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best rider so far

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nigga you gay

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best rider so far

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how does it feels to be surrounded by hot thirsty starved dicks?

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Feels like the average /jp/ meetup.

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Sure she is. Who wouldn't ride her?

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Best Rider so far.

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Best Rider if you're a fujoshi or teenager you mean.

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I would give him a load of mana if you know what i mean.

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Hahahaha nope

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By a load of mana you mean a good hard round of jackhammering?

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Yeah... Just no.

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Alexander's low prana capacity makes him an instant loss in a battle against Medusa, he has no counter for Kybele

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Gil's expression gets me everytime.

It's like he doesn't give a shit about Hetaroi after seeing it for the first time while Alexander is still boasting and Saber is still scared.

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was it also possible for all rider's warriors( in which he states as heroic spirits/servants) to also posses noble phantasms?

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They don't have any themselves, but they can wield them. The reason he wanted to team up with Gilgamesh was so his army could use Gil's NPs.

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Surrounded by all those dicks and can't fuck a single one. Must be hard, eh Gil?

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im sure there's alot of weird stuff you can find on the background if you look closely enough.

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Medusa is only good for porn doujins and fanart.

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Huh? What's wrong?

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I don't get it.

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the guy probably kept his mustache well trimmed and combed it twice a day with a small mustache comb.

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Shit tier servant, only good for Sakaki gags.

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Alexander: move the mustache guy to the frontline!

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looks like hes got two staches.

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Its called a shadow.

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Imagine an army of fashionable mustache warriors coming towards you with an intent to kill, what would you do gil?

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The only rider I acknowledge. That one currently being shown on TV is just a body builder who lost his way.

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Use EA to kill them with no effort.

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>just a body builder who lost his way...
... after he conquered the known world, that is. What did Medusa ever do, besides get bullied by her sisters and have psychic-sex with Shiro?

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Gil has more than enough in his arsenal to deal with them.

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A shit tier servant who could wipe out Iskander's army with Bellerophon.

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Made me fap.

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Gee I don't know

Hold her ground against Black Saber?

Which Alexander cannot do in any way, shape, or form.

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>Gee I don't know
Should've stopped there for a better answer. You don't know, stop guessing.

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At least Medusa was beautiful enough to stir up emotions in the gods making a fine addition to the sex scenes in F/HA. Alexander was a second rate conqueror next to Genghis.

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Yet, she can still beat Saber Alter, a feat Alexander will never amount to.

Isn't it sad Alexander?

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Well she cannot defeat Black Saber alone, only with Shirou's support, and it's actually a DKO even then. Shirou had to finish off Black Saber personally.

However, she was able to engage Black Saber on even grounds after focusing Kybele upon her.

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Kybele wouldn't work against Iskander though, who has rC luck.
At best, he'd be slowed down a little, but when we consider him a main character with plot armor, he'd trounce Medusa with no effort.

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A Saber Alter who was holding back, while having outside support.
Which is along the lines of saying Avenger could beat Saber Alter, because Bazett would be there and could Fragarach Saber Alter if the conditions were right.

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>Kybele wouldn't work against Iskander though, who has rC luck.

Incorrect. Kybele operates depending on the Magical Energy status of the Servant. It has nothing to do with Luck.
Servants with rank below B are petrified instantaneously. B rank risks petrification if they break concentration. A rank and above cannot be petrified, but suffer "pressure" equivalent to losing one rank in every stat. This is how she kept up with Black Saber.
Alexander's rank is C. Instantaneous loss.

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Question: Plus and minus modifiers don't work in the same way as rank-ups, right? Like Lancelot, for example, is supposed to gain a rank in all parameters when he draws Arondight. How would that work when most of his stats are already A's?

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It does for A ranks.

At least that's what implied, as all of Herakles' base A stats are A+ with his Mad Enhancement, which is 1 rank boost across the board.

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I hate how the reduce the names of legends for this faggotry.

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Your hero took it in the rear.

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The status page says C and Lower.
Rider has C, so he would be slowed like Archer at best. Besides there would be mages in his army that can set up magical barriers and even then, to freeze the entire army would be too much of a drain for Rider.

Check and Mate.

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The status page says lower than C.
Rider has C, so he would be slowed like Archer at best. Besides there would be mages in his army that can set up magical barriers and even then, to freeze the entire army would be too much of a drain for Rider.

Check and Mate.

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You are mom.

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Not him, and I am not saying Alexander wouldn't win.
But fighting against the Gorgon would be a fight that would fell the majority of his army, and one that they could lose were they to mess up somehow.

Its basically canon that she could take on Greek armies on her own. Now, Alexander's army might be a bit better and everything, so sure.
And Perseus needed specialized counter hax to take her on.

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He could have brought a mirror.

I'm just saying he was raised on the best the greeks had to teach, I'm sure he learned his lore.

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Actually Alexander was famous for having the Medusa head on his breastplate. A number of fancomics touch on this.

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You're comparing servant rider to alive medusa.

Servant rider dies 100% too quickly for her monstrous strength ability to kick in.

Alive Alexander was a man of genius of conquering shit, he would have had men troll the swamp for Perseus's shield before dreaming of fighting a gorgon. That or built a really really really long mirrored spear.

Servant Iskander however would have noticed his army getting stone deathed and probably had them flank her while he did something awesome and then get stabbed while talking about how awesome it was.

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She does turn gorgon in F/HA.