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Can anyone tell me what game/character this is?

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春日丘胡桃 from Hachikoi

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op...that's cute.

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She is so fat!

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She's even fatter than Patchouli.

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My dick is leaking nut just thinking about her fat twats

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> Patchouli
> fat
Not canon.

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let me see.....
i think she is from hachi koi
doki doki majo shinpan clone from EA for the ds
sorry to tell you but it was cancelled ;_;
there was a NSFW tetris game with her in the
homepage of the game
there WAS a game (not anymore)

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Mine too.
maybe... we could let them touch?

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can I watch you guys play?

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Damn, seriously?!
come here little fatty, my hd is comfy and full of space...I'm sure you'll find some frind in there.
don't worry...you'll not vanish in the web alone.

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There's a limit you know.

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Nothing like a fist full of jelly rolls

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For some reason that makes me feel bad.
I would not have cared at all if she was a normal girl.

But to rape the 2D whale is..I just want to hug her big warm soft body.

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damn it now i need to go find that "tsundebu" doujin

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Oh my god it's like a fat Teto. This is horrifying.

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She's cute