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Why doesn't ZUN read this book?

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I prefer ZUN's drawings compared to that abobination.

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Poor lil cat girl

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If there is no love in it, there is no art.

One of the reasons I loathe Dali so much. The man is to art what a whore is to women.

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> You can do this with your own face!
This makes me laugh every time.

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Everyone uses that excuse for shitty art.

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Because ZUN hates gaijin's books.

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Well, the fact is that if you love to draw you can draw shitty art if you want. It doesnt matter if everyone around you think you suck at drawing. You draw just for yourself.

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Thanks, it makes me feel good knowing my dick drawings are true art. Maybe I'm not worthless after all.

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What if you're drawing for a game series that has millions of fans worldwide?

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But a person who loves to draw, with dedication, gets better at it over time, even if he never becomes good at it.

And ZUN has the excuse that he is drunk off his gourd when he programs or draws or composes.

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It's not an excuse.

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>But a person who loves to draw, with dedication, gets better at it over time, even if he never becomes good at it.

I beg to differ.

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Yeah but this is your game. And if you want you can even put there Ponies fucking Touhous. I still admire ZUN that he didnt sell his ass for some big company, and noone can tell him what and how to create.

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I draw poorly with the excuse that it's cute or ironic.

Nobody must ever know.

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I wish I knew how to draw mangas. I can only copy images with Koishi but I'm terrible at doing that!

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I do it because I'm too lazy to work to improve it.

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>What if you're drawing for a game series that has millions of fans worldwide?

When you're the one that made it popular in the first place, then people apparently do not think that you suck at drawing, so the point is moot.

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>His sweater is a great nightmare.
>The paper is defenseless.
>It contracts every time he draws, looking like a second anal opening in his hand.
>Bill Connolly hands.
>The dirtiest part of him is right in front of me.
>"Hm, ah...! Ahh, hah, ah...! Ahh, this is how to draw Nurutu, Anon-kun, ah!
>His intercourse does not stop.
>The sensation of killing a newborn.
>The drilled paper, no, the point of the contact is evil and the drawing dirties the screen.

Every fucking time, I love that fucking guy so much.

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I don't understand. Is this supposed to be a joke?

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We'll never know, that's where it's magic reside.

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Not that guy but... Why did he draw a Jew?

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Because he drew himself.

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Someone said before that both ZUN and R07 have been able to do quality drawing for a while now when they take time but suck really badly at doing quick drawing so take all kinds of nasty shortcuts, which is why it looks like their art hasn't improved much.

if you look at some of Zun's artwork from outside of the games, it does look quite a bit better.

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Things like proportions, hands etc. I find are the first things to suffer when I rush a drawing. I can see how most people would think a quick drawing from a good artist would just look sketchier, but everyone's different. It wouldn't surprise me if they were both capable of doing art at least close to the level of the average VN.

If you look at how they draw the outfits for the characters, there is a certain degree of competency there.

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This pic here is a proof of what if ZUN spend a lot of time on drawings. Detailed, looked better, and nice. He has that drawing we all familiar with because he makes character art super fast according to that interview

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I've actually come to like ZUN's art, especially his non-game art like what >>8271567 posted.

R07, though... sorry, but I don't think I'll ever be able to get used to his drawings.

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It's not that bad, Higurashi had far worse but you don't bitch about it as much as you do with Zun, he's not a manga artist, he creates games, good games IMO.

Also gona dump some Zun art.

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You don't suddenly forget everything about proportions and gesture just because you had less time to work with. IN FACT, those are both the most important thing and the thing that takes less time.
People do half minute gestures as training. I seriously doubt ZUN has less time than that to work with.

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Typical ZUN art.

Cover knees
Cover/obscure hands

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ZUN's drawings are nicer to look at than generic clean and correct drawings in my opinion.

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You missunderstood the concept of art, accurate anatomy isn't required in every instance, seriously, you people freak out about things like the 8 head proportion in Zun doujin games yet most of you watch lots of shows that doesn't fit this. cartoonish=/= bad.

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Rumor has it that ZUN saves all the character drawing for one night.

On that night, he gets himself completely plastered (no small feat for an alcoholic of his magnitude) sketches out and colors the new characters, codes them into the game, and leaves it at that.

He's just as surprised as we are about the new characters when he wakes up the next afternoon

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his works were way better before

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You can certainly find artistic value in anything you want. It's a very subjective craft, after all. But the thing is, style should come from a personal choice, not because of your limitations as an artists.
ZUN is a bad artist, because he can't do anything other than these deformed lolis in weird clothing, and that is his limitation. If he knew proper proportions and anatomy but WILLINGLY decided to disregard it, then that's his choice, his style, and no one could argue against his ability.

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That would only make me wonder how he learned to draw hands better even more.

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Good taste bro.
This is still my favorite ZUN-art.

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Acquiring enough skill to draw his girls properly shouldn't be half the hassle than programming the next gimmick for thenext game, I know it because I've done it, he has enough money to live the rest of his life comfortably yet every year we get new works, music and games or he could hire anyone, even more I'd bet that there's people who would pay him to draw art in the next game but, he's not a cheap whore.
You may like it or you may not, everything is subjective, but you can't disagree that he does his work how he wants and is not restricted by mundane things like "bad art"

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>ZUN is a bad artist

That's just your incorrect opinion.
When someone's made a new trend in artistic style, and has fans that imitate his type, it's far from bad.

Pic related. People like you can't appreciate it.
I, for one, find it adorable.

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ZUN seems to be good at drawing things that aren't necessarily humanshapes. I really like the coloring in this one.

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I'm done dumping.

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But he DID willingly disregard it, you retard.

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If you want to discuss ZUN as an artists I invite you guys to make a thread about it on /ic/ so you can share your views with people who have an interest in art and practice it.

I think I already explained well enough why he's a bad artist and I personally don't have anything else to add at the moment, but if you're interested in knowing more about art, feel free to take the discussion to /ic/.
And with that I'll stop obstructing your thread.
Good day.

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Stop arguing with the /a/ tripfag and just post fucking ZUNart.

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/b/ could give better art criticism that those assholes. Rembrandt could post there and they'd call it shit because they think that liking something means admission that their own art is shit. (I'm not an artist and I do not post my drawings, so I do not have a grudge; I just observe the board).

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Of course they will flame it, do you know why? because they spect art that was made to be art, ZUN make games, you can't vivisectionate a game and tear apart art-graphics from gameplay, gimmicks and music, you could ask /v/ but /v/ opinion happens to be worth a shit.
Also IC are dicks, Zun ain't gona read Loomis.

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>stop discussing Touhou on /jp/ also my opinion > your opinion!!

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Since when did taiga post on /jp/?

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