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Why cant we do this? ;_;

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Because everybody threw such a cryfest last year, the OP never visited this year.

Me and a couple of other tripfags were going to start it up ourselves but the board is in such shitty condition right now due to constant shitposting, we haven't even bothered.

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Go ahead, nobodys stopping you

I actually have a picture prepared but I'm not sure If I'd really want join this waifu parading

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Most of us don't want to end up in the inevitable youtube video and shit. So go to /a/ if you want to be the part of the other crowd.

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I was expecting it this year, it's always fun to see these.

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Because these are all normalfags doing it as a joke.
I don't want to associate myself with that trash.

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That's inevitable, really

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>Me and a couple of other tripfags
They are waiting for you in /a/, anon!

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Last year newfriends trying to fit in got angry at Christmasfag so he won't come anymore.

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But but but, that's shitty /a/ behaviour!

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You realize we are pedophile manchildren and you should take it easy and have fun, right?

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last time we did it some power hungry ass was judging all the submissions and people needed to suck his cock to get in the collage

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/a/ ruined it by doing it "ironically."

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The people that do this aren't pedophiles, they are normalfags that think waifus are jokes.
They do this as a joke, they aren't even serious about it.

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Maybe, but you need to take it easy or you are just as bad as they may be.

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Do you realize when you do that, you are asking for attention like a fucking /a/ retard right?

Nobody cares.

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It's less of joke/ironic than it is the typical "trying to fit in" behavior.

You didn't know? recently it's really cool to be otaku and shut-in with no friends and imaginary girlfriends

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>recently it's really cool to be otaku and shut-in with no friends and imaginary girlfriends
In which country is that?

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Why bother showing everyone your powerlevel?

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>he thinks waifu shit hasn't always been an in-joke since pre-split /a/

Oh neo-/jp/, you so silly.

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I still smile like a mad man when I remember the waaahbulance sticky from 2009. It was glorious when you guys got the boot.

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>recently it's really cool to be otaku and shut-in with no friends and imaginary girlfriends
you would know

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on /a/ and /jp/ I guess

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You can always go back to /a/ and join them.

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You can go back to where you came from, since we've done this before and it is only angry new people like you who get pissy about having fun.

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I thought it was because nobody is starting one

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Have you missed all of the master race threads where people brag about NEET and treat it as a status symbol instead of a government designation?

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Oh shut up. You obviously want to embed your otaku ronery image into "4chan's history".

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Not at all, I'm saying we had fun doing this over the last couple of years. Nothing to do with "ronery" or any other shit. Say that to the nerds in the this thread who think liking 2D makes them elite.

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It just doesn't work outside the net.
Actually, it works only in a small part of the the internet.

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If you're going to shitpost, can you stick with the glory hole threads? At least those are arousing, unlike this /b/ level shit.

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Do people just grab some food, take a picture of their monitor and call it a day? There's one or two with only a monitor visible in a pitch black room

Fuck those are terrible, /jp/ tradition beaten into the ground.

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Because /a/. Reported for /a/ shit.

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I decided to just get drunk and play that new Baseson game instead.

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>Say that to the nerds in the this thread who think liking 2D makes them elite.

If you think it doesn't, then you're a normalfag and need to fuck off.

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Let me put it this way, if you think 2D is entirely serious business, you are a stupid newfriend. Yes, I prefer 2D and I'm not interested in people, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun. Saying stupid shit like "taking a photo pretending to eat with you waifu makes you a normalfag" is really dumb.

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I am sick of this competition to be the least normal. Can't we just post Touhou and take it easy?

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Shut the fuck up. This is was always stupid, having waifus is an /a/ related habit.

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I'm going to kill everyone in this thread.

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you shut up normalfag

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>if you think 2D is entirely serious business, you are a stupid newfriend.

This is what normalfags actually believe.

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Last year was fun.

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Super GAY.

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Posting pictures on the internet is the essence of normalfaggotry. Why do you think shit like Facebook and MySpace exist?

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File: 12 KB, 452x430, Motherfuckin Whore Shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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That was a manly christmas picnic that was never intended to be a waifu image.

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My computer's too old. Also, I have no camera-thing.
So, people making these are just random weaboos from STEAM or /a/

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This whole 3DPD business is /a/ territory

JAV, j-idols, kigurumi threads etc. are well accepted here

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you guys are hags

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>JAV, j-idols, kigurumi threads etc. are well accepted here

This is what normalfags actually believe.

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They aren't attracted to real people.

They stay in their threads.

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Please, don't kill me.

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I made one last year. I baked a cake from scratch and frosted it with homemade whipped cream. Then I set it up so it looked pleasing and set the camera's shutter to expose for the monitor and I set the aperture to expose for the rest of the room from the flash. The picture came out nice (in my opinion). Never posted it and I never plan to. I just like to have a record of what I've done. It's one of the few times of the year that I can combine three of my hobbies/interests.

I baked a cake yesterday as well. I'll be doing the same thing in a few minutes. I'm not from /a/ and I'm not in any kind of Steam group. I just do what I do because I enjoy it and like I said, it's one of the few times of the year that I can combine multiple interests and hobbies.

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>They stay in their threads.
You mean ghetto, not threads.

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>This whole 3DPD business is /a/ territory

I will have to report you now. You better depart for a fastboard of your choice this instant.

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Nothing wrong with being a concentration camp. /jp/ is a ghetto itself.

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you are the definition of autistic, merry christmas

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Did you forget where you are, newfriend? This is /jp/. If you don't have autism, you don't belong here.

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Because it is retarded to do something just so you can post it on youtube and be on the sankaku frontpage.
I am just gonna chill here eating a tiramisu and some rumraisin icecream while watching yuruyuri.
The people doing all these collage shit or get mad when they are not included are all attention whore and trying too hard to fit in.

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sick dubs

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There are approx 80% "normal" threads, so what do you want from /jp/ boy.

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My thread was removed for no reason and I didn't even know about similar threads on /a/.

Don't tell that Janitor just got mad because of Saten and Sena on OP-pic.

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>>Christmas with h0mu

I'm green with jelly.

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What's stopping you?

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Just go to your favorite *booru, put her name in, fullscreen a picture of her and you can also have a Christmas with homuhomu.

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Where did they get so much money to buy that stuff anyway? I'm kinda jealous. Not really, actually. They are not NEET's so why should I care.

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b-b-but this is not what I want, I want people to look at my goodies baaww

>> No.8287843

>Where did they get so much money to buy that stuff anyway? I'm kinda jealous. Not really, actually. They are not NEET's so why should I care.

They are typical casuals and getting 10+ figs per month because it's fashionable.

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I want a fig too, all of us want I believe, but it'll cost mine parents too much.
So I stick with dry fapping.

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ITT: True NEET powerlevel contest.

Winner is crowned princess for a day.

>> No.8287854

they exist as venues for which people can find mates and procreate.

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Some of you anons have probably prepared a christmas dinner regardless. It'd be a waste to not have it shared

Just post yours if you went to the trouble of preparing, I'll take the good ones them and make a stitch later

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I don't have a camera and even if I did I'm not the same as most waifufags
yes I am infatuated immensely with a fictional character
you can even say its love
but it is an intensely private matter that I prefer not to divulge to much to people.

>> No.8287881

I also only have a built in laptop camera so the picture quality is too horrible

although I have no problem with sharing like that guy
It's just nice to see who everyones waifus/favorite touhous are

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Sapporo master race reporting in.

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stop trolling for tohus sake.

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Please don't. If you intend to do that then no one will post.

Guy who needed to clean his room from earlier here. Just let it happen naturally, don't be so fixated on the notion of collages.

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/jp/ is full of retards, amirite guys?

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I would, but my monitor looks like shit and I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of any part of my house on the internet. I also don't have a camera

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dude seriously /jp/ what the fuck happened to you guys?

>> No.8287929

Fuck off back to /a/.

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Shut the fuck up autism /jp/ shit!

I hope moot axed this shitty board one day!

>> No.8287939

>Drinking piss in a bottle at all.

>> No.8287944

I've participated the last two years out of solidarity but this year it seems like shit ain't going to get done.

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It's because of all these tryhards trying to discourage everyone
a conspiracy I tell ya

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Same here. Just looked through their chart, I didn't recognize any old face at all, like that guy whose waifu is Tomoyo.

>> No.8287956

So how many traditions does /jp/ have left for /a/ to steal?

No wonder why this board is full of shitposters

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Most people who use the term "piss" to describe beer haven't really tasted anything besides adjunct lagers.

A nice pale ale tastes great.

>> No.8287981

Am I seriously reading what I'm reading in this thread? Christ guys...

>> No.8287983

You mean a Japanese tradition that was discovered by pre-split /a/ and then done on /jp/.

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I made an apple crisp pie and shared a slice with my waifu. There's plenty of pie left. ;_;

>> No.8288046

I'd eat her pie, if you know what I mean.

Except that Kanade is pure and beautiful, so I would never think of doing anything lewd to her

>> No.8288053

Oh shit, I never got Musumaker back since my harddrive crashed 3 months ago.

I can't spend Christmas without Musume to Gohan! I'd better find a torrent, quick!

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File: 1.32 MB, 1200x900, meAndMaiWaifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I considered being lazy and just buying something, but then I realized it'd mean more if I made it myself.

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Good, you better not.

>> No.8288061

Take it to /a/.

>> No.8288062

Not a trueNEET here so I have never drank piss before so I would not know how it taste like.
Care to shed some light on it? Is it bitter?

>> No.8288092


I had two in there, and two in 2009. Good times.

>> No.8288106

Piss is salty. Atleast mine was when I pissed in my mouth.

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Made her some Mapo Tofu from scratch.

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Oh well, most likely adding fuel to the fire by posting here, but:


Would you guys want to be added to the chart as well? Won't add anyone if they don't give their ok.

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>since /jp/ turned into elitist pricks
>it's apparently "too mainstream for us" now.
>I mean, there's even a post insulting the people who have a job and buy figs.
They are so obsessed with /jp/.
Funniest was most of them going

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i have no money for christmas anything this year
i'm going to save up and make up to aya on valentines day if i last that long

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I got her nothing

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She just needed some semen.

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Please add me too.

>> No.8288139

I won't bitch about this one because I like you and it's not some random anime character.

>> No.8288142

How is a random 2hu any different?

>> No.8288149

I know that yogurt...

>> No.8288153

It's not an anime character.

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A hundred posts of arguing later, we're finally getting somewhere..

Here's to you /jp/, stay awesome.

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computer screens a shit

>> No.8288158

Look at that silly tripfag having frames and not using adblock.

>> No.8288162

>bullying BOOF

Keep going

>> No.8288167

Please do. I'd like to look back on this fondly.

>> No.8288173

I hope that guy who loves Tomoyo makes a picture this year.

>> No.8288180

Look at you faggots, jumping onto the bandwagon the first chance you get

>> No.8288183

``It's not like I want to join this stupid shit or anything."

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File: 320 KB, 1024x585, reliant_robin_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Except the bandwagon is one of these.

>> No.8288186

Those are f/a/ggots form /a/.
I would never want my lcd screen to be on youtube or shitkaku.

>> No.8288191

Merry Christmas guys, from the UK. Take it easy this year~

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File: 161 KB, 754x800, b55c716dafa576ce6fa090b8a16c4473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh uh this is last years valentines one i made, dont add this by accident.

thanks, but some random anime character could be special to someone.

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File: 158 KB, 525x583, www.dotup.org2116713.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're always so jovial when I come to visit, /jp/.

>> No.8288215

I tried posting my desktop once, but then it got associated with /a/. And I prepared for that day to boot.

/a/ can take the spotlight for all I care.

>> No.8288225

I think it's a cute thing, but I haven't done it since Valentine's 2010. It was disappointing to see people taking pictures of just random breakfast items, candy, or guitars. But, I also didn't like the arbitrary judging of what is or isn't good, or the silly caste thing, demonizing some people for having '/a/ level' partners.

I'll just share those nice moments with the one I love privately, but I don't have anything against people who want to take part publicly.

>> No.8288227


Understood, you two will be the only ones added from here.

>> No.8288234

Damn how long are you awake already?

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File: 2.84 MB, 1500x5000, poorfags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8288239


A bit over 20 hours now, and 13 hours into the threads. Still feeling pretty good so far, though I assume fatigue will catch up to me in a few more hours...

>> No.8288244

Classy. Did you use glossy paper for that, or what?

>> No.8288247

I bet the pictures on /a/ are shitty. Give me more dedication like that one Minori Chihara fan and that Tomoyo (CLANNAD) guy who ita'd his keyboard, not your excuse of a collage.

>> No.8288251


What threads still exist? I swallowed my pride and clicked through /a/ for the first time in years and I saw nothing.

>> No.8288252

Yeah, I think it was some photo paper for the printer I found around the house some time ago

The frame is a cheap 1 dollar one from the local thriftstore though

>> No.8288262

I see some well thought out ones in there. Looks like there was a large turn out so some shit can't be helped.

>> No.8288270

That remind me, I ordered some photos online because of the weir look I'd had got if I had gone to a printing shop, and it never arrived. I guess they had more to care about than a $3 order ;_;

>> No.8288275

Do you guys accept husbando low quality cellphone pictures? Its all i have, and i've been sharing coccaine with my love Yuichi Onadera all night.

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How to recognize /jp/ Christmas-image:
1. Stylish
2. Shot by Canon 5dmk2 / Nikon d700 or better camera
3. Not some random shitty character from anime on the screen
4. A good fig by Alter or GSC
5. Posted anonymously, deleted EXIF and not a single sign of attention whoring.

>> No.8288278

Bring it to >>>/a/
Nobody here give a shit whether your picture make shitkaku frontpage or youtube top10 video of the day.

>> No.8288281

Accept? Accept for what? No, we're not doing a collage, you can head to /a/ if you want yours to be included. But if you want to share with us, you're more than welcome.

>> No.8288283

TRUE NEETs have no money to buy those things

>> No.8288286

look at all the fake neets in here, it's revolting what /jp/ has degraded into

>> No.8288287

Why the hell would someone here have an expensive camera?

>> No.8288288

Mod went on a rampage and instead of deleting the span he killed the whole thread. I'll make the next just as soon as I put all the images that piled up on the chart.

Also >>8288247
I admit there are a bunch of bad... and really bad images in there. But here's where our views split. I just can't hate the guy because he can't afford the things that other guy used. Love doesn't work like that.

>> No.8288291

And that's why they always have powerlevel contests to see who's the most pathetic?

>> No.8288294

Im not interested in the collage, but my self esteem is so low i need an okay from faceless strangers before i do something. Just... nevermind.

>> No.8288295

True neets don't go to gym and work out like jocks either.

>> No.8288299

Who says that?
My parents would easily pay me for gym If I'd actually go

>> No.8288301

>If I'd actually go
>If I'd actually go
>If I'd actually go

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File: 281 KB, 471x800, 1323997532720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somebody is still holding true to Kohaku. Even in the passing of time, you are lovely.

Surprised I haven't seen any Kotomine, given how his popularity has exploded on pixiv.

>> No.8288307

has nothing to with being neet

>> No.8288308
File: 485 KB, 320x180, 1322971989135.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TRUE NEETs have no money to buy those things

NEET != poor, you can earn money from your parents or like Sudo leeching from the government.
You'll be surprised how some of us have something expensive as fuck but no clothes or some obvious casual crap like a car, furniture and stuff like that.

>> No.8288311

>I just can't hate the guy because he can't afford the things that other guy used. Love doesn't work like that
Yeah, but offering cans of Dr. Pepper is still pathetic. And insulting.

For your hobby of course. Sniping for panty shots.

>> No.8288312

What is the problem?
I cycle instead of taking the train so that I can stay fit and do 50pushup and situp everyday.
Why so fixated on the fat loser otaku stereotype?
fit and handsome otaku stereotype is the new hotness.

>> No.8288314
File: 302 KB, 3000x1688, 1324521186309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why the hell would someone here have an expensive camera?

To shot your figures obviously. I'm planning to save my money to get some decent camera with macro lenses exactly for this.

>> No.8288316

>Why so fixated on the fat loser otaku stereotype?

Hello, newfriend!

>> No.8288318

Okay you're right I was projecting a bit there since my parents don't give me jack shit in the hopes I get a job

there are examples of both cases then

>> No.8288320 [DELETED] 

>Mod went on a rampage and instead of deleting the span he killed the whole thread.
No he just hates your waifus.

<needmorevidya> Spam. it's not accel, the guy is slow anyways: >>>/a/58888960
<I_AM_ABIB> what
<CL1> It's Toumaspammer
<CL1> He has the same script as Accel
<I_AM_ABIB> whatever he's using to cache proxies isn't as efficent or as effective
<I_AM_ABIB> therefore slower
<I_AM_ABIB> also fuck the waifu bullshit go to /jp/ you mongoloids

>> No.8288322
File: 60 KB, 436x425, 1254129580731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you got me, anon

>> No.8288323

I can't believe how much love /jp/ lacks anymore.
Yes, many of those images are jokes.
Yes, many of them are low quality and/or don't have the most thought/money invested, but it's the fucking thought that counts.
You don't NEED to spend 100 bucks on a bottle of wine and make a 200 dollar 3-course meal for her, as long as you're thinking of her and think she'll appreciate it, that's all that matters.

>Canon 5dmk2
What a shitty camera.
Over-priced too.

>Nikon d700
Also over-priced, though less shitty looking.

>> No.8288324
File: 1.25 MB, 1414x2000, 23348228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The more I look at this collage, the more I wish I had given my husbando more than just a slice of cake. Ah well, at least I baked the cake myself.

And there's always next year, I guess.

>> No.8288325

>/jp/ related

>> No.8288327

It is

>> No.8288331

It's not.

>> No.8288332

A tip for you newfriend

those keine threads you see once a day about how waifus don't belong on /jp/

They are ironic

>> No.8288336

Silly Ren, he is the one that say how trueneets dont work out to keep fit. I am just proving how wrong he is.

>> No.8288340
File: 1.36 MB, 1830x1456, MyWaifu_K701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please add me!

>> No.8288343

There is no fat /jp/. There is only painfully skinny and holocaust survivor.

sudofat is not /jp/, and is therefore not counted.

>> No.8288345

If I was Mayushii and mai husbando gae me stacks of Dr. Pepper, I would be pissed because I'm not addicted to the thing.

Gelobana is fine though.

>> No.8288351
File: 23 KB, 112x117, 1320733293493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not entirely right but for the most part probably

maybe someone here has quite an appetite and their mother pampers him alot

but please don't talk so absolute

>> No.8288352

You know my pain Ren-sama ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

>> No.8288362

The problem with your pictures faggot, is that most of them don't have "the thought". They are just trying to fit in.

Aren't you the faggot that came here last year and got extremely mad because he was told to get the fuck out?

>> No.8288364
File: 200 KB, 1000x750, k701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy, I feel alot better now that I know I'm not the only one who dropped 300 on those after watching k-on.

>> No.8288367

Well given the spammers, attempting this on /a/ is pointless as well

But since we're on the subject, what did you cook for your waifu anyway guys?

>> No.8288369

Do you play Battlefield on Japanese servers?

>> No.8288370
File: 152 KB, 687x609, 1320383440636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Professional camera

Son, this stuff is not for casuals anyway, you don't need it if you can't afford this camera - that's simple. And even if you can afford it 95% you still don't need it because you'll suck at photography and you'll be fine with something 5 times cheaper camera like Sony Nex 3.

>> No.8288372

Oh wow so it's Surtic, I thought that was Suigin.

Why do you even come here tohnofaggot? I thought you loathe us?

>> No.8288378

Seems like most of them are mad that we dont give a shit about their collage.
Why else would they come here?

>> No.8288382

Suigin is too busy spamming /a/ with a script to post here.

>> No.8288385


I have to state the obvious here... That's a pretty shockingly weeaboo thing to do. I'd rather buy something because it's actually nice... like my Beyerdynamics or a set of Grado cans.

>> No.8288386

/tohno/ is a place where no one can take it easy. Everyone tries to be extremely serious about everything.
The waifu board is a dickwaving contest about "who loves their waifu more" by showing off all the shit they bought and how big their folders are.

>> No.8288388

Lol, happy to be of service!

>> No.8288392


They are also deluded and insane...I mean worse than /jp/ or /a/

They're the guys that, if their waifu was real, they'd be stalkers

>> No.8288393

>/tohno/ is a place where no one can take it easy. Everyone tries to be extremely serious about everything.

Sounds like a battleground for trolling but I guess this board is dead anyway.

>> No.8288399

I don't think so. The whole waifu deal for them isn't genuine. Maybe two guys total understand what it's about. The rest are trying insanely hard to just fit in.

/jp/ can take it easy pretty well I think. Other than the board police that need to respond to everything so I have to just close the page when shitflinging starts.

>> No.8288417

>/jp/ can take it easy

>> No.8288420

>The problem with your pictures faggot, is that most of them don't have "the thought". They are just trying to fit in.
You're stating the obvious.
Can't plausibly do the collage in a timely manner if the creator is spending every thread quizzing the poster or using a quality check system to determine if the picture is good enough.

No I can quite easily say that you don't need a two thousand dollar camera for what you are doing. twelve hundred to fifteen hundred more than covers any needs the average person could want.
Then again, it's been something along the lines of four to five years since I last seriously dealt with photography, so it's probably even cheaper now.
What you're doing is pretending to be special because you wasted needless amounts of cash for a camera you probably only use to take pictures of figures.

>> No.8288429

I remember getting some enjoyment out of the xmas threads in years past. It wasn't about seeing if you could out-do the previous guy or seeing who was most devoted to their 'waifu'...
To me anyway it was more about looking through the pictures and laughing at all the ridiculous setups, and just contributing something equally funny if possible.

>> No.8288434

So, can we see that picture?

>> No.8288437


Agreed completely.
I mean, I think the collage is about hmm...sharing the day you had with her with your friends?

Just like how you'd show a picture of yourself and your dearly beloved to people

>> No.8288444

Buying headphones just because they were shown on your favorite shitty cartoon ins a stupid thing to do regardless.

>> No.8288449

>No I can quite easily say that you don't need a two thousand dollar camera for what you are doing. twelve hundred to fifteen hundred more than covers any needs the average person could want.
>Then again, it's been something along the lines of four to five years since I last seriously dealt with photography, so it's probably even cheaper now.
>What you're doing is pretending to be special because you wasted needless amounts of cash for a camera you probably only use to take pictures of figures.

I'm telling you again idort, these cameras are full-frame pro tier, not for normal users and you repeated exactly what I've said earlier.

>> No.8288450

Maybe he bought them because he liked the design.

>> No.8288459

>What you're doing is pretending to be special because you wasted needless amounts of cash for a camera you probably only use to take pictures of figures.

The fuck is this hate for dedication? Proof that you can "reject" 3D and still be a normalfag at heart.

>> No.8288464

Eh, when I spend hundreds on nice looking pieces of plastic, doujinshi, and ita-keyboards, I don't think its that big of a deal.
At least I can get some actual use out of them in contrast to alot of the stuff sitting in my bookshelf.

>> No.8288469

Eh, when I spend hundreds on nice looking pieces of plastic, doujinshi, and ita-keyboards, I don't think its that big of a deal.
At least I can get some actual use out of them in contrast to alot of the stuff sitting in my bookshelf.

>> No.8288474

>I'm telling you again idort

Things people use without understanding what they are.

>> No.8288476

We go through this bullshit every fucking year thanks to you pieces of shit. /a/ ruined the sanctity of sharing the love and dedication we hold to our waifus with each other.

It's done. It's over. Get the fuck over it. Reported.

>> No.8288481

We did this last year and it was a bunch of dickwaving.

Even if someone level headed was in charge, have you seen the board lately? This place is a fucking battleground.

Everyone is far too worried about their status and image to take part in something for shits and giggles anyway. That's why they spend more time telling people to get out instead of posting in on topic threads and contributing to the board.

I'll be told to get for this, but at least try to make it funny

>> No.8288484
File: 180 KB, 1024x768, merry christmas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Please add me!

I sent a mail too beacuse I am paranoid ;_;

>> No.8288485

Calm down dude, you need a blowjob.

>> No.8288490

Can I agree with you instead?

>> No.8288491
File: 302 KB, 1536x2048, tokiko-cookies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cookies <3 <3

>> No.8288493

>What you're doing is pretending to be special because you wasted needless amounts of cash for a camera you probably only use to take pictures of figures.
Some guys want to do a good job.

>> No.8288496
File: 832 KB, 1011x753, tokiko-xmas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my room, with a note.

>> No.8288497

Shit on the plate? Eww.

>> No.8288518

I'm starting to hate /a/ now.

>> No.8288521

Then we're pretty much in agreement.
I'm letting my old love run away with me.

That's not dedication, that's stupidity.
Using such high end cameras for figurine snapshots is insulting to the camera itself.
You better at least be earning side money with magazines/papers, going out and taking pictures of nature, or be a huge camera nut if you're going to waste that money.

You're not going to see significant difference in the 1200-2200 price range on figs. Your set up for where you take the photos will do more and cost a lot less.

>> No.8288540

Well let's ask the camera if she feels insulted. Yes, I assume it's a she and she's also cute.

>> No.8288542


Starting? You're about three years late to the party.

>> No.8288543

Then spend money on a better lens you dumb shit.

>> No.8288547

It's fine, just do your normal stuff and ignore their cries for attention. We don't have much for them to steal anyway.

>> No.8288549

Let's offer her some Dr Pepper or a M&M we found lying there on the floor. Maybe we can appear on the collage too xD

>> No.8288554

You missed the point

>> No.8288561

He'd need another camera though.

>> No.8288562

>Using such high end cameras for figurine snapshots is insulting to the camera itself.

You sound like a jelly-boy. Of course you'll be probably fine with something like Canon 600d and a good macro lens but if someone want to succeed in photography starting from making shots of figs - it's perfectly fine to get something more advanced from start and to level up. Hell, I'm interested in photography + photoshop only because I've seen some incredible shots of figs on flickr or mfc and because of that I'm learning a lot more about it than some casual slob with money and pro-camera. I have no camera yet but I'll not stop only on figs. An idea to earn money with photography is not bad too but I think it's always about being outside 24/7 and I'm not very comfortable with that hassle.

>> No.8288565
File: 931 KB, 300x262, 1324190619604.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: /jp/ thinks they're hot shits who know it all about having a waifu. /a/ tries to retaliate with an argument that will never get them anywhere.

Fucking shit guys, really? /jp/ needs to stop being the complete superiority complexed shits their board is filled with now. Anyone from /a/ needs to just ignore this board and get back to business with your waifu if you are true to it, even if you think it's a joke go back to /a/ and don't act like such a faggot about it. Same goes for anyone else in /jp/.

>> No.8288570

What people from /a/? /jp/ is arguing with itself like usual.

>> No.8288572

I love Tokiko, that's all there is to it. I sometimes write short stories about her and I have some framed photos of her on my wall. Is that the write way to love an anime character?

>> No.8288573

Cool reaction image bro.

>> No.8288574

Why don't you blame the guy who started all of these? It wouldn't have gotten so bad if Christmasfag didn't start all of this shit.

>> No.8288575

In my opinion there' s nothing wrong with treating the concept of a waifu as a joke. And there's nothing wrong with taking it seriously.

People annoyed by either party are just stupid or overly sensitive.

>> No.8288577

You realize you're on an imageboard, right?

>> No.8288579

Sadly. I wish that more people would use the discussion boards ;__; w4ch is so neglected ;_;

>> No.8288581

> if you are true to it
So.. no one in /a/ right?

>> No.8288583

Hell yeah, true waifuism for the win.

>> No.8288584

I use $1500+ worth of camera gear entirely for pictures of figures, dolls, and maybe some other /jp/-related images.

>> No.8288586

Or you can take a picture of you offering all that shit and explain to everyone the situation. A set of mirrors could work.
Or take the picture with your cellphone

>> No.8288589

You can't be this new

>> No.8288590

I bet you'd be enraged if you saw a picture of your girlfriend being fed with Pocky and Dr. Pepper for Christmas.

>> No.8288592

Hopefully you're being ironic and aren't just a massive try-hard.

>> No.8288594
File: 8 KB, 158x152, 1305523151162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/jp/ needs to stop being the complete superiority complexed

The roots of this are growing up exactly from the opposite side, people with butthurt inferiority are trying to proclaim themselves as superior without any particular reason just to compensate their complexes.
You know, midgets, small penis, fat boys and girls, stupids, etc.
That's /jp/ and it's natural here.

>> No.8288595

Specially if your waifu is mayushii and she's being offered Dr.Pepper

>> No.8288600

Here is how /jp/ works if you're new

Person A: I like to have fun!
Person B: You can't have fun. You're an awful horrible person.

At this point, you can enter an argument which you don't have to argue or you can ignore the troll. Which do you think's better?

>> No.8288601
File: 327 KB, 1111x1554, d41fd62daa725a8afad274ea90d08053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I use $1500+ worth of camera gear entirely for pictures of figures, dolls, and maybe some other /jp/-related images.

Post at least one of your photos.

>> No.8288605

I don't know, someone saw this thread on /jp/ and rushed to defend his waifubros as if he was the fated crusader of the Waifuhood, what do you think.

>> No.8288606

However you wish to explore and show your love for your waifu is up to you. If anyone tells you otherwise it's just bullshit. There is no definite ways that you should represent your love, it's all up to you bro.

Although I assume you're being sarcastic, thank you. I REALLY MEAN IT.

Because blaming Christmasfag is useless. Sure, it wouldn't have been an issue if it wasn't organized, but with people from both /jp/ and /a/ blowing things out of proportion the entire situation escalated to a height that no one necessarily wants or needs. /jp/ believes that because having a waifu is so strongly attributed to the board that it is entirely impossible for any other board to do it correctly. /a/ may be filled with shits who try to fit in and jump on the bandwagon, but within it there are people who truly have faith in the love they have for their waifu, and this isn't being realized. Just because the offering was meager, people want to say that the person is not true to their love or that there wasn't enough heart put into it. This is complete and utter bullshit in every way imaginable. It is essentially like saying, "Why have a waifu if you don't have the money to support her?" I jst blame anyone who took this shit to the HNL.

>> No.8288609

> girlfriend
Where do you think this is?

And that's something you need to be prepared for. Allowing yourself to be enraged at something so inevitable is just bad planning.

>> No.8288610

This thread is a shitstorm.

Merry Christmas, anons. Too bad you can't take it easy even on the artificial happy day of the year.

>> No.8288611

This would've made more sense if he didn't make threads about it and just kept collecting images that some anons would share without any incentive to do so from a thread.

>> No.8288613

Well yeah, if you're planning to do more than just figure pictures and are doing so currently to practice and enjoy your hobby, but if you're only using it for figures, you're wasting money needlessly.
As for money earning, I haven't done it, but I'm sure there are papers and stuff you can contact online to do some freelance stuff, though that would require traveling and such.

I honestly miss photography now... but what I really want is a film camera and a dark room requires some pricey equipment. I'd be happy enough with a lower end digital and playing with it for a while to see if I can spark the old love to later get something more up there.
Considering I live in a decent sized city, some freelancing wouldn't be too hard to do either...

See, that's different, because gear can get fairly pricey depending on what all you've bought.
I wouldn't mind seeing some of those photos though, or at least a bit of info about your setup.

>> No.8288615

>/jp/ believes that because having a waifu is so strongly attributed to the board that it is entirely impossible for any other board to do it correctly.
Start lurking on /jp/, every year it was only a handful of people who did this, don't assume everyone is into this.

Christmasfag probably realized he caused all these shitstorm but has never admitted it, yet he's trying to promote even more board rivalry by mentioning /jp/, elitist prick and so on his /a/ thread. Why? We just wanted to be left alone.

>> No.8288619

Just an analogy.

>> No.8288624
File: 74 KB, 555x740, 1324775153046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too late for that.
People are just doing it because of bandwagoning and how all the cool kids get their picture added to the youtube collage.

>> No.8288625

Funny, it seems that most of the old crop of tripfags that are still active (JamesCID, Solidus) don't take part in the /a/ threads. I saw 40% and Dusty, then again they used gigantic faggots, so it's expected.

>> No.8288626

>he's trying to promote even more board rivalry by mentioning /jp/, elitist prick and so on his /a/ thread. Why?
Because he's a giant faggot. Why else?

>> No.8288634

I don't know. I like the idea of a big picture with lots of images on it. I hope a lot of people contribute.

>> No.8288636

Me too. I like seeing what kinds of food other people eat.

>> No.8288642


I don't lurk /jp/ as often as I should, but I do end up here from time to time and spend my day participating in threads as well. Don't worry, when I say /jp/, I'm only referring to the waifubros here who take their own beliefs about waifus and try to force it down anyone else's throats. I could type that every time, but it is much easier to say /jp/. Sorry about that confusion.

I'll have to agree that Christmasfag's little detail about /jp/ might have contributed to the escalation of the situation but reading through this thread alone, there were many /jp/ waifubros that, as if on instinct, jumped on the chance to attack anyone from /a/ who participate and looked to offer a small portion of anything to their waifu. But frankly speaking, being left alone is a wish that both sides of the table want. You think the true waifubros on /a/ who couldn't offer too much, were only capable of taking a shitty picture, and were left with a horrible result wanted to be attacked because of that? We all want to be left alone, but that isn't going to happen.

>> No.8288649

I learned first hand just how fucking hard spongecake is to make from scratch, holy shit.

Got a batch of mead that really should have sat for another month and enough cookies to feed an army Or sudo. I won't be participating in this for reasons mentioned, though I did take picture.

Merry fucking christmas assholes.

>> No.8288653

Why so bitter /jp/?
You used to be cool and take it easy, when did you start to care about other boards?
Seriously, if you take the board rivalry so seriously you should be on /b/.

>> No.8288655

>wanted to be attacked because of that
Nobody from /jp/ actually cared to go over there to attack them, I can assure you that.

>> No.8288661

>when did you start to care about other boards
When other boards started raiding and spamming shitposts in /jp/?

>> No.8288664
File: 1.23 MB, 1063x3500, 1324729137842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are disgustingly bad, I was going to take a Christmas photo but I think I'll pass now.

Compare it with the 2008 one

>> No.8288666
File: 584 KB, 740x740, madopuke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just saw homuhomu being offered dr pepper.
gaybar, go do something about this. homuhomu is being desecrated.

>> No.8288668
File: 399 KB, 1284x998, Untitled-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dislike looking at most of my own photos and I don't really like posting any when asked. I feel like people would ridicule me. I do occasionally post pictures of figures and dolls though. I can break down my kit for you though. These are the main things that I use when taking pictures.

50D $700
30 f/1.4 $400
50 f/1.8 $100
SB-600 $200
055XPROB $170
322RC2 $120

There's still the lighting setup with wireless triggers, some manual focus lenses, bags, ect. I haven't left my house in over a year to actually take pictures, so all of my recent pictures have been of things inside the house, which happen to be mostly /jp/-related things. Here's a picture of my Lightroom library.

>> No.8288669


And yet, my friend, what happened anyway?

>No shrine, you don't love your waifu.
>Are those crackers? Fucking plebs can't into waifu.
>Nobody on /a/ actually has a waifu, it's a joke to ALL of them.

Come now.

>> No.8288670

No, you can't. /jp/ like any other anonymous internet board is not a single person.

>> No.8288673

Why hasn't anyone done a ZUN!bar picture?

>> No.8288675

Hopefully Santa will poop in Anon's Christmas stocking tonight for being so asspained.

I think it's dumb as HELL how nerds try find all sorts of reasons to hate these things. They're just pictures. Nothing more.

>> No.8288677

Are you sure those are from /jp/? Not just your own people who are disgusted by their fellow posters? Like this one
>/jp/ basically thinks you're all normalfags doing it purely as a jokle, kinda like a meme to fit in or be cool or whatever.
>They kinda have a point.

>> No.8288685
File: 81 KB, 500x329, 1317888324424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow I just woke up and read through this thread

I think I'm gonna need a smoke and some aspirin

>> No.8288687

>read through this thread
You're a braver man than I

>> No.8288688

>inside jp folder:
that made my night

>> No.8288689


These were just general statements I made that represented the kind of things I read on some of the waifucollage threads on /a/, and the statements I've seen made here in this thread. Though, chances are, not all of them from the thread on /a/ are from /jp/, many of the responses here in this thread still reflect similar ideals.

>> No.8288692

Merry fucking christmas anon. I love you too

>> No.8288693

I forgot how costly that stuff gets.
That looks like a really nice setup though, definitely worth the amount spent. Don't quote me though, I'm badly out of touch with the field.

>> No.8288694

>>I just saw homuhomu being offered dr pepper. gaybar, go do something about this. homuhomu is being desecrated.

H0mu is safe here in /jp/, but offering only cheap ass soda to her is pretty weak. That Anon should man up and cook her a pie or something.

>> No.8288695

When people from /a/ came and asked for more pictures like >>8288664 and they decided they'll just make their own?

>> No.8288699

We could always make a /jp/ one for new year's if you stopped caring so much about /a/.
I understood doing it back in 2009, but now /a/ is in such a state, you would die fron an aneurism if you start worrying about every single thing they do.

>> No.8288700

That never happened

>> No.8288702

People just do this now so they can seem like obscure true neet otakus and be popular on tumblr.

>> No.8288703

Ah, the good old days, before /jp/ sold out.
We were so indie back then.

>> No.8288705 [SPOILER] 
File: 243 KB, 1000x777, Untitled-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8288706

You're backpedaling now?

Well whatever, seeing how this thread is near 300 posts. Merry Christmas to you.

>> No.8288707

Nice churros

>> No.8288710

I dislike Light room and prefer to work in Photoshop with layers, opacity and settings / filters. But I guess you wouldn't care about this tuning if you need to work with a batch of photos.

>> No.8288714

It is the other way around.
>jp elitists
>jp no fun allowed
>baww stop insulting /a/ and their xmas tradition
I am not sure what made them come here but I am pretty sure no one from /jp/ went to /a/ and spam their thread.

>> No.8288716

Did you cum on that yourself? (no homo)

>> No.8288717
File: 470 KB, 2560x1920, 2011-12-24 23.35.36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got Rider a book for Christmas, hopefully she likes it.

>> No.8288720

Is it that hard for you to imagine people here having a problem with some of your attitudes?

>> No.8288722

Cumming on the pure and kind hearted yayoi.
Fuck you. Why dont you do it on the idols that deserve it like Miki or Chihaya?

>> No.8288724

I just find Lightroom easier to work with for how the final product comes out. Maybe in the future I'll get into Photoshop but for now I have no problem with LR.

>> No.8288725

That's like hating something for it's fanbase, /jp/ should be better than that.

>> No.8288727
File: 166 KB, 520x550, 1275809525015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What book? I've bought "Drood" by Simmons for my sister (and I also want to read it) and "Terror" for her husbando.

>> No.8288728

She needs the protein

>> No.8288731

You'd think so, but no. There was some guy earlier who has stopped buying figures because they've risen in popularity.

>> No.8288732
File: 509 KB, 1000x675, ChristmasCake-1047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inb4 "That's the wrong fucking box"
One of these days I'll find the right box and hopefully next year I can take a better photo with little bottles of liquor.

>> No.8288734
File: 74 KB, 645x518, christmas7or___.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Backpedaling? I'm saying the same things that I've said in my previous posts. Showing how slated some of the beliefs regarding waifus on /a/ are. Even if the waifubros on /jp/ aren't directly related, the shit that has been said in this thread is no better than what was said in those posts in the other threads.

In any case, Merry Christmas to you too, bro. By some miracle I was able to have a decent conversation on a board. That doesn't happen often. Good tidings to all of you, and hopefully the waifubros on /jp/ eventually understand things.

Have a happy Christmas image from my favorite game.

>> No.8288735

Nice lighting.

>> No.8288738

I don't think it's worth getting so upset over really. Some of us do it as a joke, others believe that their waifu actually exists and stuff like that. So long as both sides aren't causing any harm to each other, let's not argue about it. I do it as a joke myself, but I'd never knock the people who do it for real. Don't listen to those bullies /jp/, this is one girl who doesn't care >_>

>> No.8288740

Blame the steins;gay fanbase.

>> No.8288743


Any potential argument you might have had is absolutely null and void the very instant you unveiled yourself as a piece of shit. Reported.

>> No.8288745

Didn't you see the name?

>> No.8288746

>anon in charge of taking it easy

>> No.8288747

Touhou would not have a place in /jp/ since if all /jp/ care about is obscure title that no one know.

>> No.8288748 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 137x209, 1297233955785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8288749

That's because post split /a/ slowly lost its elitist attitude, and not /jp/ being elitist pricks. It's not hard to observe.

>> No.8288753

The Things They Carried by Timothy O'Brien

>> No.8288754

Not sure if sarcasm. But it's almost Christmas here so I'll take it at face value!
Thank you! Not many like warm lighting ;_;

And, fuck. The salad is out of focus. And I already ate it all ;_;

>> No.8288757

Dont worry. At least you arent as pathetic as those people in /a/ who retake their pic after getting rejected.
Pretty funny reading their thread.

>> No.8288758

Soda (and especially Dr. Pepper) is gross as HELL too.

>> No.8288759

Somebody is so new, he was exposed.

>> No.8288763

Not that guy, but I really think the lighting is nice. Did you do adjust the camera in any way?

>> No.8288771


Who was?

>> No.8288777

Excellent thread for all of tripfags to come and discuss their human opinions. Hide.

>> No.8288779


You're trying way too hard.

>> No.8288785
File: 515 KB, 1257x792, Screen shot 2011-12-24 at 10.37.10 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that shot was the one that sucked the least.

Not that I know of. The lighting I have is rather warm. They're Commercial Electric ES-20 (SKU738-703). I think we got them at Costco like four years ago.

>> No.8288819

At least futaba can still take it easy when it comes to this

>> No.8288836
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Very soon, you guys, will post things like: "Don't post Touhous here, those goes on /c/", and "We don't care about visual novels, go to /a/ or /lit/".

I don't know if OP is still reading this thread, but the moral here is don't ask why the things haven't made yet, nor seek approval, just try to start them.

And here is the mine, you can add it, if you are still doing it.

>> No.8288888

I somehow knew this thread was going to be long and stupid as soon as I saw the first post appear in it.

Live the way you want and don't let people judge you for it.

>> No.8288897

How dare you speak reasonably on /jp/. Get the fuck out!

nice quints

>> No.8288956
File: 929 KB, 2576x1932, SanaeChristmasWithTrigonalPyramidalNH3Cookies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's mine if someone is doing this. Also, Merry Christmas /jp/.

>> No.8288970

More like: How to recognize normalfag.

>> No.8288989
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It's good to live in NA. Here in Russia unemployed have only 25 bucks and disabled like 120-150 bucks. And no one really cares about this, even old people are working on two or three jobs.
How many sweet things can I buy with that money? I can tell you — 0/1 in a YEAR. Just go and work, stupid shit. I can't tell how much I hate you.

>> No.8289004

Normalfags don't know what EXIF data is

>> No.8289008

Ou hi, are you a zamkadish?

>> No.8289015

This year I got an additional $27 a month cost of living adjustment. I still can't live on the 700 I get, but soon. SOON.

>> No.8289024
File: 57 KB, 480x360, sp_0801_14_v6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Disability pension or unemployed compensations are same in all the places, it's law shit. It's ridiculously low even in "Zamkadie", especially for the big cities

>> No.8289036

Your problem then.
Live in mkad, lease your flat, do nothing and have everything. Its simple

>> No.8289105

>Live in mkad
Sorry, no.

>> No.8289349

I'm NEET though.

Is me. You find ways to get money if you really need it. Personally, I save most of the money I'm given for food and I sell a lot of stuff on craigslist.

>> No.8289411


>> No.8289493

Thanks for ruining Christmas, newfriends. I hope you all die. You seriously don't belong here, which is funny considering you are so sure you do. Just kill yourselves.

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