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Welcome home Anonymous, did you have a good day?

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did you?

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Can you hold the baby for awhile so I can run to the store to get ingredients for dinner?

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That I did. You look tired, how about I take the baby while you take a rest?


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happy family thread?

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You will never be a responsible and loving father ;_;

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Why are there so many motherly Hina images?

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The same reason there are so many motherly Okuu images. They are both pure love.

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I don't like Hina. It should be the other way around. I don't want anyone taking my troubles.

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I'd enjoy pictures of Touhou with kids more if the kids aren't just clones of their mother

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Your life as a stay at home shrine husbando while the wife earns all the money and wears the dress in the relationship.

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That must be the most retarded reason I have ever heard for disliking a touhou character. You dislike her because of her selfless virtues? Really?

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2hu's reproduce by budding.

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Why no more naked aprons.

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It's downright creepy when you think about it.

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Good news honey! The adoption papers were finalized today!

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What about combo kids?

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Yes. I wanted that role. If she also tries to do the same, it would make me anxious.

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Those legs are ridiculously long.

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Just for you

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From the thumbnail, I thought Keine was giving him a peek.

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Might as well. I think the same author did a NTR (Doubtful. If a woman cries and screams for help during sex can hardly be considered NTR) doujin starring Keine and a kid.

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Youkai are hundreds of years old though. Even if you did have children with them, you'd never see them grow up.

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well, I'm sure everything will be fine.


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Satori should be happy koishi gave birth to her baby.

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Instead of Masara's random villager?

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I would be a great father/husband.

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Then again, by the time you die it will hopefully be in your old age, by which time you will likely have a different view on life.
Quite possibly you'll be pleased with the time you got rather than upset over the time you didn't.

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I'm pretty sure nobody who posts on /jp/ would make a good father.

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"I'm hooom-"

"piggy back ride! piggy back ride! piggy back ride!
piggy back ride! piggy back ride! piggy back ride!
piggy back ride! piggy back ride! piggy back ride!"


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This tengu right there, gotta love her

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Good god, Nazrin's face in that image is nightmare fuel.

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Wait til she's been given more time to get accustomed to her new environment.

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Going to see her during the night time is a good idea too, since that's when she'll be most active.

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Guess I'll have to call Nazrinmind

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I'm disappointed.

Where's a picture of Sanae with a black baby? There has to be one.

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Well. Just make sure not to feed her after midnight

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This isn't how you make the next generation of consoles, Sanae.

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oh man, i would love to marry letty and have a bunch of fat children

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You're right, the current generation should be coming out her ass.