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I'm playing Artificial Academy. Just started a couple hours ago, got through the installation fine, and now i'm just wondering what the fuck am I doing.

I've read the entire wiki and a couple of hongfire threads, but I'm still missing some points, and some very basic ones like:

>I didn't get to chose my player character, so I got stuck with a girl with affable personality.
Now I have no idea which girls are homos or at least bis so I can get it going

>I found a really hot Empress type girl (picture related), i've been following her around for two days, and almost every action we do together goes over 100% (at least on the first tries, after repeating they tend to go lower). But, whenever I try to confess, it always goes to 0%, does that means she's a homophobic and doesn't want to show her tits to me, or should I keep trying?

Also, I installed the "romanization of names" in the english patch, but all the names look like shit and garble, is this a real issue or am I just a dumbass? Also, the text is a little bit garbled too, but is readable nonetheless...

And, before anyone asks, the links to download are here:
Merry Christmas Fapping

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Also, the statue just told me that "It must be love" so...

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if u havent switched to japanese system locale do so, it might fix the text issues

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Oh god, I forgot I changed to USA when TF2 kept crashing...

Thanks for remembering me

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Get a tool named JGSaveEditor071. It is very detailed, and will let you see stats, relationships, tastes, skills and edit them as well.

It is quite handy when you want to set an scenario.

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b-but... that's cheating! I wanna earn the love of my waifu!

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Anyone know anything about how to discover the sexuality of the girls? this interests me too and i'm not a samefag :)

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I'm not telling you to cheat. I didn't. I'm just telling you how to see what everyone is doing, more detailed than the statue.

I was surprised when this sporty chick was +600 fucks with assorted men in the class while the rest remained virgins. Oh boy.

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But... but it's right above your post!

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>spotty chick



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That feel when all the girls in my class love me.
Pic related, it is me.

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The default shy girl is downright devious, feeling up girls and then running to MC-kun for a good ol' fashioned fucking like rabbits.

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You like blue eyes I see.

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This thread, its like im back when the game just came out.

Posting, me as the little girl.

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I would have used other eyes colors but their iris was not pretty bad.

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Why did Illusion tease us with a game like this, only to go back to making shit games?

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Artificial Academy is pretty boring if you ask for sex, but playing as the the little girl and teasing everyone around until they get sexually frustrated enough to actually work up the courage to fuck you on their own initiative was incredibly arousing.
Though no matter what personalities I gave the guys, they always tried to confess first and I had to turn them down multiple times to make my casual harem. Maybe I tried to get along with them too much. Can you get someone who doesn't like you very much to still want to fuck you?
It's sad though, this game could be so much more - even including such a minor change as an ability for the NPCs to rape others if they were teased and refused enough would make it so much better, but the whole game feels more like a basic framework something great could be built upon. Too bad it's never going to be improved.

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that's why you should learn programming

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No. Just fucking no. Rape is boring as fuck. All it does is lead to that mind break bullshit, and at that point it's not even rape anymore.

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you could just use aamaker/aaedit that came with the game to check...

i'd check for you but that character doesn't seem to be in the standard official character roster

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I want them to rape me, if you didn't manage to gather that much from what I wrote.
I'm trying, okay.

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>I didn't get to chose my player character, so I got stuck with a girl with affable personality.
Everyday before you go to school you can change the character you're playing by opening the classroom window and just clicking on the character you want to play. The yellow star should move to the selected character.

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>first day at Artificial Academy
>walk through the school gate
>cute girl runs up and greets me
>instantly fall in love
>all the disappointment and pain I suffered through my high school years are a thing of the past, I will finally have the school life I've always wanted
>figure the rest of the class will be just as nice
>walk into class
>try talking to a few girls
>almost all of them act like bitches and tell me to fuck off
>this isn't what I asked for ;_;
>a few are nice but they seem naturally disposed to be nice to everyone
>Try not to let it get me down and ask the class to do some activities together
>they all ignore me
>feel completely embarrassed
>I want to die
>this really is high school all over again
>but there is a ray of light in my dark abysmal life
>talk to the first girl who spoke with me
>she's very receptive
>no one else even acknowledges my existence
>spend all my time with her over the next few days
>she is my goddess
>I'm completely in love
>finally call her out to the courtyard to confess my love
>tells me I'm not good enough for her
>Just kill me now
>Run away
>Apparently I look very depressed since several people tell me to cheer up
>cling to them
>slowly try to build my relationships and make some friends
>suddenly the first girl starts following me around
>interrupts my conversations with other girls

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>maybe she regrets rejecting me
>talk to her again, spend tons more time together
>tell a lewd joke
>she tells one back
>sexy music starts to play
>realize she wants to fuck
>would have never figured it out without the music
>thank whoever is playing it
>take her to an empty classroom
>try to come on to her
>I would try to jump off the room, but she says it's because she doesn't want to do it in such a public place
>ask her to come back to my house
>she accepts
>we fuck
>this is the happiest moment of my life
>confess my love for her again
>tells me I'm not the one
>I feel so used
>I'm just a tool
>go to the school roof the next morning
>I can't even jump
>I'm forced to continue living through this horrible nightmare

High school is suffering ;_;

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>sexy music starts to play
>realize she wants to fuck
>would have never figured it out without the music

also struck me as odd that girls were more likely to be up for a quicky than a relationship, even with high virtue setting
aside from them being angry when they see you sexing up other girls or interrupting your conversations all the time, not sure what being in a relationship actually does

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It's like people don't tailor all the preferences at the character creation level!

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I just download a bunch of characters from anime I like and used those.

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You can still edit them to like characters like yours.

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changing positions in sex scenes at will and without costing a full "bar".

But that's actually bad when you don't want her "fucked silly response" because of a single red bar orgasm.

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Make sure to change your computer to Japanese format.
Like to Japanese clock and currency and whatever, in Region Language & Settings.

Yes, you really have to change it, this will stop text from being jarbled.

Make sure you have the Hongfire Patch.

I don't know what the fuck you are doing gamewise, you probably don't know any of the controls.b

When you make a class, the first character you place will be the main character. But you can change who you play as every morning by pressing the class roster in your bedroom and click a new person.

The percentages are not how much they like you, but just how much they approve of the last action you made. Use the statute to see if they like you. Just study, eat lunch, and talk about clubs/studies and they will like you in no time. Unless they are homosexual, then it's impossible for opposite genders.

And use the damn character creator to make some of your own characters. You can also use it to see if someone is homosexual and even change it.
But if you already have a game going, any changes you make will be null for that game.

Here, have me as a female. You can save these pictures in your character creator data>save folder and use them in game. You missed it when all of /jp/ made characters for each other. At first we made Touhous and other characters, but eventually we started making female versions of ourselves so we could all fuck each other.

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Whats the fun in that? It always feels so satisfying to finally fuck a girl who completely hated your guts a little while ago. Though it is a little frustrating and hurts a little when she starts screaming at you for just trying to talk to her.

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That's also bad since it's boring.
It's somehow much more arousing when a character comes on to you, and you're locked into one position because that's what they wanted.
With changing positions at will you can just go through all of them in a single session, and that gets boring really quick, at least for me.

By the way, the game sure can be hilarious sometimes. Played a lesbian once, got asked by a girl who fancied me to teach her sex. We started fucking right there on the ground by the river, and somehow I managed to deflower her by the way of tribadism. I mean, fuck, I know it's colloquially called scissoring, but it doesn't involve actual blades, why the hell are you crying and bleeding, woman?

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If she's doesn't swing your way she won't like you no matter what you do.

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So you can make your perfect waifu, that's why.

Look at you going around with the default girls and random ones from the internet.

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I guess if she's gay then yeah of course you have no chance. But usually if it's just a personality difference you can overcome it.

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Well ... wish me luck ...

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How do you guys take screencaps? The game's print screen doesn't capture on menus like >>8295791

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Did you get your PC yesterday or something?

>> No.8295883


Well I have a print screen program but the game freezes if I use it.

>> No.8295896

>print screen program
Just get out.
Get the fuck out right this instant.

>> No.8295920


Fuck you, this isn't /g/ faggot. A separate print screen program comes in handy if you just want to get pieces of the screen without having to crop. Not to mention you still have to close the game first in order to use windows print screen so it's basically the same thing.

>> No.8295954

mod where?

>> No.8295971

>Not to mention you still have to close the game first in order to use windows print screen
No you don't.
>A separate print screen program comes in handy if you just want to get pieces of the screen without having to crop
Because cropping takes so much effort, right. But if it bothers you that much, then Windows' inbuilt screen shot utility works perfectly fine with AA.

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As your filename suggests, good sir, you are so fucked. If the personalities of those girls are set properly, there's going to lots and lots of murdering going on if you fuck around.

>> No.8296005


>>Not to mention you still have to close the game first in order to use windows print screen
>No you don't.

Then either explain how I can take multiple screenshots during a playthrough of the game using windows capture without closing after each shot or stop acting like a retard and shut the fuck up.

>Because cropping takes so much effort

It's about convenience you retard. I'd rather just click once and take a piece of the screen than cap, open, crop, etc.

>> No.8296015

Ever heard of the magical function of alt+tab?
And like I fucking said,
>Windows' inbuilt screen shot utility works perfectly fine with AA

>> No.8296036


>Ever heard of the magical function of alt+tab?

To capture just the AA window, you can still only do one shot at a time. You have to close AA and then save it.

>> No.8296048

What the fuck are you talking about?
No, you don't have to close it, you can alt+tab paste it into whatever program you're using, alt+tab back to AA and take more screens when you want.
Are you trying to come off as retarded on purpose?

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Oh, I read that as alt+prtscrn for some reason. You're a fucking dick who shat all over a perfectly good thread with your autism, but thanks for the help I guess ... you delete your posts and I'll delete mine. Deal?

>> No.8296155

Your conceited stupidity is what's the problem here.
Think for a bit next time.
Go ahead, I'll delete after you.

>> No.8296188


>Your conceited stupidity is what's the problem here.
>didn't know about alt+tab
>all the retard had to do was say it from the start
>instead went HURR DURR YOUR DUMB XD

No, the problem is that you seem to be an autistic retard who is very insecure about his own intelligence so you have to resort to pointlessly insulting people and winning internet victories to boost whatever tiny bit of self-esteem you have left. Well, enjoy this one kiddo, but next time I hope you take it to /b/.

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What I want to ask is, what are you angry about? You deserved each and every insult that went your way after all, shit-for-brains.
Accept this, and move on.
Or get off /jp/ if you're so fucking delicate that people calling you out for being retarded offend you so much. Don't come here expecting to be spoonfed every time you don't know extremely basic shit.

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>what are you angry about?
>retard seriously thinks anyone is mad

>You deserved each and every insult that went your way after all

>rambles on about irrelevant retarded shit

The irony here is that you have your panties in a bunch and have the nerve to call someone else mad. Stay insecure retard. You sound like a 12 year old throwing a temper tantrum.

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Yeah, you're gonna need it

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It's ironic, all right.

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