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Why do you think you deserve to live in Gensokyo if you can't even speak their language?

How do you hope to even communicate with your waifu if you barely know more than a few Japanese words? Do you really think she's going to pay any attention to you when she can't even understand you?

You're lazy. You say you love her, but when was the last time you practiced your Japanese? So hopeless.

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Why is the language of Gensokyo Japanese if it's cut off from the world anyways?

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We aren't all English-only peasants like you. Most of /jp/ knows Japanese.

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i would like to hang out with tenshi.... and play autism RPGs

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fuck you, faggot

I could smooth talk any touhou into the bushes with my foreign charm and fuck the shit out of her ass

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love transcends language barriers

when my hard muscular american hands touch her moistened womanhood then she will know my love and she will accept me

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Simply living there would be fantastic.

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Speech is a hindrance. I need no such thing.

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I should also practise my mental sword forgeing skills in case I get teleported to the nasuverse by surprise

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I'm content with my life as it is anyway, I suppose.

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You'd probably end up getting killed by a vampire because your knife skills are unpolished.

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There are plenty of non-japanese people there and they can communicate fine.
I'll do what they do.

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I'm well on my way.

I would do anything for Reimu. I've been abusing my ADHD medication so that I can study for 15 hours each day and get very little sleep. Aside from /jp/ and sleeping for five hours, I do nothing but study. I'll be fluent within the year or I'll be dead. There's no other option.

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Fuck you OP, now I feel bad.

Though, Milady, as refined as she is, must know English or French at least.

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Yukari has fooled around with the border between languages, so everyone in Gensokyo speaks and hears things in their own native tongues.
For instance, you could say something in English, and someone else could hear and understand it as Japanese. The reverse is also true. They can speak Japanese back to you, but you'd hear what they said in English. However, you still wouldn't be able to read each others' writings, as that is unaffected by the tweaking of the borders.
TLDR; Gap hax

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Wouldn't mouth movement appear wrong?

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Because it's nice and peaceful.
Besides, I already have several years of Japanese I just need to use it more to become fluent.

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Again, gap hax. This time, slightly tweaking the visual border to match lip movements with the sounds you hear.
She's still to lazy to do the writing thing, though.

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well, I guess that after being turned into a vampire I'll have all the time to learn japanese and french.

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Both of Patchouli-sama's names are English, which implies that she speaks it.

Her friend Remilia, is Eastern European, and the maid, Sakuya, is known to have originally had another name, which implies that most of the SDM are racially superior Europeans.

I wouldn't have a problem communicating with mai waifu because she speaks English like a civilised person should. Japanese is pretty poor at expressing modern concepts, and hopefully the Japs will abandon it they way that Europeans are getting rid of languages like Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, etc. and adopting the global language (English) in their place.

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>and adopting the global language (English) in their place.

That will be true for about 10 more years.

It's only a matter of time until the west falls like Rome and the Chinese usher in a new age of humanity.

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...and the chinese will start talking english

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Yesterday. Only it was shitty as hell you know.

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Chinese (which one is the question) and punjabi will be the true global languages

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Actually, the Chinese middle and lower classes will violently overthrow the government and end the rule of the Beijing technocrats.

China will lose territory to India, and lose further territory when Xinjiang secedes.

When Beijing can no longer fix the exchange rate of the RMB, chinese manufacturing will collapse, and China will end up like India or pre-industrial Korea until a more liberal, pro-business, pro-West government is enacted.

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Only one country speaks it (technically 2).

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>Second, third language

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It is based of of Japanese Mythology. They are going to speak Japanese. The person that made Touhou has a distaste for westerners.

Think about it for a second before looking like a dumbshit.

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I can't really imagine that there's a lot of grimoire written in Japanese, so I would reckon that most of the magicians can at the very least comprehend languages of European origin (and hopefully English).

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I hope you are right. I know very little of China except for the fact that America get most, if not all, of China's exports and they basically own america and could take over the worl with their sheer volume of numbers at the drop of a hat.

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>The person that made Touhou has a distaste for westerners.
I can believe you've fallen for that troll. Marisa is known as the western witch. The SDM contains westeners. One of Zun's drinking buddies is a white guy.

Looks like you were the one who didn't think.

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>Sheer volume of numbers
We are not living in an era where numbers matter in war. The use of technology can turn the ties easily, as it has for thousands of years.
>They basically own America
America consists of two continents. If you mean the United states, even Japan owns more of it than China.

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That does not mean shit. Do you realize how many anime characters that look absolutely nothing like a japanese person? If you were to ask a japanese what their supposed nationality were they would undoubtedly say they are japanese even if they look absolutely nothing like them. Clearly you do not know of japanese nationalism and general bigotedness.

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Even if they get nuked at the heart of their country they would still have more than enough people left for a substantial army.

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>One of Zun's drinking buddies is a white guy.
That's news to me. Do elaborate.

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Except when they are clearly depicted with European backgrounds.
You must be ignorant if you cannot see that members of the SDM is meant to be from Europe and would therefore speak English or similar languages.

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But I can.

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flan (and marisa) speak english in EoSD

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That does not mean shit to a japanese. to them it is their game and everything in it is japanese. Their borderline racism runs deep and it is ignorant for you to think otherwise.

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Yes because all of the space aliens ever and elder gods and demons and bald marines from various backgrounds all speak english, if not maybe with a slightly posh accent if you're green in western media.

Its not strictly a japanese thing, its a "our market is people who speak x language, the whole game is going to be x language and nobody is going to fucking question it" thing.

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Seriously dont even try to joke about it. That is just an unintended side effect. If it was not for that they would still like that. You and me both know how all japanese behave regardless. It is engraved in their memories. It has been taught to them for generations and it will stay with them until they die.

No matter how hard you try, even if you can speak perfect fluent japanese and you know all of the pop culture as if you grew up there all your life they will never EVER see that you are one of them. This spans out to just about everything within their country.

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As such it is, its also not something specific to them.
True, they're probably the most open about it, but it runs deep in every culture.

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I'm not sure where you got the imperssion that I think I deserve to live in Gensokyo, but that's not the case. The only thing I deserve is to be utterly miserable as long as I exist.

That said, I'm still learning Japanese.

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No. Some actually try to improve and move away from that rather than to stick to old and outdated beliefs like they do.

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Fair enough.

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I can speak French, English and Spanish.
Probably I can communicate with all SDM but China, but I bet she can understand the language of LOVE

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Confirmed for retard.

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But I already speak Esperanto.

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