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/jp/ - Otaku Culture

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50 g6nna f4c2 y64

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moot should have named the board "Otaku Subculture" instead, it would be more accurate.

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>fan on the computer

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Why wear pants?

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Ren confirmed for filthy Jew.

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Stop posting yourselves or I'll start posting my dick.

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I would like to see how I compare to other /jp/ers.

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Should I get it hard first?

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Those are some hairy ass legs

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I like how you're not connected to the internet there

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Throw that q-tip out! Disgusting!

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Really? It's tough to see, but I think that's his LAN cable connection that's unplugged.

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I went and looked up that post and it was actually pretty high quality.


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Nothing Sudo posts is high quality.

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I think he was reporting this one:

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Whenever I see the original I always imagine the pain of this happening. Ouch.

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Why does this image arouse me?

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Nice thread, good night /jp/

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Why are /jp/sies so hairy?

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It's indicative of being able to grow long locks of healthy hair.
For some of us it kinda just grows everywhere ;_;

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Casual and new as fuck, no wonder she's a shitposter.

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Has anyone ever walked in on you fapping?

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Two or three times, and you?

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I always have a blanket covering me so when people have walked in on me I just played it cool and they didn't say a thing.

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Your mother understands and respects your need to sexually relieve yourself. She was young once too.

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Not once. I've always had a lock on my door. For almost 10 years now I've had a lock on my door that only I have the key to so there's no chance of me getting caught unless they kick down/in the door. These doors are solid wood so there's even less of a chance for them to do that.

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Oh no, you must be mistaken. Mothers don't have sexual desires.

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I never use my locks. If I ever did my parents would have to call me just to get my attention. Sadly, my parents rarely even knock on my door and when they do they open it before I have any time to react.

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My parents assume my door is always locked and knock. I don't think they've ever tried to actually open my door when I'm in here. There have been only two or three times I can remember when I was actually in my room and my door was unlocked.

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My mom has several times. It doesn't bother me and she doing care. I just finish wanking with her there

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Did she help you finish?
That is incredibly arousing.

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Several times. No one respects my privacy, they just walk into my room.

Speaking of which, they've also managed to scare me shitless at night by opening my door slowly and suspensefully while I'm trying to fall asleep.

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I would find that far to awkward.

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No. That would be too awkward.

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That's unfortunate. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you asked nicely. There's nothing wrong with a helping hand from mom.

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Personally, I would rather get a helping hand from my imouto instead of my mom.

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I have a very big fetish for casually helping family members masturbate. Whether they provide visual or physical stimulation, having it happen as casually and easily as asking for salt at the dinner table really turns me on.

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Especially something like this. I mean, there's no physical contact. Why doesn't it happen more often?

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Why is this censored.

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Because I don't feel like being banned because someone reported it and then having all of my posts cleared.

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Well, I hate to do this to you, but can you give me the source.

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Sister Price by Tanaka Ex. The first chapter is the most erotic because in the second one the sister masturbates and in the third they have sex. You can see those in any old doujinshi. You rarely see something like someone paying their sister to spread her legs so they can masturbate.

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I hate it when all of my posts get deleted.

Fucking ``meido''

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Thanks, sir. The image search didn't work because of the black marks.

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Wow she wasn't a virgin in chapter 3. Boner lost.

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I usually retain my erections whenever Tanaka Ex is involved. I really like how he does interactions between siblings.

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Why do you say that?

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She's wearing a Sexy Synthesizer shirt.

Never would have expected a namedrop like that in a doujin, but I'm fine with it.

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Because it makes me wonder why she isn't. A teenager, that could not be above sophomore year and she's already having sex with random guys with no commitment. I just can't keep it up if there is no love, and being a whore sleeping around like that at such an age just shows that she doesn't give a damn about it.

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I meant what makes you think she wasn't a virgin. They both seemed very awkward and nervous, things indicative of a first time. Just because she didn't start gushing blood, or explicitly mention that it was her first time, doesn't mean she wasn't a virgin.

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Maybe I'm just a pessimist, or maybe I've creeped farther into misanthropy thanks to the internet. Just forget about it.

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