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Hey /jp/
I was thinking of doing a Sinsack cosplay at the next convention I go since I have never seen it to be done and few of my friends asked me to do touhou cosplay with them (wanted me to do rinnosuke).

I am tall, quite ripped and have a decent sixpack and I'm still going to keep training before it so I think my bodybuild is good for it but I was thinking about the clothing.

Since Sinsacks are usually naked or wear only some loincloths I was thinking about adding a pair of jeans or shorts to it. So what you think, is it okay or should I just be a man and go with the loincloth. Then there of course huge risk of scaring shit out of people and if I would get hard on from something there would be nothing I could do to block it in any way if I would wear loincloth. Also it's kinda akward to be almost naked since sinsack is usually in many lewd doujins so what you think about the idea? Please tell your true opinion about this.

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loincloth or fundoshi.

Depends on the con's policy, maybe you should bring a pair of jeans in the car and put them on if they don't let you in.

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You a not a true sinsack without a fundoshi. Getting arrested for indecency will just have to be a part of your cosplay. You also have to pick what sinsack faction you want to join. Yukarin, Yuukarin or Satorin.

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go with that loincloth and don't forget to post pictures of your cosplay later!

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Whats stooping you from wearing a banana hammock under that loincloth to contain your dick?

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The whole point of Sinbags is to be almost naked. Well not the whole point, more like 20% of it, but you still should do it or you're a cowardly faggot who shouldn't even have bothered.

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oh I didn't think about that. Thanks about the idea.

Also. Sack with or without breathing holes?

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>I'm quite tall and ripped

Bullshit, I've never seen a truly ripped guy over 6'2" in years of working out.
You are some skinny dude with abs, not ripped.

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You just want to see pics don't you?

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>i don't need to justify this shredded wonderland to you

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You know there is a board just for that on 4chan.

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I'm 6.05 actually. And I'd say I'm about at same level as zyzz on his starting times of training (in pic is quite close).

also Hong, could you explain the difference between their factions. Does it goe like
Yuurin->Rose dicks
Satorin->Lolicons sinsacks
That's how I understood it, Thinking about going with the Yukari.

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sry counted wrong, I cheked it with calculator. I'm 6.13 to be precise

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>Sack with or without breathing holes?

You're going to have problems if you spend the entire day with a bag with no holes over your head. Even if it isn't plastic.

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Is that Eirin?

Is that Sinsack trying to convince her to engage into prostitution?

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He can always open the holes over the kanji, so they don't stand out that much.

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if it's touhou related then it's also /jp/ related

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Yeah, just about that. The character on the bag also changes sometimes.

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Sauce is here:


Read for yourself.

Adorable Eirin is adorable.

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kinda. With Yukari also.

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Oh, so those are called sinsacks. What's their sin, besides being obnoxious and rapists?

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They defile images of pure ladies.

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They browse 2ch

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If you're sexy then it's okay.

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They're moe. I like them

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I'd say my face is quite average but that shouldn't count since I use the sack on it. About the body, well I have few scars and holes on my chest and back from a little diving accident from year ago but other than that I'd say it seems quite good. Also little tan since I travel a lot at south.

Reisen rape face is prizeles

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This whole artist is priceless. Only Eirin I actually like.

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Also, only Tewi that isn't an annoying little shit.

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my opinion is you shouldn't go to a con in the first place, it's full of smelly 3d people

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Cons really do stink. And does no one brush their teeth anymore? I swear to god they just breath shit.

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Be a man and go with the motherfucking rose dick.

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Better yet, wear one of these.

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Wear a skin colored tong and then the loincloth over it.
If a bitch can cosplay as Yoko you can cosplay as sinsack.
Pic not related

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>if I would get hard on from something

I don't think you will have that problem when surrounded by disgusting 3D people, at least if you are one of us.

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Oh gosh this is the best thing ever.

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/jp/ giving helpful replies to someone asking for cosplay tips?

/jp/ sure has changed

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>one of us

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For the better. Sin Sacks are great, this thread is good, hating it is bad.

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but isn't "Sin>>8212484
" kanji the most popular one so I think I'l go with that

Or is there any good other mark I could go with and still be regognized as sinsack?

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but isn't "Sin" kanji the most popular one so I think I'l go with that

Or is there any good other mark I could go with and still be regognized as sinsack?

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LOin cloth with a skintight flesh colored underwear.

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I doubt most of us have paid enough attention to be able to identify the kanji on the bag. But if you're going to go along with this idea in the first place, there's no reason to half-ass it. Make it a textbook sinsack with nothing altered.

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my true opinion is that you're a faggot, OP

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Try to make something like this, it still resembles the original design perfectly

So whose faction is this one?.

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That's just what I was going to make myself, only with little smaller mouth holes. Can those be bought from somwhere,?

Should I take classic rope or strangler like in that pic on the neck?

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Here's a pic from the booklet of a con I just went to. Obviously it'll be different depending on which con you attend, but this seems like a good general rule.

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>sides of the breasts
Why? That's stupid.

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Females must cover complette buttocks? you can't cosplay shit like that

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>No rule saying females must cover complete groin area in front

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So if you're a guy with tits, it's okay to not have a bra? Some trap should test that.

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Isn't that thing actually female?

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if it's like that loincloth I was planning would be banned. Would white boxers be good?

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I've seen clothed sin-sacks, you know. The sackhead should make you recognizable enough.
You'll have to wear a suit or something nice, though. Sinsacks either have good clothes or no clothes at all, so no t-shirts and jeans and stuff.

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I just pictured a Sin Sack in a suit.

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I was also thinking about doing it with a suit. Either a full black suit with sack or france mantel. But I couldn't find much fanart abot it.

Anyone have any?

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I fucking love Sinsacks and their shenanigans.
I always believed that if the denizens of /jp/ ever made it to Gensokyo, we would become Sinsacks and go on all sorts of wacky adventures as we pursue our favorite Touhous.

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oh and would red, white or black tie be good? I have red and black

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I would think a powersuit would be cool. Like a sharp black suit with a red tie.

Alternatively, you could wear these.

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Maybe sinsacks are some kind of hyper-masculine varient of fairies, representing the libido and having the same sort of immortality.

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Could I have some sauce on that please? I guess it's some hentai doujin but i'm only reading it for the role.

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>(Kouroumu 6) [Musashi-dou (Musashino Sekai)] Yukarin SWEET HOME (Touhou Project)[English][FUKE]

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Yukarin SWEET Home

I like how the ending turned out

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Still asking this:
can these be bought from somewhere?

quick googling did nothing

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The ending was the best part.

Mission Success.

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Going to conventions?

That's disgusting normal behavior.

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I too would like to know this.

I'm guessing it might be a one of a kind thing or such, maybe personally made by someone and only a few sold. And whoever posted it has no clue.

But if anyone knows if perhaps you can order one from a Japanese site like you can with many custom Touhou outfits, that would be cool.

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I can't unsee the abs with no correlation to real muscles.

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Sinsacks are my favorite touhou

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Get out.

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How should a sinsack react to a touhou cosplayers. Expecially if its Yukari, Yuuka or Satori?

Get on ground and bow for them?

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I wish I had the build to be a sinbag.

I'm not really even fat anymore just too wide.

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Obvious answer is fall out of portal behind them, or jump out of a bed of sunflowers at them or LET THEM HEAR YOUR SCREAMING HEART.

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that shouldn't matter that much if you get your upper body equally as big. Go do some bench press man.

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Patchouli gently hitting the sinsack with a book is actually pretty adorable.
I haven't seen a lot of these ones, though.
Haha, these are great!

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Isn't it though?

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lol at the scars from cutting

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welp my heart just stopped

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Pisses me off because I have a self-harm fetish but she's...her.

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While nothing beats completely naked or loincloth, I think the most important factor is genericness. As long as you wear something with absolutely no identity to it, it can work. Though wearing a suit is just asking people to come up to you and tell you that if should wear a green hood if you want to cosplay anonymous.

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those are scars made only for cosmetic purposes. +1 mongoloid.

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> those are scars made only for cosmetic purposes. +1 mongoloid.
In my image? From her DeviantART:

> 1. Are those scars on my left arm?
> a. Yes, I went through a hard period. It's old news.

> 2. Why did you do that to yourself?
> a. It's a very long and uncomfortable story. But its also something I finally made peace.

> 3. Aren't you ashamed ? Why didn't you photoshop it?
> a. Clearly I didn't photoshop a lot of things in this photo, like the rubber band on my arm lol. I'm not ashamed. This is how I am. I can't change the past, those scars are my past. I don't even remember they're there half the time.

You can't lie on DeviantART, Anonymous!

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Haha, yes. I'd loved to be slapped by Sanae.

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I mean, fuck off 3d pig.

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see >>8217679

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...I chuckled

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>I can't change the past, those scars are my past.


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I was thinking about that also. But still I think I'll go with the loincloth or balck suit with red tie.

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How about all lunatic level players going to next conventions as sinsacks. Would be awesome if there were more of us

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You flipped easy and normal around!

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WTF! I usually play in hard and I look like that guy.

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it's more realistic. Cosplayers might sometimes be really good. I myself got completely beaten in POFV by one once.

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