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ZUN's art and fanartists aside, who do you think is the most beautiful Touhou?

Pic related I think.

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penises aside, how do you like to suck your penises, OP?
thats about how much sense your question does.

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My daughter Kaguya

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Yeah that stuck up little celestial bitch is quite hot. She needs a good dicking to put her in her place.

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It's all between Kaguya and Tenshi.

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How can you like that abomination?

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They're both Kikes


i am so funeay

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>random as HELL hair/eye color (blue,red)
>most beautiful

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You're the most beautiful Touhou wtH-chan

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>never posted a pic of myself
>have no pics of me anywhere on the internet
>get called hot as HELL aka beautiful
>i have no face

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It looks great.

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I think you posted a picture of you once, or i think it was aweird_nexon_worker pic

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>that feel when girls poop out they're butts
>who are you quoting D:<
>try to walk the dinosaur
>spaghetti falls out of my pockets
>mfw when i have no pokerface.png
>dinosaur turns into a dragon and starts flying
>holy shit i'm flying to
>spaghetti still not done falling out of pockets
>flying spaghetti monster.exe

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lol that shure as HELL aint me! that's my uncle! just kidding!

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That was before Tenshi appeared.

I seriously doubt any touhou have a body better than a celestial.

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If not official art or fan art, what do you base that on?

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The horny one.

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I love wings, specifically angel wings, apart from that fairy wings are also lovely.

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How they are really supposed to look?

Like if you actually ended up in Gensokyo and saw them I guess.

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Heh, I uploaded it from the thumbnail not realizing the artist failed to draw them wings. Here, have an ice fairy.

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Funny how she already got a good doujin.

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What one are we talking about?

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sauce please

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No competition

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Bumping for answer.

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This one? Seems the best of the bunch. She already have few doujins.

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This one have great art too.

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If there really is a genuine slut amongst touhous Tenshi is the most likely candidate.

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Yeah I know but I wanted to know which one you were referring to (You're him right?)

Also good.

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I'm actually surprised Kasen got so much doujin attention.

Looks like artists were really starved for new characters.

Miko also already got a pretty good doujin. C81 should be really good.

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I think OP intended people to use their personal views of the touhous.

Anyway, although she's not between my favorites, I'll have to agree with Tenshi. She got the most appealing design of all the characters.

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Tenshi is the most pleasant to view.

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She looks very thin in every image.
That's why I like her.

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Komachi and Kaguya

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She must be so tight. And she will never get loose.

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The one and only!

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Sucks that /jp/ will become youkai upon entering gensokyo and Tenshi is like poison to youkai.

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The ugliest Touhous are definitely more beautiful than the most beautiful normal humans.

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Oooh, she'd surely be on the top 3 if those kind of drawings of her were her canon clothes. ;_;

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Only her meat.

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Morino Meiling is best Meiling

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Yukari Yakumo

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I imagine Tenshi and Kaguya as the most beautiful Touhous. If they met they would get along really well.

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this and sunny fucking milk

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They are both spoiled brats.

They would most likely start fighting for no reason.

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For me beauty doesn't end on looks. So I don't find spoiled Kaguya beautiful (she also has one of the worst zunfaces, but we are not touching it now). I prefer Yuuka and Kanako.

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which touhou would u fuck??

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And thus begins a story full of adventures and fun~

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This lady and that spoilt brat.

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I want a manga about this.

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With her well developed womanly form, proper manners, and feminine grace Sakuya is to me the most beautiful touhou.

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It seems no one is able to appreciate boyish girls on /jp/.

Although I agree with the Yuuka guy.

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Mokou is handsome, not beautiful.

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I want to be a cute little girl engaging in a lesbian relationship with Mokou

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good one

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>ZUN's art and fanartists aside

So what should I base this on?

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This was already answered.


Depends on the concept of beauty being used, but I guess you're right in this situation.

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Satori, you know it to be true.

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She... looks a lot more of the "oh god I want to hug her and bite her cheeks and oh god" type to me. It's not the same thing, and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

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I wonder what if feels like to be sandwiched by Touhous.

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needs more byakuren

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what it feels like to be touched by living flesh? I don't remember .

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Mokou is the most beautiful.

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Shame she wear those retarded pants.

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Reported for having an absolutely garbage opinion.

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You can't be serious.
Those pants are awesome.

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Not trying to be a dick, I'm honestly interested. Do you guys actually feel emotions other than lust for these drawings/characters someone created?

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Reported for obviously being an outsider. If you can't understand the appeal of wonderful 2d, you should just die.

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Get out of /jp/

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Clown pants.

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Kaguya pls go

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I'll bite.

Why not? If you can feel lust from something somebody drew, why not something else? What's wrong with loving an ideal? It's the basis of all religions, monotheistic and polytheistic.

The only difference is that The God of Abraham doesn't have very good fanart, and that we KNOW our ideals exist only in our heads, so we're less likely to kill other people over them.

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Only the lowest, lewdest, and vilest of scum on the Earth sexualize Touhous to satisfy their lustful desires.

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Okay, I see your point. But do you feel ~romantic~ love for these characters? If so, how does it feel that they can never show their emotions for you with you, and you can never share a deep emotional connection with them?

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Fuck you, now I can't unsee it.

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You can become attached to them in the same way one can become attached to a memento or other object. It's not so different than love.
Why do people think love can't be one sided, I wonder?

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It's not that I don't think you can fall in love without the other person loving you back, unrequited love is so common; It's just that it must hurt alot to NEVER have a chance of being ~in love~ with the other person. Atleast guys that fantasize about real girls that would never even look at them have a little bit of hope to hold onto, even if it's so infinitesimal of a chance that's it completely tragic. But you guys can't EVER interact with these beings you love, unless they make some sort of A.I. Tohou simulator or something.

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You talk as if real women are capable of human emotion.

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This way is better. There's never any doubt about your own feelings, and certainly none about your partner's feelings. The static nature of it is comforting.

There's no pain in not receiving love from one who is inherently unable to give it.

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I've only ever had one girlfriend, so maybe I am just inexperienced with women. But the one girl I got really close to seemed have real emotion, and maybe even truly loved me. I'm sure not all women are broken hateful scum. Just keep trying, you guys are braver than you think for just existing.

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But how can you ever grow? And experience even better things if you just do what's comfortable?

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Derailment STOP! 3d derailment STOP!

Nobody gives a shit about stupid 3d whores, and if this retard can't understand the appeal of a 2d relationship, he should either lurk more, and just fucking get out.

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They aren't all that way. But 'needle in a haystack' doesn't even begin to describe the rarity.

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>Website Currently Unavailable

Fucking bullshit ate my picture. Sorry.

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Love isn't the only thing in life. Becoming unconcerned with it due to 2D love frees up your mind to grow in other ways.

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>maybe even truly loved me
Can you say with absolute confidence that she would have continued "loving" you if became bankrupt/crippled/addicted to something? Maybe I have a very idealised notion of love but, women use men as status symbols and piggy banks, for me that's a love just as imaginary as that towards a 2D character. Atleast that way my love is my own and exits however I want.

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Frees up your mind to grow in what sort of ways?

>> No.8203465

Eroge all day every day.

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Ok ok back on topic. Post more of the most beautiful Touhous. Pic very related.

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No, I can't say for sure if anything of those things happened to me she would still 'love' me, but that was just part of the experience, and I think it was worth it overall, being unsure if she would keep loving me in order to be with her.

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Nothing like some Shiki to counter this faggotry.

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Satori Komeiji

>> No.8203555

I'm new here and what is her name.

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Counter Point

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Counter Point 2

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Go away with this most overrated shit in the history, will ya?

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Counter Point 3

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who are you quoting?

>> No.8203596

i still cant figure out her name guys

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Please go be a faggot somewhere else.

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Counter Point 4

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u dont y just tell me

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Give up, If you can't understand it, just overlook it. My love is a combination of idealization and aesthetics (I like 2D women over 3D, deal with it), and I guess the fact it isn't a risky relationship probably plays a major role. What's so strange about loving a woman with a perfect personality and perfect looks?

To get on topic again, I like Satori the most. She just looks so damn cute and lovable, like you want to hug her indefinitely. I think all her features fit really well together. Her 3rd eye doesn't look odd on her, on the contrary, it looks beautiful. Posting her together with Tenshi, whose design I find attractive. Too bad she's a spoiled kiddo.

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It's an "older" version of Konata. OP thought he was being funny by calling her a Toehoe.

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Suck it, elitists.

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Please, don't do this. Ignore the faggots. What if, by the slightest chance, he was being serious?

>> No.8203630

Hey man, thanks.

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what's this doujin?

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The only answer

>> No.8203656

>What if he was being serious?
Then he's slightly more knowledgeable (about a topic you enjoy) than he was 15 minutes ago. Why is that a bad thing?

>> No.8203666

Being helpful only encourages the newfaggots to come her in droves and make /jp/ even shittier, which you are doing by proxy.

How does it feel to be the biggest cancer killing /jp/?

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why can't you be like /mu/ and help a nigga out once in a while.

>> No.8203683

Because fuck you, that's why. Stay out of our home.

>> No.8203684

I think you meant to quote
/jp/ is already dead. We are merely feasting on the corpse.

>> No.8203686

>the biggest cancer killing /jp/?
Thank god you have your tripcode on, else I'd swear you just got here from /b/.

Look, being a douchebag who thinks nothing changes only makes you all the more uncomfortable when you become aware of it. There's a constant influx of new people; pretending there isn't is stupid.

If you want a /jp/ that doesn't change, then open Notepad and post in that.

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File: 19 KB, 400x300, ShinjiStartsToTakeAnti-Depressants.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fair enough, I think it's time I moved on, to stranger people than you. Thanks for taking the time to atleast try to explain all of this shit to me. I'm out.

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If Alchemist flames you, you should just take it as a sign that you're doing something right and call it a day.

>> No.8203694

And you would be the expert on /b/ I suppose. Why is it so hard for you to understand that the shitposters have got to go? Is there a reason why you dislike quality discussion?

>> No.8203706


You are scared of us, right?

>> No.8203701

Because asking who someone might be is shitposting.

Got it, boss.

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Hottest MILF: Yukari/Yuuka

Hottest teen: Tenshi/Kaguya

Hottest loli: Suwako/Flandre

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Needs more Tenshi.

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File: 1.61 MB, 1643x1626, 1316879811078..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hottest loli
>Not Tewi

Tewi is the definition of lolilust

>> No.8203729

Hottest loli: Suwako/Flandre/Remilia

>> No.8203732

You have got some excellent taste, sir.

>> No.8203744

Tewi is only mediocre, at best. Objectively speaking, Daiyousei is the best loli, as she has the most loli-like figure.

>> No.8203749

One of the best Tewi pic around.
Pity its quality is shit.

>> No.8203756


I fucking love how she looks so slim and fragile, but in reality she's got a body tough as diamonds.

She could take 500 NBA players cocks and her pussy wouldn't lose even 0.01mm of tightness.

>> No.8203780
File: 108 KB, 674x568, 1260531304902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


She's a sex machine.

But I wouldn't say she's amazingly beautiful.

>> No.8203782

Neanderthal Comment of the Day >>8203756

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I like Yukari with her hair tided up, and Tenshi.

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>Not beautiful

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No one like the scarlets?

>> No.8203863

I love Remilia. Flan is overrated.

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They are more cute than beautiful

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Yukari with tided up hair = best yukari

>> No.8203905

I like them. I wonder what other sorts of things that the lucky vampire who turned them got to do. Must have been fun.

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File: 1.40 MB, 1000x1429, 939e50d211ec005ccf83428204a773ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do.

>> No.8203918

That would be such a great image if it weren't for that insanely huge and unfitting breast size.

>> No.8203927

that's what cropping is for

>> No.8203923

Agreed. I hate it when artists do this (that one Patchy x Alice image is another example).

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All the fucking way.

>> No.8204061 [DELETED] 

There is a reason why she is my waifu. She has the beauty which is out of this world. A beauty worth dying for

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File: 961 KB, 1888x708, 3fd8d3f7912be2c20f03a7049e0dc3aa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is a reason why she is my waifu. She has the beauty which is out of this world. A beauty worth dying for

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File: 479 KB, 1423x1612, 1291716649348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one?

>> No.8204087


I do like this fellow's art though.

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what the flying fuck?
that picture is perfectly fine... you may have an issue with breasts or something.

>> No.8204114
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I think it's less about the breasts, and more about their way-too-tiny frames.

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Vampire Charisma will get you~

... Or maybe one of the god girls, as gods are supposed to be perfect.

>> No.8207537

I feel love towards Kanako. And I don't care that she is cunning schemer - life's hard, gotta know how to get things your way. If she was dumb she would already evaporate.

>> No.8207541

The most beautifull. I cant decide betwuun Yuuka, Yukari and Kanako.

>> No.8207544

I like how we both chose Kanako and posted closely. Stay classy dude.

>> No.8207569

God that pic is so fucking hot. Yukari does look good with her hair up.

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Concerning looks?

I would have to say Parsee... though she is far from my favorite in terms of character.

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I... didn't remember her. I'm not changing from Tenshi, but you got a freaking good point.

I'm still impressed with no Yuugi, tho.