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How are you going to spend Christmas, /jp/?

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Sad Alice never fails to tug on my heartstrings.

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Not the way i'd like it. I don't like christmas in general either though.

Fucking Americans.

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Same way I spend every other day.

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By celebrating Hanukkah

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Here with my best friend /jp/!

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Browsing /jp/ and watching the Wakamatsu Station livestream, like last christmas.

Y-you can watch it with me, i-if you want anon.

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I'll sleep through it like every Christmas since 1998

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christmas 2d ftw

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I'm going to spend Christmas Eve killing myself, and then spend Christmas Day being dead.

I'll try and think of you, /jp/.

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/jp/ should organize suicide club for Christmas. We would have the greatest Christmas in our lives and then as present we would kill each other by jumping from high building while holding hands and singing Touhou songs.

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Playing video games and watching anime.

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I usually get a beer, get to the second floor of my house and make a toast to myself at midnight while I watch the fireworks. It's kinda lonely, but it's been a tradition for many years now.

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On Sat morning I'm going to church with my grandparents and then to my sister's for lunch. Then I'm going to go over to my parent's house and drink tequila and open presents.

Christmas day, I dunno, usually we go to my aunt's but I haven't heard anything. If nothing is going on I'm going to drink tequila all day.

Boxing day having a couple bros over to drink tequila and watch anime.

Ah the joys of alcoholism.

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In my room by my pills.

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Finishing Umineko episode 8, then going for Kara no Shoujo, YU-NO, Monmusu Quest!, Steins;Gate, Wanko to Kurasou, Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! possibly in this order. Then maybe check for some manga staked on my MAL account list. This goes for so called time span of "Christmas holiday", so this might not be exactly what OP asked for.

I have 3 bottles of alcohol next to me. Red wine, champagne wine, sweet Malista drink and some tonics to mix it with at the moment. Browsing 4chan with it might be less pain than usual, and auto reading VNs would be great too. YU-NO would be be pain to click to read while drunken, i believe. There you go, OP.

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I can't fucking spend Christmas. I AM Christmas.

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lots of diphenhydramine then do things

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You should try jerking off while on it. It's well known to intensify orgasms.

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With my waifu.

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It'll most likely just be like every other day, try to find something to keep my mind off everything until about 8am until I'm too tired to stay up any longer and pass out in the bed until 5pm when its already getting dark then repeat.
It's hard for me to get excited about anything anymore, if i didn't wear a watch I'd never know what day it was.

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"A drunkard is forever beyond the reach of sorrow’s embrace".

But not beyond from a painful hangover.