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Fuck off.

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Every rose has its thorns, and I am no exception,
Watch your hands, Komachi, my dangerous beauty's no deception.

The name is Yuka Kazami, and fresh beats I deliver,
Make you shiver and quiver, DUAL SPARK your ass down the river!

My victory is assured, once I plant the seeds,
Then water it with rhymes, and cut you out like weeds.

You had one game appearance, yet you're coming at me?
Big mistake, kid, as you'll soon see.

I'm a beloved elder Youkai, you were a one scene wonder,
You got no hope, reaper, and you're makin' a blunder.

You're gonna step too me? Well there's one thing you should know:
Best be careful, girl, because you reap what you sow.

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YAWN. I'm sorry. Have we started yet?
Oh, I can see that we have. You're already starting to sweat.

It's good that you're nervous, because I kill it on the mic,
Gather 'roud everyone, 'cause I'm gonna school this dyke.

I'll reap your soul, Yuuka, then leave your body to the vultures.
You definitely put the "hor" in horticultures~

Elder youkai? Please, you really think you're so great?
You didn't even matter back in PC 98.

Even in Gensokyo you looks stupid, from what I have seen.
The fuck is up with your hair? What are you a natural green?

You mean nothing to me, girly, you're just a flower I'll pluck.
Just shut up and sit down, 'cause no one gives a fuck.

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Wait? That's it? I say you must be crazy.
You rhyme just like you work: ha, fucking lazy!

I'm starting to see red, things are startin' t'get hazy,
It's only a matter of time before you'll be pushing up dasies!

You aint reaping shit, reaper, so get back on your boat.
Run back home to safety, 'cause I'm going for the throat.

You're a joke. You're nothing. Your breasts are your only feature,
What hope do you have against the Ultimate Sadistic Creature?

Ask Alice, or Teshi, or even your flat little master,
Coming at me like this spells only one thing: DISASTER!

I'll beat that ass raw, then make you beg for more,
'Cause when this is over, you'll be MY little "hor"

We're gonna get a little crazy, tying you up with my vines,
Make you a brand new Hentai: "Bitch Chokes On More Than Her Lines"!

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>not rhyming "Yuuka" with "makes my dick puke-ah"

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hahahaha nice

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YAWN. God damn. Your rhymes are such a stupid bore.
Then again I know for you, thinking is quite the chore.
Too bad, Yuuka, there's no A for effort, no extra credit for trying.
But now I gotta end this and send you running home Crying.
What the fuck do you even do? Manipulation of flowers?
Tch. Please, come back when you have some real powers.
You got murder. Sadism. Now terrible rhymes as well?
Well we know I'm not lying when I say "See you in hell!"
The Yama will be pleased once she gets ahold of your soul,
Your sins carry a hefty price, as we'll make sure you pay your toll~
I'm gonna go back to sleep, now. This wasn't even worth my time.
To go against this hag, bitch can't even rhyme.
I was woken up to battle, but you can't even rap.
So settle down, crone. It's time for your dirt nap.

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In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, I mained Komachi and my friend mained Yuka.
This is mad fun.

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I liked it.
Thanks OP.

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>mfw this thread

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Mango Sentinel vs Any Touhou

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umm Yuuka

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Marisa vs Alice

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I say Yuuka Kazami although the second part of Komachi's rap was good.
>So settle down, crone. It's time for your dirt nap.

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Tokiko (xD!!) vs Ran

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Please make a rap battle with a dyslexic China and half-brained Yoshika, 'm serious, do it.

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already did Tokiko vs Wriggle

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Komachi is playable in three games...

Yuuka seems to be a bit better.

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give Sunflower Fairy a chance!

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My nigga Yuuka went hard on da mic yo.

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>"Bitch Chokes On More Than Her Lines"!
This was genius.

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Someone should have posted these in the Vocaroo thread when it was still up.

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Make one with Mima and Mamizou. ;_;

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Daiyousei vs Koakuma

Battle of the Nameless

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Cirno vs Utsuho

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Byakuren and Yuyuko

Do it.

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best thread on /jp/

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glorious yuuka

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Flandre vs anyone.

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already done Cirno V Tewi
and Utsuho V Kanako

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mima vs shinki

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that was pretty ballin, I can't decide who won.

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I'm super late to the party, but what the fuck ever. If rap nigger is still looking at this thread, I wish to let it be known I am still waiting for Nazrin versus Tenshi.

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Always checking back with the threads. /jp/ is where I get the next VS from.
I'm not lying when I say that /jp/ decides.

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This is gay. Like wow.

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This would be an excellent thread if any of this was actually funny.

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I would rather BLEED by ears out by putting a grinding disk on a record player

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I wouldn't mind seeing a Nitori VS Eirin or maybe a Aya VS Hatate fight.

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Aya VS Hatate is probably not too far off.
I get at least one request for that every thread.

It's a little obvious for a matchup, but it's not unbearably blatant like Reimu VS Marisa, which will be a cold day in hell before I write that.

Don't like it? Tough tits.
Go contribute your own OC.

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