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Your favorite Touhou gets raped and came inside of by large cocked niggers. Do you abandon her or is your love strong enough to get through this?

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Your African Americn friend gets raped by large cocked Touhous. Do you abandon him? or is your friendship strong enough to get through this?

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Does she cry and shake at night because she's so ashamed and full of self-loathing for letting that happen to her? Does she tremble when people hug her because she's afraid of that sensation leading to brutal gangrape? Does she have zero self-esteem and pretty much want me to do whatever I want to her because she doesn't think she's worth it anyway? Does she constantly need to be told "I love you" and "I miss you"?

Stop it, boner.

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How big are these cocks?

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I like the way you think.

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My love is absolutely strong enough.
What kind of guy would I be if I ditched her for being raped? This is when she needs me most.

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Find new touho

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How would help her get over her trauma and get back to her old self? Would you even try?

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Now she is a flawed human being, just like me.

I might actually be able to love her now.

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You should be fiercely jealous of Chen. It's your job to service huge black dicks, not hers.

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Our love will prevail as I hunt down and brutally kill every one of the large cocked niggers.

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Extra cuddling? I dont know if I would try. Feeling her shaking in your arms would a drug that would be hard to drop.

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well if patchouli got raped by niggers it would likely mean she had gone outside which i would consider a personal betrayal

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She was summoning something, but had an asthma attack at a crucial moment and summoned some rapists instead.

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I hear you, but she's suffering! I'd love to have a trembling tengu in my arms, but I wouldn't just shrug and let her keep living in fear and despair. You've got to do the right thing, anonymous. She needs you now more than ever; don't let her down!

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Used goods moe. It only works with small pitiful girls who WANT to be pure, like Chen, though.

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How do you know the niggers didnt put on disguises and infiltrate SDM? I dont think unnamed fairies have ever proven them selves to be all that bright.

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What if you only cured most of her scares but failed to cure her of her fear of large cocks? At least then when you are intimate with her, you could feel her tremble.

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I hate rape because even if it doesn't turn me against the girl I can't help pitying her, and I feel like this makes me a bad person so being self conscious of it makes me feel even worse.

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But she's only scared of large cocks.

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If Remilia was raped, as butler of SDM it would be my job to hunt them down and serve them up as the next days breakfast. Remilia is a strong woman and I dont think anything would be hurt but her pride, which would be resolved after her meal. She may even allow me to give her some "special service".

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There are no niggers in gensokyo.

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Remilia would act like she's fine, but all the mansion staff would be able to tell she's not. One night (or day?) you'd pass by her room just as she wakes up screaming, and you'd be left with the same situation as the op.
What will you do, anonymous?

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>remilia wakes up screaming
Thats just to cute.

I would break the door down and rush to her bedside, while trampling some fair haired maid. Give her a sponge bath and fetch her some warm red milk, then tuck her back in to bed. Anything more and I would be risking dismissal, im only the butler after all.

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I don't think you guys understand how rape works. The reason it's so traumatizing is because the girl can't come to terms with how much she enjoyed being raped.

After they've have had their way with her, even if you wanted to support her it wouldn't mean anything because you'd never be able to satisfy her the way those niggers did. The only path left for her is to accept that she is now a slut and start begging for more alpha cock.

You'll just have to find a new touhou.

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Did they rape her feet?

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>I don't think you guys understand how rape works.
Right back at you.

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Depends on if you consider rubbing their cocks between every crevasse and cuming on them, rape?

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What if im a large cocked nigger myself?

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Every Touhou wouldnt mind being raped. Every is a ntr slut.

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But if the cocks are so big I don't even see how they hit, her vagina has a tiny hitbox

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Don't think so lowly of yourself.

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Fortunately, Nazrin isn't anyone's favorite Touhou

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So? I for one would comfort her regardless of that.

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Reported for being absolutely incorrect.

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My favorite Touhou cant be raped, she would be doing the raping.

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I want to come in his belly button and do semen body shots off of his abdomen ^__^

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She doesn't live in Africa, she lives in the Forest of Magic.

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Any Touhou can be raped. When you think they're too strong or too smart to be raped...that's when the dicks/tentacles/drugs come out.

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Some touhous can portal them in directly in to your room as a practical joke.

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Can't rape death.
You'll die.

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What did I just finish saying?

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Don't be silly, that's not the real Komachi.

Why would she work in a whorehouse when she has infinite moneys?

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Furthermore, she has a job that has the stability of the Samsara at stake. She can't take time off for dickings, she can only squeeze in little breaks for maximum efficiency when she works.

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Touhou rape defies logic and bends reality. You can't stop it by explaining it away.
There's probably some ancient Rape Elemental chained up under Gensokyo or something.

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My favourite Touhou would entrap the niggers in their own nightmares. But, If by any chance she got raped, I'd be by her side, slowly helping her to gain all her self-esteem back and get over her trauma.

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Or next to her being raped like a bitch.

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>Touhou rape defies logic and bends reality. You can't stop it by explaining it away.

But I can. You posting fictional documents doesn't change the nature of Gensokyo.

>There's probably some ancient Rape Elemental chained up under Gensokyo or something.

But it can't go after Komachi without dying. The thing about Shinigami is that you have to love them tenderly.

I am technically wrong however, as a being who has consumed the Hourai Elixir can get away with it if they do not mind the billions of souls that get lost when the Samsara stops turning.
But that's only Kaguya and Mokou (possibly Eirin too).

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They're free to try. I have a damaged goods fetish, but I doubt an iron monk who has conquered suffering will be affected too much.

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>Samsara stops turning

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>fictional documents doesn't change the nature of Gensokyo

For the other thing, Gensokyo is chock full of contradictory bullshit powers that contradict and bullshit each other all the time. Immortals dying or ghosts eating things or death not being able to kill something is nothing special.
Komachi's not the reaper anyway, she's the boat woman.

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But that'd be an incident and soon they would have all of Gensokyo behind them, and the spellcard system makes is relatively easy for anyone to defeat the immortals. Therefore, raping Komachi is technically and practically impossible unless you are the Yama.

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>For the other thing, Gensokyo is chock full of contradictory bullshit powers that contradict and bullshit each other all the time. Immortals dying or ghosts eating things or death not being able to kill something is nothing special.

The matter remains that she has cosmic protection as a key member of the way the world works.

>Komachi's not the reaper anyway, she's the boat woman.

Every part of the great wheel is just as important as the next.


The eternal cycle of life, death, rebirth, and enlightenment.

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Someone does something to break the cycle of reincarnation, maybe? Sort of like in Jade Empire.

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>The matter remains that she has cosmic protection as a key member of the way the world works.
Which means jack shit in the contradictory bullshit land of Gensokyo.

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OP here, how would you kill that which is not alive?

I never left the OP open to discussion. There is only one way out of the possibility of rape and that is that she was willing.

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Thank you kindly, I know what Samsara is, but my point was
>eternal cycle

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To exist is to be alive.
To die is to no longer be.
If it is, then it is not dead.
To be made dead, it will not.

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Yeah that's what happens when you decide to put your dick in one of the cornerstones of the cosmic order (without her allotting the proper time for you to be allowed to so as to properly fit).

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How do you kill a toaster?

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Make it so it can no longer toast, thus it may not be called a "toaster".

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But It would still be a toaster.

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No it wouldn't.

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Who says the cosmic order wouldn't grab a new gear if one breaks? With something as important as that, I'd rather replace than repair.

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Yes it would, a car that doesnt run is still a car. The state of being broken doesnt make it a different object.

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Now you're just making shit up.
Yuyuko is dead and she still exists.

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It being able to run is irrelevant to its name

It's not called a "run"

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It is indeterminable if it is that easy or if such a thing is even possible.


Then, do you consider yourself a star? When it no longer performs the same function or retains the same shape, why does it remain the same object? Constituent parts do not make an object, everything is but an arrangement of atoms. When the arrangement is destroyed, the item in question is dead.

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Yuyuko Saigyouji the ghost is not dead.
Yuyuko Saigyouji the human is dead.

She has shifted from one state of existence to another, she is not the same as she was.

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My favorite Touhou would only be "raped" by niggers if she were a racemixing slut. I'd kill her AND the niggers.

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>It being able to run is irrelevant to its name

Thats what I just said.

First you are assuming the Earth was ever part of a star. Second by your definition, scratching the toaster would turn it in to a new object. By you own definition, every time your hair shifts you die. How can death die? If death can die then its cant be death but a weak imitation. There for its completely rapeable.

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I don't have favourite touhou, i love them all equally

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You just doomed 90% of the population of Gensokyo to being raped. You are a bad person.

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>First you are assuming the Earth was ever part of a star.


>Second by your definition, scratching the toaster would turn it in to a new object.

Yes, it goes from "toaster" to "scratched toaster".

>By you own definition, every time your hair shifts you die.

Actually, I thousands of times a second and become a new self when the proteins in my brain cells fold and reform.

>How can death die? If death can die then its cant be death but a weak imitation. There for its completely rapeable.

Did I ever insinuate that Komachi can die?

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>Did I ever insinuate that Komachi can die?

No, you did.

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If I did, I apologize, as by my twisted logic I believe that Komachi may only die once death itself has lost its meaning, i.e. when all things capable of death (basically everything short of Kaguya and Mokou) are dead and nothing more can die. Thus, death becomes something not-death as there is no more death.

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Back peddling wont save you from undead rape.

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Really sucks that you have doomed your favorite Touhou to undead rape though. Thats got to be worse that being raped by fresh bodies.

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Alright, I submit. When, in the distant future, there is nothing more to die, Kaguya and Mokou can futa-rape Komachi all they please and have absolutely no consequences.

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The lead zombies cum maggots. Big, vicious, hungry ones.

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And the maggots, they cum to.

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I guess its the sign of true love that you still love your favorite Touhou after uterus eating maggots have defiled her. I dont know if my love extends that far. I mean, what he they completely ate all her uterus? I suppose one of the immortal ones would grow it back but lesser Touhous could no longer bear children, or feel the pleasure of being came inside of.

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I'm sure Eirin could do something about it.
Alternatively, youkai get better.

>> No.8279531

Uterus transplants? But you dont even know where that uterus has been. It could have been the Uterus of a primal youkai that goes around the woods sticking its ass in the air for every creature with 4 legs.

There is the fairy army and Marissa doesnt consider it a full days work unless she kills at least a dozen of them. I suppose a fairy uterus wouldnt be to bad, at least it would be tight.

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What? No, I mean she could regrow it. If you can make a potion that makes you IMMORTAL, you can make something that'll regenerate a lost body part.
Something that would draw energy from the rest of the body and cause your Touhou to be bedridden for weeks, so you can take care of her and stuff. That's on top of the rape thing, mind you.

>> No.8279567

My god that poor girl. I feel kinda bad for Komachi now. Well at least shes not my favorite Touhou and wont have such a cruel fate. I suppose the incident would also mean that you had to travel to the moon to obtain the potion. Making you all that more heroic in her eyes.

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>getting raped by niggers
even if it did happen, my compassion and well...love for what I love knows no bounds.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar. Id tip my hat to you but Im indoors.

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I abandon her, not because my love is lacking, but because my love is so great. I will be the hero she deserves, even if it's not the one she wanted.

I will devote my life to wizardry and forge a magic sword, I will tear open a portal in time, and fling myself into the past, before the negros cock struck, step forth to oppose him and undo the future that is.

That is what a true hero of justice would do.

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Pity, because it was more than one. You went back in time equipped to encounter 1. You spent all that time only to fail in the end. Now your favorite touhou is raped and you are raped and she has lost respect for her hero and has devoted her self to black meat.

If only you had the courage to stay by her side and help her deal with her crushing depression, you both could have had a bright future. Sadly, your love was not strong enough.

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My favorite Touhou is Yukari. The Large Cocked African Americans gap rape each other while the two of us watch and have tea elegantly.

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The only way out of rape is to enjoy it. Are you saying it was consensual sex?