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Visual Novel translation status

11eyes - 2nd partial patch out, 2092 lines left to translate and 7444 lines left to edit before the third partial patch
Air - "Misuzu 78% + Editing"
Aiyoku no Eustia - "translation for the first chapter is almost finished"
Akai Ito- Yumei's route released, Nozomi route fully inserted,Uzuki route 40% inserted, 14300/21674 (65.98%) overall inserted, last untranslated arc being translated by original translator
Amaranto - Trial released
Apathy Midnight Collection - fully translated, one arc left to edit
>Ayakashibito - ~60% translated, Tonya's route translated
Baldr Force Exe - Project starting up
Baldr Sky - Translation ongoing
Cartagra - Initial translation complete, future is unknown
Concerto Note - C&D, continuing, translation at 37%, editing at 16%
Daiteikoku - 25% translated partial patch out
DraKoi- Initial translation complete
>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 70.0% translated, second partial patch out
>Forest - 6662/11938 (55.8%) lines translated, no updates until finishing a script with >25% of the text
Fortune Arterial- 52 of 122 scripts translated, 14 of 122 scripts edited, patch for the trial version of the game
Hanahira - 10 of 50 scripts translated
Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni - 2857 / 8082 (35.35%) lines translated
Higurashi Daybreak - being translated
Hinomaru- 19% translated, main arc editing
Honey Coming- Prologue 100% translated, common route 80% translated. Yuma Shichiri's route 5% translated
>Hoshizora no Memoria - prologue patch out, common route fully translated, Isuzu's patch released, overall 38900/55183 (70.49%) translated
Hunks Workshop - ~25% rough translation
Ikusa Megami Zero - Project alive again, 5205 lines translated
Imouto Paradise - 5% translated

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>Irotoridori no Sekai - 8,850/51,105 (17.32%) lines translated, up through chapter 6 translated, teaser patch in December
Kawakaburi No Cherry - Being translated
Koitate - Yukino’s route patch released
Little Busters - Fully translated and edited, patch out with Haruka's route and Kud's route
>Majikoi- Yukie + Chris + Momoyo + teacher route patch released, Wanko route TL: 59%
M&M Enchanting Magic & Sweet Charms- 92%
Milky Holmes - Being translated
Muv-Luv Chronicles - Work being done on The Day After 00 + 01
Never 7 - all 113 scripts and 55 of 111 tips through initial translation, 20/113 scripts through final translation
Nursery Rhyme - 9049/34410 lines (26.3%) translated
Ore no Imouto - 9.4% (28/299) scripts translated
Otomimi Infinity - 6630 /105610 (6.28%) translated
>Period- All image/UI editing complete, game total translation: 73.84% complete, Miyu + Rin + Aoi + Kohane patches released
Princess Lover - 10% translated
>Princess Maker 5- 42% translated
Princess Nightmare - Translator said the project is still active, but very slow, nearly 50% translated
Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails- Sachi Patch released, 81.69% translated
Rance 3 - 75% translated
Rance 4 - 20% translated
Rance Quest - 2% translated
Real Imouto ga Iru - translation: 4330/16108 (27%) editing: 3910/16108 (24%), demo up
Rewrite - Ixrec's project following Forest
Sensei Da-isuki 2- roughly 25% translated, still active
Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi: Total: 185/5400 translated
Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo - Fully translated, someone has gone through all the scripts for editing
Sin- 65% of episode 1 translated
Shuffle Essence+ - group working on it, nearly non working alpha released

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Sorairo - 2755/48557 (6%) lines translated
Steins;Gate - Script and TIPS fully translated, being edited. Unedited patch out, all early scripts fixed, system images finished
Suihensei Made Nan Mile - 32% translated, plans to get a patch out "soon"
Tenshi No Inai 12-Gatsu-"status: ~translating:active~"
Tenshin Ranman - 2% translated
The Second Reproduction - Fully translated, 90% edited
Togainu No Chi- 77% translated, partial patch out
To Heart2-63% translated- "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", alpha patch with Konomi, Tamaki, Manaka and Yuma routes translated
Tomoyo After - Partial patch released
Toradora Portable - Being translated
Touka Gettan: translation status: ~30% translated
Umineko 8 - Translation: 75% of what was not included in part 1
Under The Moon- 6% translated/checked/programmed, still active
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 - 1st draft translation complete
>Yandere - 22.2% translated
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated, 6% edited
Yosuga no Sora - Roughly 40% translated

Aroduc has been working on something new, though has yet to reveal the title. ~57209 /76302 lines translated

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combo bimbo

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Official work

>Dear Drops - Beta testing, trial expected next week, Feb 2012 planned release
Ef - Scripts back to minori
Harukoi Otome - 6 scripts left to translate
Dengeki Strykers - Translation and editing complete, 2012 release
>Sexy magic title from Score- finished testing
Da Capo III - Mentioned at AX
Innocent Grey would also like to bring over an upcoming title related to Kara no Shoujo
Negotiations with age still ongoing
Negotiations for Oretsuba are still ongoing
Games from Denbonosu - "Hopefully in the future with MangaGamer, I can do something in the US too."[president of Denbonosu]
Negotiations ongoing with Clochette, would like to bring over Kamikaze Explorers
Picked up a Circus title with gameplay

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou - Golden Master, release mid to late December
Yumina the Ethereal - Final QC/post production, couple thousand more images to translate, before AX 2012
Moero Downhill Night Blaze- Early 2012
>School Days HQ - April/May 2012, editing through 25% of chapter 5, porting though 30% of the final chapter
Saya no Uta + Hanachirasu - Release shortly after getting stuff from Nitro+
Django: Couple more months of translation
Kikokugai - Working out issues
Sumaga- Spring goal, demo soon, got new staff
Seinarukana- picked up, ~32% translated
Starless - Work ongoing
Starry Sky- negotations with voice actors
Muramasa - Common route complete, 2 of 5 chapters towards true end translated, uncertain what will come from the project

LUDESIA- English release planned
Hakuoki - Feb 14th, 2012
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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>>Ayakashibito - ~60% translated, Tonya's route translated
Delicious progress

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Best thread of the week! Finally!

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Another Togainu no Chi patch is supposed to be out by Christmas. Not the full thing, mind. Apparently JAST were sort of interested in it, but didn't want it at this point. Hence why the team are just going to continue releasing the patch as scheduled.

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>Rewrite - Ixrec's project following Forest
Can't help cumming buckets every time I read this line.

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>Air - "Misuzu 78% + Editing"
I'm sorry - but I'm still calling bullshit.

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Should also mention that there's nine more scripts in total to translate.

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>Apathy Midnight Collection - fully translated, one arc left to edit

that feel when the translator said it'd be out this time last year

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editing is at 30% though...

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>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 70.0% translated, second partial patch out

Holy fuck, at this rate we'll get it by the end of next year.

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Looks like it'll be another Christmas without Umineko. N-not that I still care or anything.

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>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 70.0% translated, second partial patch out
Wait, what happened? Last time I checked a week or two ago it was below 40%.

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Just like clockwork...
Every Saturday at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

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Fate/Zero hype happened.

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A thought came to me...
What if suppose OP just suddenly died...
Who would bring us our weekly updates?
It's a sad thought, but I feel as though we must prepare!

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Little Busters / Steins;gate fucking where?

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Patience, you have none.

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Uh, no it wasn't. Check the archives.

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These threads always make me far too aware of the passage of time.

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The second patch was over 40%, but that was around a year ago. I'm hoping we can get the third one out by New Year's.

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It hit 40% over a year ago.

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>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 70.0% translated, second partial patch out
Holy shit, it might just finish in a decent amount of time.

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Feels like I'm gonna wait for a lifetime...

Coming along quite nicely... Quite fast...
Rewrite here I come!

>Hunks Workshop
Oh, what a surprise!

Coming along nicely.

Next Saturday?! Fuck yes.

>Sumaga- Spring goal
Yeah, that's probably not happening...

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>Majikoi- Yukie + Chris + Momoyo + teacher route patch released, Wanko route TL: 59%

Wasn't this the same last week?

>> No.8219666

Next Saturday?! Fuck yes.

And what makes you think that?

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>The Second Reproduction - Fully translated, 90% edited

Waiting warmly.

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Christmas is around the corner, isn't it?

>> No.8219689

Umineko confirmed for release next week and translation is finished as of a few days ago.

My Body's not ready for this.

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Patch is coming out next weekend according to the translators. Everything is done but editing, they just haven't updated the site.

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Must have confused it with something, sorry.

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Who's doing the Akai Ito insertion? Is it still happening?

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Well i guess i can finally finish unineko, then be mad.
Is r07 still making a extra ep?

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I hope that Baldr Sky thing was legit.

>> No.8219901

sure it was. and m**gy-dono already started translating baldr force

>> No.8219913


He's releasing a book at comiket called "Our Confessions" which ostensibly fills in the remaining mysteries in the series.

There's also going to be another VN composed of the TIPS that weren't included in Tsubasa. I think there may be a few new TIPS too.

>> No.8219973

>a book at comiket called "Our Confessions"
Wait, it's a book? I expected it to be a VN.

>> No.8219982


What Baldr Sky thing?

>> No.8219990


I don't think it's a new arc, so much as it is an answer booklet, basically. At best it might be written in character, but that's about it.

That doesn't exclude the possibility of an Umineko Rei in future comiket's though, but it looks like r07 is focusing on Higanbana for the moment.

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Someone said the current baldr sky project had been abandoned, but there's been no confirmation

>> No.8220208

Why would you hope for that?

>> No.8220216

So we can get a new one?

>> No.8220231

i dont think it works like this

>> No.8220396

I'm sure you mean Moogy-donosama.

>> No.8220404

Some people intended to translate it some time ago, and stopped because "Strato considered the project active". Now, though unconfirmed and most probably false, it's up for grabs for anyone who wants their cock sucked, but that is still nothing to be happy for...

>> No.8220407


Is moogy dead?

>> No.8220417

I think you mean Moogy-heika-dono-sama, your ingratiate peon.

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>> No.8220514 [DELETED] 

You mean because a random guy on an internet message board said it's dead. Also, wasn't the guy who wanted to translate it going to machine translate it and hadn't even read it yet? That's a recipe for disaster.
Really though, nobody should even bother trying to take on a project the size of Baldr Sky as their first thing. The language isn't hard, but the game is enormous. You don't begin sculpting by ordering 3 tons of marble and you don't begin translating by starting with an 80 hour game.

>> No.8220543

Hey, I was one of the first to call bullshit when that guy posted it. And no, I'm not talking about the guy who wanted to machine translate it, it was some other guys about a year ago, I think.

Anyway, I still expect Ixrec to pick Baldr Sky up after Rewrite regardless what's it's status by the time. It's better to suck the cock of someone who's actually shown results, after all.

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Hey guys, could someone give me a list of worthwhile VNs that have been released since May?

>> No.8220728

Kara no Shoujo
Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow-
A Profile
Official Muv-Luv Alternative release

Damn it has been a good year.

>> No.8220788

Not him, but thanks.

>Official Muv-Luv Alternative release
...when was this?

>> No.8220799

I meant Amaterasu's official release rather than the leak we had for 6 months prior. I didn't mean a real deal Mangamer or JastUSA release.

>> No.8220814

Oh, right. Thanks.

>> No.8220819

>Milky Holmes - Being translated
Isn't this /jp/'s project? What's the hold up, dudes?

>> No.8220848

This is Cudder's project. Go bother him about it.

>> No.8220950

It certainly was not. You're either looking at outdated forums or you're talking out your ass.

>> No.8221058

Christmass patch for Togainu will include all Keisuke endings and Motomi path. Can't wait.

>> No.8221157

"hold up"? It's been moving steadily since it started.

See the official thread for more information and the latest progress (updated daily):

>> No.8221405

>Right now, we're looking at a full EP8 release on the 17th or the 18th, to get as many edits in as we can.

>> No.8221439


Source on that?

>> No.8221456


>> No.8221485


>Little Busters
I die every fucking time

>> No.8221521

Yeah, they're very difficult games. There's cheats that can raise your life total to 30, though.

>> No.8222044


Musumaker seems to be active. This was posted on it's thread (http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3224198#post3224198):

Great news everyone. The translation is progressing again :D

RaurosFalls added a file and I managed to save the content of the .doc file in a game friendly format.

stefanus1807 came out of hiding and stated he will do some translating again. He came up with the idea to use Google Docs for the translation as it makes it a whole lot easier for several people to work together. It will also place all files at a single location rather than searching though this thread to find individual files. As a bonus there is no issue about setting up the text editor to the right format as the format is "Google format". However Google and the game uses different file formats with different character encodings and because of this I improved the script to work as a bridge between those two formats. It's now able to read both formats and it always writes files in both formats (two files for each input file).

Everybody interested in doing some translation should PM me with his/her gmail address and I will add sharing.

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>> No.8222074

You must collect the light orbs, dude. The light orbs. Then when you die, you're actually not dead, and your wife and daughter come back to life.

>> No.8222229


So is like a crappy version of Dragon Ball, right?

>> No.8223785

more awesome

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"Teninai" (天使のいない12月) text insertion challenge: 15 minutes into hour 1 of 24.

There's something about this text that feels a lot... "denser" than the other Japanese I've seen.

>> No.8226154

Probably because it's not japanese

>> No.8226176


Whatever, it shouldn't matter in the end if all that's needed is for it to become English.

>> No.8226179

that's the chinese translation, you downloaded a prepatched version or something

>> No.8226181

This won't stop cudder. No language can.

>> No.8226183

Fuck I laughed so hard.

>> No.8226280

Does the Baldr Sky project have a webpage or something? Google turns up no meaningful results.

>> No.8226283

Looks like either traditional Chinese or taiwanese patch to me.

>> No.8226315

How new are you?

>> No.8226317

I doublt it but, anybody planning to translate haganai PSP game ? Released in January 2012..

>> No.8226319 [DELETED] 

As we come up to the end of the 2nd hour, I've gotten the installation archive format documented, the engine decompiled (it went well, since they used a good compiler AND good design), and am just inspecting the code.

Very good, it should be easier to understand the script format now if the original Japanese version can be found to compare with, enabling text insertion much sooner than I expected.

>> No.8226320

As we come up to the end of the 2nd hour, I've gotten the installation archive format documented, the engine decompiled (it went well, since they used a good compiler AND good design), and am just inspecting the code.

Very good, it should be easier to understand the script format now if the original Japanese version can be found to compare with, enabling text insertion much sooner than I expected.

That's all for today. Will resume work tomorrow.

>> No.8226321

The last time I checked, Baldr Sky didn't have a translation project, it had a trollslation project. But I could be wrong, maybe the situation's changed since I last looked. Is it still that way?

>> No.8226329

If you don't like someone for not knowing a basic fact, just ignore him. No need to go out of your way to call him new.

>> No.8226332

I honestly hope Baldr Sky never gets translated.

>> No.8226336

Why, because having read it will no longer be a super exclusive club for the chosen ones?

>> No.8226339

Don't reply to purposefully elitist silly statements like that, they're made precisely to get you annoyed.

>> No.8226340

Update on Koitate

>> No.8226346

So there was a Baldr Force page on TLWiki some time ago, but it got deleted. Was it C&D'd?

>> No.8226353

m**gy-dono deleted it

>> No.8226354

For what reason? And is it really
>project starting up

>> No.8226358

Worried about the fanbase becoming shit like MuvLuv?

I know how you feel, but at least we'll always have /m/, who are somewhat decent.

>> No.8226365

The /m/ threads full of people fapping to TSF designs make me glad it got translated.

>> No.8226612

Despite all the trollslation bullshit, cudder is probably one of our better hackers, for all it's worth. If this leads to a December with angels, I'll be satisfied.

>> No.8226645

I'd like to see results before I make any judgment. Anybody can say 'I'm almost done inserting the text!'

>> No.8226654

But it's no fun if you don't make him feel bad about it, right >>8226315?
(Not sarcasm, but not completely serious either.)

>> No.8226672

the last time you checked, the trollslation project was the 'shoulda been aborted fetus babby' of masat01

>> No.8226676

And has Stratos announced anything about his own translation in the meantime?

>> No.8226681

He's really not. And the fact that there already are Chinese and Taiwanese translations of this Angels game means that the tools already exist. Probably anybody capable of using a Chinese search engine could find them.

>> No.8226692

Aren't those official localizations? Why would they make them public?

>> No.8226716

>official localizations

You have got to be shitting me, brodude.

>> No.8226755

>Yandere - 22.2% translated

Waiting warmly

>> No.8226759

What is this assumption even based on? Is it absolutely nothing? Because it sounds like absolutely fucking nothing since the group's homepage is a Chinese pirating forum.

>> No.8226767

I think that the main problem with this engine (if there's any) is not about extraction/insertion of text but with displaying english text thereafter. In the worst case of hellish archive/script format or complex engine algorithms of handling them, insertion can be done by some external injection (i.e. substitute source string with translated one AFTER it was read to the memory but BEFORE displaying). But that technique is meaningless if the engine can't display ANSI strings in the right way.

>> No.8226784

Same here, I want to see whats the fuss is about with the heroines and MC.
Are the heroines cute yandere or fucking psychos? Is the MC funny retarded or "don't go in there nigga, she got a knife" retarded?

>> No.8226830

There is no fuss. It's a godawful cash-in on a niche fad with bad art. Nothing more. It's the "Vampyre Girls Gone Wild" of eroge.

>> No.8226949

I dunno, I think someone said something like that in one thread, and I didn't find it weird because manga and LN's are actually localized. My bad.

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File: 45 KB, 300x425, 21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8227566


If anything it's going to be going faster now that Stratos isn't translating Haruhi LNs anymore.


Well, he does plan on doing it eventually.


Well, not really, but GIGA had C&D'd other games on TLwiki.

>> No.8227571

GIGA emailed Moogy and told him to stop working on it.

>Moogy (Talk | contribs | block) deleted "Baldr Force EXE" ‎ (stop emailing me giga)

>> No.8227583

Thanks. So where is it "starting up" again?

>> No.8227588


Some joke translation of hongfire.

>> No.8227592

>If anything it's going to be going faster now that Stratos isn't translating Haruhi LNs anymore.

Assuming he's even working on it, which as many have said, is very much in doubt.

>> No.8227613


Ammy asked him if he was doing it because Ixrec wanted to translate and he said he had a significant portion of a route done.

>> No.8227619 [DELETED] 

What reason does anyone have to believe him? He hasn't done anything that he finished since 2007.

>> No.8227636

Yeah, calling total bullshit on this.

>> No.8227639

will you ever stop whining about it go find him strato and bitch at him fucking faggots every fucking week you fucking shitsucking retards could learn japanese already whiny cunts

>> No.8227641

Damn. Guess I'll go play the Chinese patch with a dictionary since even though my Chinese is elementary it's better than my Japanese.

>> No.8227643


That's your job as a /jp/ skeptic, I guess. Of course, you wouldn't believe anything I said other than "he's dropped it" so I don't even know why I try.

>> No.8227646

Wasn't there a rumor that Strato became the official translator for Haruhi books?

>> No.8227649

Wasn't that like 2 years ago?

>> No.8227650

You should try something other than raising your arms to the sky and telling people to have faith in unseen forces with no evidence backing them.

>> No.8227652

>a route
It's been years now, how much is "a route"?

>> No.8227656


It's not a rumor, his name is on like the 2nd fucking page of the first 4 books.


No, just a month or two ago.


There's not really anyway to get real proof and you wouldn't believe it anyway. Besides, you have no proof he dropped it.


A route is 1/3rd of each game.

>> No.8227658

How high is the chance of Ixrec picking up Baldr Sky after Rewrite?

>> No.8227663


He's translating something after Rewrite that isn't Baldr Sky, but I'd say pretty high after that since he doesn't seem to give a fuck about what anyone else is doing.

>> No.8227665

99.99% unless he has a way to make sure that Strato is actually doing it.

>> No.8227671

A significant portion of a route eh? Oh boy that's probably like 1/10th of Dive 1 in like a year and a half. Only 13 more years to go. 28 years for the entire game. Can't wait.

>> No.8227676

He pretty much considers Strato's project dead.


>> No.8227677

what are you going to do about it

>> No.8227678


That was before he contacted him. He's probably still going to do it anyway.

>> No.8227722

Really, you twats? You seriously think that Ixrec has already decided what he'll be translating three projects away in 2013?

>> No.8227734

A profile, Sharnoth and Forest were all already decided soon after Alternative. It's his very own autism flavor.

>> No.8227770

>three projects away
What's he doing after Rewrite?

>> No.8227782

They're all also very short. Rewrite is longer than all of them combined.

>> No.8227785

hopefully ruitomo or oretsuba

>> No.8227809

Somebody should do I/0 instead of those other games.

>> No.8227816

I/0 is pretty mediocre though

>> No.8227835

But he hasn't said anything, has he?

>> No.8227843

Why? I heard it was amazing.

>> No.8227876

I'm doing I/O after I finish Never7 and Higurashi Daybreak (the latter which shouldn't take that long to translate).

>> No.8227917

In what ways has Ixrec indicated that he's going to do Baldr Sky? If he's been interested in it for some time why did they go for Forest and Rewrite before it?

>> No.8227955

Because Strato, or so I hear...

Strato has actually finished it already and is waiting for Christmas to release it. You people'd love that, wouldn't you.;_;

>> No.8227963

Katawa Shoujo might be this month.

>> No.8228014

Do you know if that's gonna be just Dive 1 or the whole thing?

>> No.8228017


Not publicly, of course. And he's not doing it now because he's going to wait and see if Stratos makes any real progress on it.

>> No.8228029


>> No.8228040

It seems to me you can't into spoilers...

>> No.8228052

Yeah, you're right. I herped.

Does Strato have a blog or a way to keep up with the translation project?

>> No.8228054

If he did, we wouldn't be in complete uncertainty about the status of the project.

>> No.8228094

So when is Mangagamer gonna reveal they're doing Little Busters?

>> No.8228126

My bet would be JAS- I mean, fuck you.

>> No.8228163

Well, yeah. I looked and couldn't find one. Except sometimes translators keep blogs for official shit and then there's dirt dug up on IRC or something.

>> No.8228249

Get seiha and Ammy to fight over Baldr Sky. That'll flush Strato out if he's actually done anything.

>> No.8228280

Well Ixrec has already stated he considers Strato's project to be pretty much a non-entity at this point, because even if it is actually moving the progress it has shown is not acceptable by his standards.

I think there is a pretty good chance of it getting translated after Rewrite, considering how well he reviewed the two titles. As far as Seiha... Has he actually expressed interest in doing this, or is that just wild speculation? I'd accept him too, I guess. Or better yet let him and Ixrec team up and finish the whole thing in like two months.

>> No.8228372

I can imagine those beasts doing it like it's nothing.

>> No.8228479

It'd be awesome if they compete against each other and then proofread each other's translations until they finally reach a middle point taking the best of each other's work. Sure, there'd be overwork, but that'd be the best translation of a VN for years to come.

>> No.8229222

who knows? he said he's going to be focusing on longer vns now, as those are the ones he tends to like the most. i think there's probably a good chance, but something like ruitomo, parfait, subahibi, ikusa megami zero, and saihate no ima also have have a chance.

>> No.8229300

Not that I don't want to see Baldr Sky translated, but I'm personally hoping he'll do SubaHibi next.

>> No.8229410

Isn't IMZ already getting translated, albeit slowly?

>> No.8229570

Wasn't it C&Ded and dropped?

>> No.8229604


>> No.8230038

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

>> No.8230211

Calling bullshit on this.
I am not one to trust Ixwreck but at least he is an active member in the TL community.
It was 6% at the start of this year when he started it back in 2008 was it? So 6% in 3years and you guys expect him to complete the rest of 94% in 10months?
How deluded can you guys be.

>> No.8230216 [DELETED] 

Only one person and VNTS are defending Strato, everyone else understands the fact that nothing is getting done.

>> No.8230219

illiterate retard

>> No.8230230

The point is the community seems to have some absurd sense of entitlement where it's completely unacceptable for a translator with other issues (job, whatever) to progress slowly, and as long as some other guy can provide faster it's perfectly ok for him to be an asshole about the whole thing.
All it sounds to me is children crying

>> No.8230242

Huh? It's the other way around, man. The translator feels entitled to stake his claim on the project, even if he knows damn well there are others that are both willing and able to do the thing ten times faster than he ever could, even if he didn't have those issues. Why shouldn't he hand it off, if he's having such a hard time of it?

>> No.8230245

But the community wants it done more quickly. There are limits to how 'slowly' a translator can move before the community wants him replaced, you know. That's why the F/HA TLWiki project started up to replace the existing translator who was moving at something like 5% a year, and as it is Strato is moving even slower than that.

>> No.8230250
File: 34 KB, 316x290, 1295448133570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8230254

community stop whining and translate it then

>> No.8230256

case in point, the children crying to the other parent because they didn't get the toy they wanted

>> No.8230264

And why does the community have any obligation to not switch to the other parent to get said toy? It's not like they owe the slow translator anything in the way children owe their parents everything. The only thing they owe him for is for picking up the project in the first place, and if he's doing a terribly slow job of it that obligation goes out the window.

>> No.8230267

Hello Strato

>> No.8230270

Why shouldn't another translator be allowed to take up the project if they know they can do it better? You act like we all owe him some debt of gratitude simply for being the first to take on the project, and that now we have a duty of loyalty to never allow anyone else to translate it except him. And you know, if it were a difference of, say, 6 months to 8 months, then I might agree with you. But in this case you're just being a fucking retard who is in effect saying "Well, he's giving you something for free, so how DARE you try to take what someone else is giving you for free instead" which is some fucking incomprehensible bullshit.

>> No.8230286

>Why shouldn't another translator be allowed to take up the project if they know they can do it better?
I never said anything about other translators doing things, I was talking about all the people clamoring for another translator because they deserve better, there's a difference.

>> No.8230295

The same point holds. THE PEOPLE DO NOT OWE THE SLOW TRANSLATOR ANYTHING. They have no obligation to give their support to someone who, though clearly well-meaning, will not finish the project within a meaningful timeframe. On the other hand they SHOULD give their support to someone who is willing and able to translate the game.

>> No.8230309

>someone who is willing and able to translate the game.
who? who is willing to translate it? does he have a name? does he exists? where is he? why cant he translate it now? what stops him?

>> No.8230311

Sense of entitlement though the fucking roof.

>> No.8230320

Nobody has claimed we deserve better. We have noted that another translator has expressed interest in the project, and are just theorizing about and discussing this.
Ixrec has made some statements about how he might want to translate it, and he rated both titles fairly highly. Obviously that's nowhere near confirmed yet, but it's a possibility.
And what the fuck would you have us do? Are we not allowed to talk about the likelihood of a change in translators at all? The only one who has even implied that we are "entitled" to anything is you guys. The rest of us are just expressing excitement and interest that a title we're interested in might actually get translated in the near future.

>> No.8230331


>> No.8230334

>Nobody has claimed we deserve better.
Are we reading the same threads? You know, the ones full of whining about it?

>> No.8230337

This may shock you, but people do become disappointed when they are promised something and it is not delivered.

>> No.8230348

maybe you should express your disappointment to the person who promised 'something' to you AND NOT FUCKING WHINE FOR TWO FUCKING YEARS ON A COMPLETELY UNRELATED IMAGEBOARDS

>> No.8230352

So you're saying it would be better if we'd go find a way to harass Strato himself?

Also I fail to see how the VN translation thread is unrelated to discussion of a VN translation project.

>> No.8230358

Somebody complained to somebody else about something somewhere.

Why do you care? Have you been personally insulted in some way?

>> No.8230360

>when they are promised something
As far as I know the guy just picked it up without promising anyone anything, though. There's the sense of entitlement again.
Sometimes I really wonder if this thread serves a purpose other than create hype and make people whine at all.

>> No.8230370

you can harass anyone. just shut the fuck up

and there is no discussion just constant whining

>> No.8230379

Actually, right now people are discussing the fact that another translator has expressed interest in the project.

>> No.8230413

>expressed interest
>might want to translate after 2-3 other projects
( ´_ゝ`)

>> No.8230485

Is there a point to this post?

>> No.8230496


>> No.8230556

> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
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> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.
> his very own autism flavor.

Aside from the fact that you yourself are autistic, I have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.8230717

This reminds of the way that AGTP was being a slowpoke as usual with one of their translations, another group released a translation for the same game out of fucking nowhere. Only AGTP's pride was hurt, but no one gave a fuck about it since everyone got the translation and it eventually was better than what they later released.

If things like these happen on other translation communities that are also filled with drama, why should anyone care about another translator picking up the same project? And don't give me that resources management bullshit, because no one should be forced to not translate something that they want to. That is an actual sense of entitlement.

>> No.8230726

I nominate this for /jp/ post of the year 2011

>> No.8230727

no one picked up anything

>> No.8230734

> why should anyone care about another translator
In case you missed half the thread, people don't care about other people picking up the project as much as seeing people whine because the current one isn't fast enough for their standards despite there being no other established project

>> No.8230752

That's a funny way of typing "I".

>> No.8230756

I'm not the only one who posted arguments from my side of things so that's a nice imaginary world you built up there.

>> No.8230778

Part of the argument was one or two people sucking on Stratos' dick like it was the most natural thing for them to do.

>> No.8230779

Substitute Statos with Ixrec and you have the other side of the argument.

>> No.8230858

I sure am glad that I learned Japanese and I am free from all this drama.

>> No.8230924

Who was sucking Ixrec's dick? We're just acknowledging that he has a track record of getting shit done when he says he's going to get shit done, so seeing baldr sky in his hands would be a change for the better.

>> No.8230932

>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 70.0% translated
I wonder if we'll get the new patch this year.

>> No.8230944


>> No.8230958

I'm completely fine with this. INganock's translation was pretty bad.

>> No.8230966

Wow, maybe I'll actually read it this time.

>> No.8230971

looks we will never get Air fully translated,right?did those monks put a curse on the game itself too?

>> No.8230975

Just wait until the thousandth summer.

>> No.8230977

Misuzu's spirits wants to avoid more suicides from readers.

>> No.8231103

That's idiotic, the moment you pick up a project, especially in the VN translation community, it's expected that you finish it because no one else will pick it up for a long time. Especially when the translator in question has a good reputation (like Strato).

There's speculation about the bogus information from last thread that Strato might have confirmed that he dropped the project, you retard. But of course, all I see in your post is
>I'm a retard with no reading comprehension
>( ´_ゝ`)

>> No.8231166

The main purpose of this thread is in the OP posts. The rest of what happens just serves to keep it bumped for a few days and give a bit of light discussion until the next one comes around.

>> No.8231283

Moogy got banned from Amaterasu forums and the whole forum died down. This is what happens when you oppose Moogy-dono.

>> No.8231313

Tell me what happened!

>> No.8231315

Why did the idiot get banned for, again?

>> No.8231324

A hottie was all up in his kool-aid and was lookin to break off a lil sumthin sumthin but the crew gave the 411 on dat skank and he was all about the bling bling

>> No.8231336

for "being an arse" which, while true, coming from one of the forums with the flimiest moderation I've ever seen is just gold

>> No.8231338

Could someone please translate what the nubian just said?

>> No.8231345


Well, it's not as if moogy actually translates anything.

>> No.8231368

Sheeta was jelly Ixrec was more interested in Moogy's opinions than hers.

>> No.8231401

She really should realize no one is interested in the opinions of some yaoi loving lardass.

>> No.8231419


Scroll down to the 3rd to last post on the page. That's the post he got banned for

>> No.8231455

He got banned for criticizing part of Ixrec's translation?

>> No.8231471

Someone post a picture of that sheeta girl, I wanna see if she's fappable.

>> No.8231475

That's...it? Laaame. That's not even very rude, Ixrec didn't even get mad.

What a letdown.

>> No.8231482

Yeah. I could understand if he was nitpicking for the sake of it, but that line really is translated like shit so I guess they were just butthurt or something.

>> No.8231495

Sup moogy.

>> No.8231500
File: 131 KB, 1474x817, ammy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8231550


>> No.8231563

Going by /jp/ standards who ISN'T moogy around here?

>> No.8231565

Some translator hinted around September that a certain person or group were secretly working on it.

>> No.8231576

I actually chuckled at one of yuyucow's comments but Sheeta sounds like she's got all of Sahara in her vagina with her forum rules.

>> No.8231599

That doesn't exactly inspire much confidence.

>> No.8231615

>still no LB
All I ever asked for was to be Kyousuke's little shota friend. Is that really too much asked?

>> No.8231636


Too bad the translator quit the internet to play video games all day.

>> No.8231646

Go back to /y/.
If i cant get my milf eroges, you cant get your gaystuff.

>> No.8231648

Calling bullshit on this.

>> No.8231659

Those two posts are the last posts he made on that site.

>> No.8231663

Well hey, he's built up 250 wins in LoL in a month and a half. Surely that's an accomplishment worth being proud of! Who needs to translate when you can be a professional LoL player that only plays fucking Cait?

>> No.8231686

Last Active: November 09, 2011, 02:30:58 pm
Not posting doesn't mean he's banned. He could have just lost interest in a slow forum.

>> No.8231693 [DELETED] 

I am glad I never got into that shit. It sounds like a time sink that one cannot escape.

>> No.8231700

He made the tlwiki forum specifically because he was banned from there, I was lurking the tlwiki irc channel. He really was banned for that post.

>> No.8231702
File: 138 KB, 580x490, 1322073812324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.8231707

Oh and by banned I mean he can browse but not reply.

>> No.8231708

It's funny considering Ammy originally derived so much of its legitimacy from the fact that Moogy hung out there, and now that they have no need for him anymore they just cast him aside so easily.

>> No.8231709

>Moogy i've been banned from both the irc channel and forums for a while
>Moogy saying that one of ixrec's translations was wrong
>Moogy i dunno sheeta banned me

>> No.8231710

[citation needed]
I just find illogical that he'd be banned when Ixrec wasn't even mad, unless Sheeta did without asking or something.

>> No.8231717

The staff does that on a regular basis.

>> No.8231722


The best part is how bad he is after playing the same champs so many times.

>> No.8231723

Moog pls go.

>> No.8231728

>Moogy i dunno sheeta banned me
Well, I can believe that. I still don't think he'd keep being banned if he asked Ixrec though.

It's still Ixrec's fault for letting a woman have that authority though.

>> No.8231729

Ixrec has no power when the hambeast decides it's time to be an independent WOMYN.

>> No.8231732

He might break 1:1 KD sometime around 1,000 wins, i.e. sometime January.

>> No.8231744

What, are you denying it? Moogy being there really cemented them as finally having made it in the big time of VN translations. And now they all think they're better than him or something, just because his popularity has waned. It's pathetic. Those shallow fucks actually did him a favor by banning him.

>> No.8231745

Fuck moogy.
He thinks a hipster piece of shit.
"Im too good for eroge in my eroges"
I hate him too death.

>> No.8231746

Read the post above you. It takes a special kind of idiot to give such an asspained female authority over anything.

>> No.8231749


I don't think he'll ever get much better at the game, especially if he only plays with retards at similar skill levels as himself.

>> No.8231750

Terrific English.

>> No.8231763

It's a haiku you fucking moron!!!

>> No.8231831
File: 160 KB, 576x490, desire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.8231835

Whatever it is, it sucks.

>> No.8231878

Man, we're talking about moogy right now; we don't have time for that. Try again tomorrow

>> No.8231906

Can't wait for all the goat/lambda is a cake spam all over again

>> No.8231916 [SPOILER] 
File: 110 KB, 941x1501, sheeta nude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is quite fappable. Picture related.

>> No.8231919


Fine, fine.


>> No.8232308


>> No.8232864

So who won the discussion? Who's cock should we collectively suck for Christmas? Moogy-dono? Ixrec? Strato?

Let's suck cocks, dude.

>> No.8232913

>So who won the discussion?
The shitposters who always fuck this thread up on monday already with awful crap like all the above.

>> No.8233129

There wont be any angel this December.
Enjoy your umiunko.

>> No.8235067

>Osananajimi wa Daitouryou - Golden Master, release mid to late December
I'd like to take the time to remind you fine gentlemen that before JAST picked this up, the patch would've been out at the beginning of this year.

>> No.8235191

Cannot stop laughing.


Either you're a troll or you know nothing about the Himawari debacle.

>> No.8235201


Sounds interesting. I'm all for multiple translations of a same game if they're going to encompass major stylistic differences like this. Patiently awaiting the day the final product sees the light.

>> No.8235205
File: 16 KB, 300x300, 51MfuUMvmyL._SL500_AA300_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8235226

I'm with you. I have been on the fence of whether or not to re-read Inganock but this encourages me to wait.

>> No.8235298

Almost a quarter of the way into the 5th hour, text extraction has completed.

Now starting text insertion.

>> No.8235316

Little Busters! full patch fucken where.

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