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So, are you guys going to kill yourself when SOPA is passed and 4chan is taken down for facilitating piracy?

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>>moot getting banned from the internet

Laughing /jp/ers.jpg

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Me and ZUN!bar are going to go out in a murder-suicide.

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So, are you guys going to kill yourself when the DMCA is passed and 4chan is taken down for facilitating piracy?

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Moot is a fucking faggot, so I guess that is an upside.

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I read that as lovers-suicide.

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i go to the real thing

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Again, whoever made that image has not browsed 2/3 of those boards and probably just looked at their names.

And yes, I know it was you.

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>/jp/ not in EPIC tier

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I dunno

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moot and wtS are.

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Eh, maybe moderation policies might get a bit tighter, and /rs/ and /t/ get removed.

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Hopefully someone will make some alternative chan that doesn't need advertising.

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No loss there then.

Why does /t/ even still exist? 4chan lost its tracker years ago...

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moot doesn't need advertising. He has enough Jew gold to run the site for centuries. Why do you think he fled to Mootxico and stopped accepting donations?

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when i said moderation gets tighter

I mean /jp/'s staple comiket/reitaisai/other doujin event threads will likely be deleted on sight.

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I don't care what you cool cats say. I'd rather have a Nazi-like babysitter than shitposts. If you can't deal with that, you're probably a shitposter yourself.

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Because the j-list dude and hiroyuki pay him money?

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what exactly are you going to talk about on this board then you retarded shitposting fucking mongoloid. he just said half the boards content is going to be eliminated and you say "GOOD" because there is a couple off-topic posts? you should have been strangled at birth.

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You just sounded retarded as can be

shitposting isn't covered in anti-piracy bills, pirated content is however. Shitposting would still go on and what amounts to the fucking board's lifeblood will die off

that said, Share hash threads probably could stay.

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Is /diy/ really good? I hung around there for a few days after it was immediately created and it seemed like a dick waving contest between angry, rude hipsters over who knew the most about surviving in the outdoors and indoor ball-pits.

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Meaning that /jp/ will get moderated on the only aspect it doesn't need moderation.

Shitposting will be left almost intact, threads that have even the slightest resemblence to link sharing threads will be nuked.


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All boards think they were the best in their earliest days, so you should really enjoy /diy/ while you can.

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dont kill urself u have so much to live OFOR

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But actually providing quality content to the community will be strongly discouraged, if not impossible, while shitposting whatnot will be legally okay.

In short, Congress wants to take your touhous and replace them with parkrangers and Sudos.

4chan will become a glorified version of facebook for tripfags.

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A IRC shitstorm untill we find another place to stay, probably /bun/ or any other chan.

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Maybe we will get to keep our touhous if Zun doesn't send any take down notices about copyright infringement.

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I kind of doubt there's going to be much from doujin circles, not worth the trouble if they even know to begin with.

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When is this going to get passed?

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Losing 4chan is really a minor inconvenience. I'd guess a lot of the chans will be hit hard. I don't really know how much people care/how much they matter.

I used to think I'd kill myself if this happened, but I've got a big enough backlog to tie me over until either I adapt or a replacement is found. No worries I guess, part of me would even be glad to see it happen.

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You could just put in 4chan's IP into the address bar and come here. That negates the DNS entirely, the solution provided by SOPA is flawed and easily circumvented. there's no reason to worry regardless, since it won't get passed, and if it does, it would (hopefully) be vetoed.

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It won't

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I don't think there's a real solid date, it still has to get debated and amended for a few more days before even getting to the president's desk, who already promised to veto it. Likely action is it will pass back through legislation and get 2/3 override

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It'll be just like when the nameserver used to go down every week!
In fact those were the best times, since only people capable of editing a text file were capable of getting on 4chan and the average age/IQ took a hike as a result.

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>2/3 override

Oh wow

That's fucking hilarious

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Minor chans that are virtually costless to mantain up will be just fine and dandy, with some stupid tool like MAFIAAFire or whatever. It's the bigger chans that need ad revenue (read: 4chan) that will be hit hard.

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A president who also promised to close Guantanamo and end the war with Iraq in record time.

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Relax, the government may be shut down again tomorrow. That will keep SOPA away for a while.

While the government is down I'll finally be able to download all of my loli incest rape doujins on the local Hospital's wifi without fear.

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Election promises tend not to carry much weight, and he's done a few things towards having it shut down, its not the kind of thing you can just pull the plug on.

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Loli isn't under question here, piracy is.

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>shut down again tomorrow


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Are you suggesting the government won't use their powers for things other than piracy?

I bet you believe all those laws to tackle the HORRIFYING THREAT of CHILD PORNOGRAPHERS are actually about CP.

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Supposedly they are on the verge of shutting down again. Tomorrow is the dead line.
Considering the entire detainment Bill, they could spin the loli downloads as piracy if they wanted to.

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Oh god damn it, that again?

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CP != loli, first of all.

Second, CP is typically found in the "deep web", which is essentially not touchable. Pedos have no reason to quake in their boots over this.


I sincerely doubt it.

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I'd have to actually get off my ass and get a job if I couldn't pirate things anymore.

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Seems like it is still the deficit. I haven't seen any more news regarding that since around 6 AM CST.

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and people question the sanity of those that save everything they can, and to think I was one of those

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What happens when the gov't shuts down?
Do I get any money?

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People who get their salaries from the government dont get payed.

I read something about this before, someone care to remind me or give some link?

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> CP != loli, first of all.
Hey, that's where we're headed.

Anyway my mishmash of a sleeplessness-fuelled argument was that the government will likely use this to take down other sites in the name of "piracy", just as they use and try to pass ridiculous laws with names like the "Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act". As loli is brought into the limelight, more and more American soccer moms are starting to complain about it. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few loli sites taken down under the terms of SOPA, but for real motives other than anti-piracy.

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I can't wait. I really hope it gets passed.

I just love it when shit hits the fan.

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Depends on how it gets passed really, there are constantly amendments being proposed to ensure that those sorts of abuse don't happen.

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I know it's technically a legal issue, but it really pisses me off that the government are passing and using laws for the sake of a few fat cat corporations. It's scary how much control the private sector has over the American government.

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Stallman was right.

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>facilitating piracy
But uh, doesn't the whole Internet, actually facilitate piracy? Might as well take is down too. And while you're at it, why not take down everything else too because there would be no more pirates and kill everyone and

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Congratulations, you figured out what is wrong with SOPA.

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What are the practical consequences of this?

I imagine Mediafire and company would be forced to severely restrict uploading. Maybe song covers and gameplay videos would be hit as well?

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And by practical, I mean "immediate changes that normalfags would care about."

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What do you mean by normalfags? If you are talking about the mass of people that jus use facebook and reddit, and buy their music from iTunes, probably nothing.

For /a/ or /v/ tier normalfags? They are definitely not getting animes, videogames or music through link sharing and that stuff.

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Its probably not that strict since its hard to make it that strict without getting booted out for being unconstitutional. I effects things like piratebay mostly, since thats nearly exclusively used for piracy.

but its not very effective, all the bill does is say that DNS entries be redirected if a site is being sued. That's easy to circumvent simply by either knowing the site's IP and thus bypassing the DNS, or using a DNS server not effected by the law.

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It will affect torrenting/downloading Your Shit For Free, video game/anime/movie/music streaming (I would believe this includes video sites such as Youtube), shit like that.
But it'll only affect those hosted in the US, so Share/PD will be fine.
Or you can just do that IP trick that has been mentioned multiple times in this thread.

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>affect those in the united states.

piratebay is STILL immune? christ. Most torrent trackers are based outside the US as it is.

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Terrible tracker. But if I ever want to remember the sky isn't falling down, I just need to see that they're still kicking.

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I thought it went by US law or some shit?

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