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I know people don't like Letty as much, but this is ridiculous.
Come on guys.
Show me some cute Letty pictures.
this is the only one I have

and no lewd pictures

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I like Letty

This one is cute

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I actually find this one cute too. If it wasn't so lewd, I'd save it.
Not cute.
Not cute enough.

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/jp/ - Lewd Control

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You want a story? Well here it goes.

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Jesus thats super cuute

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Spring has come

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She's not fat or "auntie" looking. Quite cute.


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There's sure an awful lot of ribbons in here

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Post them Lettys guys, I know you have them hidden.

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so cute, but something about that expression is giving another kind of eerie feeling

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Remember, it's not winter if it's not Letty.

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She has such a nice theme but for some reason it doesn't receive enough attention.

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It's cool like the wildwest

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No oppai

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Where's my snow Letty, you said there would be snow, i can't stand seeing the rain everyday, do something Letty, c'mon.

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I wish I lived near a lake again. It was quite a scene to look at a greyed misty lake with the snow blowing about just above it. Out in the open but the falling snow whiting everything out makes it feel so strangely isolated.

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Letty's one of my favorite 2hus. PCB 1st level memories...

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booty phatrock

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcRQ-i72A94 Glorious winter.
too bad it doesn't fucknig snow this year, feel sad man.

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I love winter and the snow. God bless Letty.

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Tohuou Jazz time


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Thanks for the link. It sure feels nice.
Winter has this certain charm, which I doubt and hope isn't a remnant of past teenage angst, that warrants my great appreciation, whether it's the bitter cold or dreary rains. My second favorite season probably is Fall.

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I'm happy about it. Toronto's' winters are fucking horrendous.

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It started raining earlier before I went to bed and it's been raining all day. Tomorrow's weather is forcasted for rain as well. Couldn't be happier.

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what the fuck happened to the weather, it's not even cold outside.

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Did someone mention jazz? In the context of winter?


This will always be my winter song. I love the ~monogatari albums so much. Can't wait for Akamonogatari!

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I've read your post for a dozen times. But I still need your confirmation.

Bugbeard's releasing a new ~monogatari?

Please don't tell me it's this coming Winter Comiket.

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Yup! I just found out a couple of weeks ago. I'm extremely excited.

The site is here: http://www.gcfactory.sakura.ne.jp/gcf4/tokusetsu/XACS0004.php

There's a crossfade, but the site doesn't say anything about a release date.

Anyways, as long as it's coming at some point, I'm happy. At this point it seems likely they'll do the whole series, which would be beyond wonderful.

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Your news is an early Christmas present for me. That album is my Christmas present. Thank you very much, me fellow Touhou jazz fan. Cheers

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Also, I was looking at the track list, then...

>12.紅楼 - Eastern Dream...

just... the most perfect Christmas ever. I'm reminded of tanigon's mesmerizing rendition in his INVERSIONS & DIMENSIONS album.

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Letty is a classy dame so let's make this a Touhou Jazz thread.

More Letty Jazz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzJoaU1bXYM

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Oh yeah, that album is incredibly good. I hope there's another in the future. (I&D and Shrine Maiden's Voyage are the only two there are right now, right?)

Oh, and in case there's anyone reading this thread who would like to know about this but doesn't yet, allow me to plug my Touhou jazz torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=194626

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Touhou jazz bros for life.

Also, you didn't kow about tanigon's third album? 'BLOOM ABOUT MIDNIGHT' was scheduled for Reitaisai 8, but never surfaced. Thought of asking you about that tho.

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Oh, now that you mention it, that one is mentioned in a Remilia thread I saved to go through later that had some jazz.

Actually, in that thread Remi mentions that it's available online: http://alice-books.com/item/show/446-1

I'm going to buy it. Actually, it's really cheap, so everyone should buy it! I'll still upload it, though. I wish more stuff was available for overseas shipping...

Actually, it looks like Nekomonogatari and Kazemonogatari are available on there too; I now feel obligated to buy those, too. Those people deserve so much money.

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I agree whole-heartedly with the whole supporting thing.

However, being a poorfag who can only board college free internet, I can only worship you if you ever upload said album, and I wish you have the best Christmas ever.

If I'm not financially restrained, them albums, I'll buy as much copies of them as I can, so they have enough money to produce more delicious jazz for people like you and me.

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Great! It's nice to share a hobby with people with the right approach to acquiring stuff. I'll be sure to put it on mediafire as soon as I get it. Happy downloading, and I hope you have a comfortable amount of disposable income after college!

Here's an image with Letty in it to slightly un-derail the thread.

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Have I thanked you man? Maybe I'll thank you again.

Also, un-derailing this thread with more Letty, although she looks rather lonely in this one.

this guy's style was initially uninteresting to me, but I've grown fond of it lately

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I like fast-paced Jazz in this style.


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Who's the artist?

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Some guy called "iqdb". He's pretty popular; surprised you haven't heard of him.

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onikobe rin, try IQDB next time, it will prove incredibly useful

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Why there are no post complaining or talking about snow and winter ?
i remember the last year that everyone was talking about winter and took photo of their place full of snow. Even in the news i hear nothing about winter.
Where's the fucking snow.

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Not much snow around here this year. We had an early snowfall but almost nothing since then.

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Letty is a fucking curse from hell.

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Global warming.

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Best touhou jazz song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhxH5E3bwr4

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Wow, a Letty thread turned into a Touhou Jazz thread. Awesome. I only wish I could post my favorite Crystallized Silver but it doesn't seem to be on Youtube. It's not that hard to find though.

"Fine Snow" on CON's album MIMOLETTE. The singer's vocals are so pure.

For now I'll leave you with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF9x2B1LGH0

For something completely different, yet hilariously awesome see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZQWm6n0BL0

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I fucking love CON + Akane Kuyuri (Is it?). And surreacheese as a whole.

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why so much hate

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hm ? Calling me fat again ?
look, i'm not fat.
Can you leave me alone now ?

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I've never seen snow in my life. It doesn't snow here.

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seeing snow make me wish to go in the north, it's so beautiful (and so white it blind my eyes)
it hide a lot of ugly things, like a city itself.
You should consider going somewhere with snow, even people in the middle east had fun with snow when it appeared for the first time.

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Well since I never leave my room I doubt I'll go and find some snow, but thanks anyway. Oddly enough Letty is one of my favorite Touhous.

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> it hide a lot of ugly things, like a city itself.

Uh. No. No, you have no idea.

Imagine walking down the street ankle-deep in brown, gooey, corrosive mess that leaves salt stains everywhere. Now imagine slipping and falling into it.

Got the image? That's what winter is actually like in a city.

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in a populated city yes, but my place is just some sort of town, the roads have this brown gooey snow but not on the sidewalk, it's pretty much empty around me.

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Cities are wonderful in winter as long as you don't look down.