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Heeey~ Anoon~
Im so scared of sleeping alone and the night is sooo long. Would you keep me company?

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i don't know if you can fit on my bed

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Ah how perfect!
Sanae asked me the same thing a minute ago, why dont you share a bed with her!

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Fuck yeah!

*Grabs dick*

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Komachi is not a slut.
Komachi has traits other than breasts.
Don't even fucking start this shit.

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I'm becoming unreasonably angry imagining this actually happening.

Don't you know what they're asking you? Why are you turning this down, you fool!

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It is assuredly so. For instance, she's almost a NEET-level slacker.

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They would only annoy me. I would never be able to fall asleep myself. She needs to go bunk with someone else.

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Turning what down? its better if the two girls share a bed to sleep, it would probably make both of them feel safer about it.

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>Im so scared of sleeping alone and the night is sooo long. Would you keep me company?


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I have a hard time falling asleep with someone in the same bed, it's best to pass on this.

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Thats why you never get a girlfriend losers

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>Turning what down?
>I have a hard time falling asleep with someone in the same bed
If I raged any harder, I would start splitting atoms.

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Yeah, and?

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Yes, yes I would. Just make sure to smother me with those tits while you sleep.

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Same. I'm used to sleeping alone so another person being in bed with me would only distract me from falling asleep.

Besides, my bed is too small.

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also why you never got one

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I that will make you happy...

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I will protect you, Komachi.
Beyond time and fate and death itself.

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Please, anon...just for tonight...

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Komachi! Explain yourself! What is going on here?

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Of course I will.
Can't have you sleeping alone in a cold bed.

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I like where this thread is headed

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The best doujin.

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You're horrible.

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I know. ;_;

But to make up for it, I'll start using Komachi more often in PoFV and SWR/12.3

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You're a big girl, Komachi. no pun intended If you're really so afraid, turn on a light in another room. Stop bothering me.

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The author is making a sequel. Redemption is at hand.


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I've heard this. I've also heard that it might actually be a good end.
Oh god, oh god, what if it doesn't get scanned!?

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>komachi despair.png
tineye isn't helping me find sauce. Where do I need to look?

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True. Her conversation sways from carefree to menacing at the drop of a hat, like when she threatened Marisa with sending her to Hell.

No wonder her description says "imposing". They should add sinister to that too.

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Gensokyo e Youkoso series, by Johnny.

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Or was it Gensousato? I don't remember. But the author IS Johnny.

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Don't be silly, everything by Avion Village(Johnny) gets scanned. Although, that might just be because he makes mindbreak/despair stuff, which most people love.

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Touhou Yuukaku 'Gensou Sato' Heyoukoso

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You sure about that?

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I know this is some neckbeard anon trying to troll the board or start a shitty wichtuhufuk!? thread.

It still hurts.

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>Im so scared of sleeping alone and the night is sooo long. Would you keep me company?

I call shenanigans. What the fuck would an aspect of Death be scared of? She's on to something.

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>Im so scared of sleeping alone and the night is sooo long. Would you keep me company?

I call shenanigans. What the fuck would an aspect of Death be scared of? She's up to something.

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Why are the two doujins by this artist I'm most interested in the only ones that aren't scanned? It's not fair...

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He does some other good stuff though, like this adorable Keine pedo doujinshi.


(sadly not translated)

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Shikieiki finding out she's sleeping on the job of course.

She'll claim you seduced her

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Thank you. I was searching only the translated works though, so I missed it.

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Just give the damn name.

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Komachi should wear a bra instead of being so lewd.

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just get an exhentai account~

oh whatever
(C80) [Avion Village F (Fechi)] Kamishirasawa Keine no Dosukebe Kojin Jugyou (Touhou Project)

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What I don't get is, why is she crying at the end? Just looking at the pictures, it seems to progress like a million other H-doujin.

Suck some penis.
Take a penis.
Take another penis.
Glorious hot-glue finish.
Bitter weeping... wait, what the fuck just happened here?

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she doesn't want to be in penis-land

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But lewdness is like 50% of her charm.

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In my experience, lingerie makes things even lewder.

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I remember someone explaining the plot here once, but I don't really remember.
There's more details about it in two other translated Avion Village doujins.

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>she doesn't want to be in penis-land
I don't understand.

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She has a "regular client".
Client really likes her.
Komachi is a sad mess of crushing depression and utter lack of self steem.
Sex happens.
Bunch of other dudes come in, push the other guy aside, and rape Komachi.
When the guys are finished they noticed that the other guy ran away.
Komachi cries miserably.

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>lingerie'd yukkuri
What in the actual fuck?

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Everyone sleeps with Komachi.
Sooner or later.

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After this she tries to escape the brothel.
She fails. She gets locked in the "Recollection Room" for several months. This happens.

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You killed my boner. I can't take it easy like this.

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Go and read some SAZ then. All your bad feelings will float away.

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>mindbreak doujin for a sympathetic character

Doing it wrong. Mindbreak is only fun when it happens to bitches like Rin or Asuka.

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The doujin's focus is actually Eiki. Komachi is just an aside.
That doesn't make it much better.

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Here, have a Koakuma wearing skimpy underwear.

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Such magnificent monstrosity.

It takes longer and longer between the times something surprises me anymore.

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Fun if they are annoying.
Tragic if they are likeable.

I remember about a certain experiment where a group of volunteers would try to enforce people ro remember a list of items/words. The "victims" were to be electrocuted, but the charge would increase with each error, for as long as the torturer deemed fit. The victims were actually helpers of the doctors who were not in any real danger, but would play out likeable and unlikeable personalities.

The ünlikeable victims received 80% more punishment than the likeable ones both in length and intensity, with people who went as Anonymous being the more sadistic.

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>Study shows: People enjoy hurting people they don't like!

Well that's tax money well fucking spent.

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Actually, it shows that people who go under an anonymous persona are more cruel.

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People are more everything when anonymous.

See Sinbag.

>> No.8246666

...really? for me being anonymous means that I can act using more logic-driven thoughts...I can put aside my usual demeanor, determined by my personal hystory.

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What was with the rumors that Avion Village would write a less horrible ending for Komatits in a future doujin?

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Well, I'm sure they're not about to ask a filthy NEET like yourself to participate in their experiments.

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Johnny is asked people to fill a form for what they would like to see. Everyone screamed for a happy end for Komachi.


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Holy shit, science!

>> No.8246708

The white knight in me has a huge smile on his face and is crying tears of joy at this news.
Did he respond to the poll?

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This pleases me. The Komachi arc started out fairly pleasant and turned into HOLY SHIT BAD END through such an abrupt mood swing that it ruined any fapping potential. It just came across as pointlessly mean-spirited.

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>こまっちゃんだやったー。是非ともHappy Endで終わって欲しいなぁ・・・

No answer, but the begging for a Komachi book is overwhelming.

実用性あればオチとか何でもいいよ ・3・

See that 829? Those are in favor for a Komachi good end.

And I just noticed... Komachi has a ring.

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>Komachi has a ring.
On the wrong finger, and the wrong hand.

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Either that, or he's protecting himself from infection or injury as he - per tradition - may have had to cut off his ears to land the job (although to be fair, the tradition doesn't seem to have been enforced all too hard).

Although it's true, medieval or renaissance executioners were the last to retain some amount of anonymity. In the modern age, executioners in most European countries became public officials like any other.

Not sure if anything comparable exists today. It's a pretty big leap from the executioner with the axe in the square to two people in a clean white room pushing two clean white buttons.

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>may have had to cut off his ears to land the job
Shit, seriously?

>> No.8246785

Who cares? Details, details.

I want to see how this plays out. Maybe we will have a Miuke (身請) setting? (which is basically the rescue of a prostitute either by money or any other means from her plight).

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You also get to use your own personal table in taverns. You also were protected by law that one may harm you on pain of death sometimes.

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>Not sure if anything comparable exists today.

In a firing squad, one rifle is always loaded with a blank, so that nobody can be sure if any given soldier was the killer or not.

That's not really anonymity as such, but it serves the same purpose.

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How strongly the tradition was enforced is full of myths, but yes. At least in the Nordic countries, medieval executioners had their ears removed so that they could be identified as executioners and told apart from the general public. Being an executioner was a lifelong job without alternate career choices. Needless to say it wasn't a popular profession, so if someone actually wanted the job they made damn sure he would keep it.

Then again, that was also the same period when executioners were often recruited among prisoners, who were offered a pardon and a job.
Medieval rehabilitation, if you will.

>> No.8246839

>but it serves the same purpose.
It does not. It lets the riflemen believe, if they like, that they might not have deliberately ended somebody's life.

It's a foolish exercise in intelletctual dishonesty. For one, the recoil of a blank is fundamentally different than a live round.

>> No.8246855


It doesn't apply only to the rifleman. Anybody else doesn't know if they're the actual executioners or not either, lending some manner of defense (albeit flimsy) against revenge.

>> No.8246864


That seems counterproductive. Isn't the point of the hood to keep the people from recognizing the executioner? Why would you then give them a permanent disfigurement that marks them as one?

I'm going to assume the earless executioners and the hooded ones come from different traditions.

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It doesn't really do anything since anyone being picked out for a firing squad easily has enough military experience to tell blank and live rounds apart by recoil alone. It's just a gesture - the system allows a symbolic way to escape responsibility.
It's sort of the opposite end of the spectrum from how the emperor of Japan is required to ritually tend to a tiny race paddy inside the palace, so that he symbolically provides for Japan.

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Hmm, you're quick.
Or maybe I'm getting slow in my old age.

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Most likely. The hood never was popular in Scandinavia.

>> No.8246963

you mean all but one.

>> No.8246988


That feeling when you can't even read a post because you're so distracted by the pic.

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File: 27 KB, 398x398, 1319161913626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happens all the time

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File: 277 KB, 850x1200, komachiproud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I can say with absolute certainty that is not what I remember naming it, and not what it looks like on my side.

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>Or maybe I'm getting slow in my old age.
Not at all. Your explanation was much more elegant. And in any event, I suspect I'm older than you anyway.

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Well that's all I see on my side.

>> No.8247080

Might be a server glitch. I'm seeing
over here.

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I can see where this is going.

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why does komachi smoke

it gives you cancer and stuff

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Fairies regenerate when they die. What happens if Cirno falls in the Sanzu? For that matter, what happens to Komachi if she does the same?

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She swims out.

The sea serpents only feast upon mortals.

Youkai don't cross the sanzu.

>> No.8247119

Wait, then what happens to youkai when they die?

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File: 282 KB, 731x1024, komachidark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Komachi reaches the bottom when she's standing.

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Variable. Usually they go through the afterlife bureaucracy and are reincarnated like most everyone else, or become haunting spirits, again like most everyone.

One exception seems to be oni, who seem to go back and forth through hell without much internal logic. As employees.

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Youkai do not die. They are spirits of nature and existence, things of unlife become alive.

As youkai grow older, they get sleepier and sleepier, until they fall into a stasis and go back to the "thing" they came from. (E.g. a Karakasa becomes an umbrella again)

The exception is beast youkai and youkai developed as aberration of the human soul (ghosts), who die once their mutated state is complete (for ghosts, after being put to rest, for beast youkai, after being sealed or living too long), and go to the normal death process after that.

Or maybe not.

Make your own Gensokyo!

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Is Yokai "sleep" reversible, with their original mind mostly intact? That is, is a Yokai "sleeping" an information-theoretic death or not?

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I'd say yes, but it would be an exceedingly difficult task.

You can't just shake an ancient tree and have it wake up. When nature falls asleep, it's usually for new life to wake up.

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So Yukari is getting close to the end of her lifespan.

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fuck off shinigami !!

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