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Feel THIS. *grabs twat; is 300 pounds*

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I'll feel your dick, dude.

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Can I smell your fart? I sure can, Yukari-sama.

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Not yet.
Try giving a paizuri.

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>300 pound twat
that made me laugh

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>That feel when Yukari-sama opens up portals in your lungs and slowly fills them with semen from a million different men, slowly making you drown in semen as she watches you die a slow and painful death.

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I don't know that feel, anon.
Do you?

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I died as I lived.

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That's quite fucked up

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Cans she rape me with slimy tentacles as I'm drowning in cum?

Pretty please.

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Unlimited potential for lewd acts.

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I wonder is she could port the dicks of all males masturbating all around the world and force them to cum on her.

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I wonder how many people she's pranked by making a portal of an animals vagina inside their onahole.

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Ability: Glory Gaps

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HELL jea i can "ITSUMA DEMO" xD

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Alone at last in your small apartment, you stand completely naked, hunched over in your bathtub while you vigorously jerk off. Your body is dripping with sweat and you tend to be messy, so doing it in the shower only makes sense. You get lost in the sensation but are rudely interrupted as Yukari opens a gap behind you and jams her finger deeply into your tight anus. Surprised and shaken as you were sure about being alone, you glance over to see her mesmerizing gap and elegant hand stretched out from its maw.

Flustered as you are finally at last graced with the presence of the mystifying and all powerful Yukari, you try to gain your composure but fail as pleasure floods over your body. You are lost in the ecstasy of jerking off and the pressure of Yukari's finger deep inside of you. Simulating you in ways once thought impossible, you completely surrender to her, gasping as she presses firmly against your prostate.

In a final climax, pleasure overtakes you as you feel the pulsing of an oncoming orgasm. Your body feels molten hot and a jolt of electricity speeds through your spine. It is at that moment that Yukari opens a gap in front of your face and throbbing dick, showing the startled face of your favorite Touhou on the other end. It is too late now and you bust, releasing all of your thick, smelly cum all over the panicked face of the one you hold so dear. You show off your lewdest face to her, overcome with pleasure as your eyes roll back and tongue sticks out. Your embarrassing ahegao is out for her to see. Your image and well being now destroyed in front of your favorite Touhou, the gap closes with you left alone and slumped over in a disgusting mess. With any chance of your favorite Touhou ever loving you or even respecting you now destroyed, Yukari wisps herself away as her haughty and elegant laugh fills the night.

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Severely underused potential.

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If I had her power, I'd use it to suck off sleeping guys~n

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The yukari who resides in gaps is my favorite yukari

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Your personal experience Anon?

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So who is your favorite Touhou?

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>Yukari forces you to cum on your favorite toho's face against her will

What if Yukari IS my favorite toho?

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Then she sucks your cock, dude.

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Why didn't Yukar just gap knifes into the throat of every lunarian to win the war?
Why didn't she just gap the sake into her hands right away?

Damn I am lacking that frodo.jpg

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I like that remix.

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Yukari is easily capable of doing something against her own will.

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Yukari opens the portal to your favorite touhou without knowing who your favorite touhou actually is.

She knows there's a small chance it could be her, that's part of the thrill.

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So its like russian roulette with cocks and semen instead of guns and bullets?
..I also want to play.

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Because moon is full of magical and technological defences.

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Then she has your cum gush over her own face and proceeds to rape you for having good taste.

Maybe she will let you be one of her sinsacks.

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She can't, her gap only extends to Gensokyo, she needed the special pathway that connects the moon capital and Gensokyo once every something blue moons.

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suck my big fat cock yukari

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If only....
Sometimes I fantasize that Yukari is sometimes watching me masturbate.

I like the Yuugi Hoshiguma

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Yukari opens a gap in front of you while you are masturbating and says this.

How would you proceed?

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>her gap only extends to Gensokyo

No. She can gap all around the Earth.

Moon is different because it's protected by lunarian magic.

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You might end with your dick gaped into a horse vagina, and that isn't even the worst ending

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She makes you think you're going to have sex with a bunch of hot chicks.

Then you go into the portal, and she makes you have sex with men while the girls all watch.

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No, that would be the BEST ending.

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Would you still do it, knowing the risks?

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I don't recognize this doujin.

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it's fucking magic, ZUN doesn't have to explain shit

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who wouldn't?

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>(C80) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Kyouran Chijoku Sekkan | Crazed Humiliation Chastisement (Touhou Project) [English] {doujin-moe.us}

It's complete and utter shit, the only good part is that exact exert.
But then again I don't like tentacle rape, so you might think differently.

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>futanari and stuff

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Sometimes I like to think that if you ever had sex with Yukari, she would tell you it's fine to cum right inside her.
But then right before you cum she would gap your cum into an unsuspecting Touhou's womb. And she would do this every time you cum inside her, saying that it's perfectly fine, you wouldn't even know
Meanwhile Touhous all throughout Gensokyo are mysteriously becoming pregnant without their knowledge.
Plot of Touhou 14

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this might be the last thing you see

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Best plot ever

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It would be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

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She would torture, humiliate and rape you while eating you slowly.

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remember me
remember everything we used to be
can you feel my heart pounding, pounding
will be forever, will you
remember you, remember me
I remember everything we used to be
cos my blood is still pumping, pumping
will be forever, will you remember me

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