I think I'll finish it off on New Year's. It can help you relax, at the least.

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I can't really drink. Genetics cursed me with sky high triglycerides so drinking, white breads, starches and candies are out of my normal diet. I had a glass of wine, it doesn't interfere with my medication.

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> Nook touch
I thought you were one of these "free software" types?
I can't believe you would pose as one of the most autistic and annoying types of preacher available. That's so low.

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dumbass computer, okay yeah I can't really drink too much do to naturally high triglycerides and medication.