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Can we get a housewifey thread going?

Bonus for Byakuren. Have none of her in dinner/bath/or me mode

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>i want to start a nuclear family.jpg

So do I, OP. So do I.

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bumping with glorious okusan okuusan

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Housewife Okuu is hnnng

Wish I had more to contribute.

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Found this for you OP.

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Much appreciated.

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don't know if housewifey, but wifey

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Blacksmith Mokou.jpg

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Myu kind of thread, good taste everybody.
This thread makes me happy /jp/ has mature women lovers.

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Byakuwife is the best 2hu

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that artist's akiko is probably the hottest milf i've ever seen

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I love this artist so much for popularizing USS GOOD WIFE

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Who's the father?

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Touhou's give virgin births.

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they reproduce by budding

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Welcome home anata~

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My co-workers asked me why I go home so fast every day instead of drinking with them after work. Simple. I Ran

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Sweaters make he best armories for warheads

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Is this ever going to get translated?

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That is one of many books on my list to get translated. I've been occasionally throwing Hong emails about picking up translating my commissions again but never got a response back. He said he was busy for awhile but I don't know what his status is now. I guess I could try contacting him again today.

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Yukari is ultimate housewife. Id like her to take care of me.

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Hong has offers for work and he's too busy?

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Same here too bad you'll end up being her housewife not the other way around.

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This thread reminds me of that Touhou Moon project that never happened.

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>implying cooking Yukari supper, drawing her a bath at night and being ravaged by her before bed every night isn't something Anon would kill the world for a chance to do

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my parents asked me why I don't have a girlfriend. I told them I want a wife who will bake bread for me every day. they laughed at me.

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It's likelier than you think.

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Never said it was bad. Just pointing something out. I'd rather be the one to take care of her 'needs'.

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Dont give up hope. My mom bakes bread for the family almost every other day

Tastes like shit, but we eat it anyways

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That's moe.

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"Whoopsie! I screwed up!~♥"

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This Yuugi housewife doujin was translated earlier by someone on /jp/.


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Does Touhous with kids count?

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Why does it say /jp/ at the bottom?

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But if Letty has a kid, THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

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more pictures of ass scratching Kaguya?

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I was.

Cirno, I.... am your farther.

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Father Winter?

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Oh my, I do like that image.

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that's pretty cute.

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Lily Oneesama of the Four Seasons Household cannot be beat.

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But I don't like danmaku spaghetti in Spring

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Because it was from one of our OC threads. Just like the "OK to clear" ones.

It's quite a lovely one, except that the proportions are just too weird.

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Why does Yuuka have tentacles instead of hands?

And I suppose Youmu would be a nice housewife, loyal, diligent and adorable.

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She is wearing oven gloves.

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this is nothing like my japanese animes

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oven gloves for octopuses.