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Would you still love your favorite touhou if she was covered in soft fur?

Remember that this would mean that she would shed all over the place.

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Sure, but I'm a furfag so I've fapped to worse things than that pic.

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Just covered in fur, no tail, ears, or other animal features?
Platonically, at least.

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It's disturbing how far my love for my favorite touhou can go.

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Maybe, i mean she is sti-
>Remember that this would mean that she would shed all over the place.

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epic bad apple reference xD

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Can you feel it? I'm trying to hate you to death. Fuck you.

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Kill yourself

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Your post is an eyesore. Please delete it.

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Mind nothing else, where did Ka move to now. I wish to know.

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You meant to reply to the post above him, right?

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yeah, the end is neigh.

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Meant to reply to both.

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Calm the fuck down, they're just ponies.

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I'll assume OP just got the image from gelbooru and doesn't know. Why is this artist so...elusive

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Mother fucker

It'd be one thing if it was entry-level 2hus but holy shit

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I would

love is a strong bond

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I would cuddle her and say "Who's a good doggie? Who's a good dog? You are! Yes you are! You're a good doggie!"

then kiss her on the top of her head, give her a doggie treat, and maybe play fetch with her afterwords.

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I don't know if the guy even has a website. Maybe it's a girl since the drawings are so cute, who knows.

Even if you don't like furry, it's hard to hate this art since its so damn cute and it's not as far furry as alot of other art.

I think furry Ran and Chen are adorable and certainly match with the normal characters.

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Seeing how people throw a tantrum about ponies here makes me feel like I'm on /v/.
Calm down people, nobody is making shitty posts here nor is anyone shoving ponies down your throat.

Seriously, sometimes this whole furry and pony hate thing feels like a huge bandwagon, or these people are just damn insecure

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Nice try, pony fucker.

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I'm not really in to furry and honestly the majority of furry is repulsive, but this artist's charm is irresistible.

He used to have a pixiv, well before I knew about him. I managed to finally locate him on nico seiga but it was barely a month after that he deleted that too. Its such a frustration, I wish he/she wasn't so sensitive.

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Go back to /a/.

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This is a cute fluffy touhou thread and you people are runing it with pony bullshit.

Imagine how soft Ran's fur is. Just imagine how warm she is when you hug her. She's like a warm breathing piece of down pillow filling.

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Love knows no boundaries.

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Fucking furfags.

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Neurotic furry hate is just a meme, people who do that in one thread rave about bestiality in another

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Bestiality != Anthropomorphism

Know the difference, it might save your life. Also, yiff in hell faggot.

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They look so warm

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Are there any furry pictures for Rinnosuke? I'm curious.

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>Bestiality != Anthropomorphism
Yeah, and I didn't claim that. I implied that people have the double standard of hating furry but liking real bestiality.

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How the fuck is it a double standard if they are completely different things? Stop being a dipshit and kill yourself.

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Furry is disgusting shit.

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You seem heavily emotionally involved about this.

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so's your 2d loli waifus according to the general population

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X Furry
O Kemono

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Imagine how awesome his stuff would be if he drew real loli and not this furry crap

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What the hell /jp/

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I don't see the harm.

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I would.

Not awesome, but pretty good.

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>Remember that this would mean that she would shed all over the place.
oh no

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brushie brushie

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Noooooooo, stop liking things everyone hates or else our board reputation will go down the drain!!!!

Jokes aside, I think I'd like those full fur pictures by this guy more if they would wear clothes too.
This is kinda lewd

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Imagine how awesome it would be if he actually stayed in one spot for more than a month