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Duly noted.

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Saten-san is upset at your three-timing

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My friend... I do not agree with you lumping pure Saten-Chan with the rest of those... whores... we're taking her with us...

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At least quote the website before you post.

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As expected from a slut.

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I dont have a dinenr made but I have booze so instead you can have a picture of my fingers that I took earlier today for a friend.

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I don't think that's enough for all of them.

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you only have 4 fingers?

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So what website are these from, then?

I used to enjoy this "meme". I just know it's going to be run into the ground some time next year, and I'm sure there are plenty of haters who can't stand it already.

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Oh I have a thumb too butt I kinda had hard time gettting it fit to the picture.

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Is that some tamarind sauce inside the syringe?

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Never forget.

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We would like to have a word with you.

Also: Moe-y Christmas, /jp/

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Wine of 1884 year? Should be damn nice and expensive.

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You realize that's a fabricated label, right?

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every kid on /a/ wants to be cool like /jp/ now

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Looks like paper to me dumpass

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I feel like you fags are the only ones that'll ever understand me.

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oh u~

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That cuteness.
Must get one of them for Christmas.

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You act as if /a/ wasn't doing this before /jp/ existed.

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>/a/ wasn't doing this before /jp/ existed
Hi kid, mad? shouldn't be you in the /a/'s christmas threads now?

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Yeah, we are pioneers. Not all of these are original /jp/ though but oh well. Japanese Bird and Yakui are the best.

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>You act as if /a/ wasn't doing this before /jp/ existed.
ahaha oh wow
is that what encyclopedia dramatica or whatever site people read nowadays told you?

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that's the nice trips

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Let's take it easy guys.

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I concur. It is christmas, after all. No need to worry about who did what first or what cancer is ruining what.
Because in the end, it's your time with your waifu that is important, not everyone else's.

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Can we all agree to never hate this or get bored of it? I really enjoy it as a /jp/ tradition and I don't want to let Reddit or wannabe oldfags ruin it.

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Yes, please. It's a nice tradition, actually.

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You can share your pictures if you want, I for one want to see them. But if you want to make a collage, go to >>>/a/, they are probably doing it right now.

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This was only cool until they started to omit joke submissions.

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What do you have against collages?
They're just pictures arranged in a grid. What makes you hate them so?

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It was fun or at least entertaining before, but I think now it's just "look how whacky and otaku I am!!!"

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take it easy buddy,
where was he even saying that he hates those?

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Omit is synonymous with exclude, non-native English speaker

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Are those fucking tater tots?

I fucking love tater tots.

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They killed his family and raped his mother.

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What's your point?

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Not him, but I dislike them because they take the personal activity and turn it into some sort of community thing.

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Well I just inferred it from his suggestion that they were /a/ material and not fit for /jp/.

Not really. All that has changed is that they've become more popular. Even if people start to act like that, just ignore them. Don't let some normalfag losers ruin a fun thing by liking it.

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Plain and simple, if you want to take pictures just so they can be in collages, go to >>>/a/, or >>>/tc/.

On the other hand, if you want to share it with /jp/, you're more than welcome. But no collage will be made.

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This so much

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Eerrrybody take it eezy. Dont be so full of anger and frustration in times like these! Let go of your bitterness, your bad memories and bad situations for today atleast. There is love for everyone for sures!

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>But no collage will be made.
"none will be made" as in "the maido will hunt down any attempt" or "I'm too lazy to do it"?

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I *think* I see where you're coming from, but I always imagined the collages were incidental. I don't post in a thread in the hope that it can be screencapped and I can later say, "I was in that thread! Look!" I know some people do that, but that's rarely why they posted in the first place.
All of the previous /jp/ images were made into collages, so I don't see why this year's shouldn't be. If they're low quality or whatever just exclude them for being low quality.

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I think it's a threat.

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Interpret that however you want, I'm wasting my time here. I have a room to tidy up, and Christmas is only 3 hours away.

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Please stop ruining our Christmas, thank you.

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..."I'm wasting my time here" as in your vague message isn't getting through to us, or you're actually wasting your time since you have Christmas stuff to do?

I feel bad that even people on /jp/ have Christmas things.

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No, you're ruining /jp/'s Christmas. If you want to post pics of your waifus, go ahead. Just don't bring up the issue of collages again.

why am I still here. Fuck I'm going to be late

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Hate to sound like a hipster, but everything becomes shit once it gets too popular

Same can be said for other /jp/ things as well, I kinda stopped buying figs now since they got so mainstream

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Do people like this really exist?

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Did someone shove a collage in your anus or something?

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If something becomes shit once it's popular, it was never good to begin with, you stupid hipsterfaggot.

Know what? Just fuck you. I hope you get killed this Christmas. Make sure you tell your family beforehand you don't want one of those casket things, because they're just too mainstream for your hardcore, esoteric tastes.

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Posting here because /a/ is in full retard mode.

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This has gotten me curious. It reminds me of that one Richard Stallman memo where he forcefully explains that he does not eat breakfast and do not offer him breakfast and do not ask why.
Did a collage rape you, then join forces with breakfast to gang bang Richard Stallman?

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Stallman is just autistic as fuck.

As in actual autism, not /jp/ "I don't go outside or have friends so I am have da autisms give money"

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Collage finished to here. (small preview, real one has all pictures 'cept this one unscaled)

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STOP REPLYING TO ME and come back in 8 hours. For now enjoy your Christmas.

Get out.
You don't even know which one's authentic. And don't sneak the ones posted in /a/ in there.

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Christmas is too mainstream

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>Get out.
>You don't even know which one's authentic.
>And don't sneak the ones posted in /a/ in there.
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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I hope you're not serious right now

please just go

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He's "borderline autistic" (his words). I couldn't tell if he was serious or it was hyperbole--that's one of the problems about his autism.

>> No.8286139


He's not "borderline". Stallman is practically the definition of high-functioning autism.

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If you hate it, then just move to /a/

>> No.8286149

I don't Stallman's capable of hyperbole. He means exactly what he says, all the time.

That is the nature of his powerful autism.

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An advanced super race, with their own original content, customs, culture, traditions and a rich history. A people who stand strong in the face of tumblr-reddit degradation and /a/-/v/ stupidity. Quality threads, highly intellectual posters, creative userbase, the proud jay-peer stands armed and ready to defend his pure board from the wraths of sub-human, /a/utists, /v/ermins, /cgl/, and other sub-human, animalistic, /b/tard, animals. Oh how I thank God that I was born a handsome, tall, perfect /jp/ user.

With dual histories, one from the great pre-split /a/ users, creators, inventors, and intellectuals and another from the grandeur of the toshiaki masters of 2chan I can proudly stand tall and say I am proud to be /jp/er, and I will love my board until the very last day.

Long live /jp/.

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>Same can be said for other /jp/ things as well, I kinda stopped buying figs now since they got so mainstream

I know that feel, bro.
Fig-faggotry is too mainstream now.
Back in time there was a tiny group of enthusiasts (mostly on /jp/), proud and unique otaku.They were poorfags and couldn't afford more than 1 figure per 1/2 year and they were forced to eat their nails because of that, no money for food, no money for transport, clothes and whatsoever, that forced them to stay at home, gorgeous NEETs & Hikikomoris.

Now...It's kind of sad time, lots and lots of arrogant faggots getting familiar with LULZ-SO-POPLAR-ANIMU hobby and "how / where to order figs" guides. 30 figs per month, dolls for $2000 and "I'm getting $5000 per month, not a big deal" posts. Daily threads on /a/, x50 times more than on /jp/, everyone is buying something now, you even made a stupid definition "buyfag". Fucking plebeians, there's no limits of your arrogance and desire to ruin everything that was so precious to our otaku-hearts.
Fucking burn in hell...

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Kinda don't feel like posting a photo, if it is going to end up on a collage or in a youtube video.

>> No.8286191

So you're bitter because you don't have any money?

>> No.8286192

Welcome to /jp/. Population: /a/

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These pics are from 2ch, man.

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>So you're bitter because you don't have any money?

Of course.

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Your post sound a bit too ironic but this is exactly how I feel

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you guys..... holy shit.

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who /sp/ here

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>So you're bitter because you don't have any money?

Of course.

Hm, just noticed I've posted bugged list.

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You have very feminine fingers. If I didn't notice your trip, I would have mistaken you for a women.
... A-any tips for having such nails..?

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I bet this will be later bundled into some shitty 3rd rate /b/ quality video, accompanied by some faggy "ronery" song in english(which is also probably sang by some faggy /soc/-level /a/ user) and uploaded on youtube.

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I spend about 40.000 yen monthly on figs.

I'm also from /a/.

You can rage now.

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this thread

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Typical casual human trash but why should anyone rage? There are always more c/a/suals than True /jp/-users.

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How would you define true /jp/ user?

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nice fingers

gonna take one of me + tokiko tonight (yeah, she's my waifu)

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Am I the only one who finds this kind of naming stupid?
waifufags instead of waifu lovers
buyfag thread instead of buy thread
Basically people are willingly label themselves as fags.
The wierdest I guess was the "straightfag" one.

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mai husbando

>> No.8286266

It's stupid yes. Not as bad as the addition of "shit" to the end of anything you dislike though.

>> No.8286269

>No candle for Varg
You don't love your husbando

>> No.8286270

Not willing to support any of your hobbies and being abnormally bitter towards those who do.

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H-hey, you! Hideyoshi is mine! FUCKER!!! get fucked you are a shit!!!!

>> No.8286273

No, this is the studipest thing and has been since it started.

>> No.8286274

Are you new to 4chan or what?

>> No.8286280

This so much

>> No.8286279

Ho ho hoo well thanks!

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Merry Christmas!

>> No.8286286

>or in a youtube video.

/a/ isn't going to make a youtube video of this shit are they?

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I don't think I have any another fitting image macro.

>> No.8286292

No, they usually keep it to themselves. I saw it posted on danbooru though.

>> No.8286295

Wow. I repeat:

>...I think now it's just "look how whacky and otaku I am!!!"

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What the fuck is wrong with your pizza bro?

>> No.8286304

I've always considered this shit to be one of the most retarded things we ever stole from japan. It was humorous enough when a couple of faggots made joke images to start with, but now it's just sad. We get it, you totally "love" your waifu, you don't need to try and prove it to everyone buy posting retarded pictures proving your love. The only thing worse for attention whoring morons is those singing threads, where fuckwits gather together to pump out terrible renditions of anime OPs.

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I almost didn't notice how the pastries were triangle shaped.

>> No.8286306

lol memes r so funny forever alone burst into treats XDXDXDXD do i fit in yet??????

I kind of want to suckle your fingers, bro. No homo.

>> No.8286314

I have no idea. But yeah, it tasted kinda funny.

>> No.8286318

Frohe Weihnachten.

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"buyfag" threads
"ronery" christmas threads
VN threads

What's next? Maybe they'll try to steal our Homu Homu and Saten?

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I'm sorry, but err... we already did that.

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I'm sadder than eating christmas food with anime characters.

I'm drinking christmas-wine to /jp/.

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Ilya is a very picky eater.

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/a/ pig shit, go home

>> No.8286468

Merry Christmas to you, too.